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Updated on August 26, 2010
L.L. asks from Granby, CT
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So my son has 2 friends sleeping over tonight. His normal summer bedtime is 9pm. It's already past that. They are being quite and watching TV. Should I tell them it's time to turn in or let them stay up, what the heck it's the last week before school. My son is almost 8, the guests are my best friends kids and it was a last minute thing, they are 6 and 9.

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answers from Boston on

We average 3 or 4 sleepovers a year, and that has been going on since my daughter was probably 8 or 9. She'll be 14 in 2 weeks, and she will be having her next sleepover for her birthday. I've given up on trying to get them to sleep. So my rules are, if they keep me awake the sleepovers end, never to happen again, and no sleepovers on a night that the next day is important enough to need sleep for. Other than that if they sleep great, if they don't it's them who has to get through the next day without it.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I'm a stickler about bedtime normally, but ;ast week before school, I say let them have fun! (esp. since they're being so good! :)



answers from Boston on

I usually enforce lights out an hour or two past normal bedtime, making that sometime around 10-10:30 when my son has friends sleep over, unless they are getting obviously very tired. He turned nine today.



answers from Hartford on

I am more relaxed, it is a sleepover who cares LOL but...keep in mind what the other moms want for their kids. you maybe want to ask them next time.



answers from Honolulu on

Its fine.

I had 2 sleepovers for my daughter over the summer. She is 7.
On one sleepover, they fell asleep at 11:00pm.
On the other sleepover, they fell asleep at 9:30pm.
None of the parents minded. I didn't mind. It was a fun special thing for them and it was summer.



answers from Detroit on

If it's a school night, lights out by 9, but let them lay down and watch a movie. If it's the summer and not a school night, lights and tv out by 10. Maybe you could get a pop up tent and let the kids stay in the tent, that'll be cool.



answers from New York on

I have a four-year-old and two-year-old that are still awake wreaking havoc so I say let the good times roll and congrats on being so responsible and concerned!



answers from Redding on

I think if they're happy and content, let them be. Offer pillows and blankets so they can snuggle up. When they start to drift off or start yawning, you can send them to bed, or just let them sleep in the living room. My kids and their friends almost always fell asleep in their sleeping bags on the floor.
If they get crazy or rowdy, then it's lights off, TV off and off to bed.

Little kids this age usually crash out without having to be told.
How fun for them to have a sleepover!

You sound like a great mom!
Enjoy them while they're this age!

Best wishes!


answers from Orlando on

I say if they are being good, let them be. If it gets a little rowdy maybe call for a lights out. If they are laying down, watching tv, and ususally already asleep by this time, my guess is they will be out before you know it.

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