Sleep Number Bed problems...anyone Hate Theirs?

Updated on March 08, 2012
C.L. asks from Elcho, WI
12 answers

We bought a Sleep Number bed last January. We absolutely hate it! They do have a 30 day gaurantee, But the first two weeks my husband had been in India on business. The next two weeks we were trying to both get used to sleeping in it. Every morning, I wake up with a aching back ache and wake up 8-10x a night. Does anyone else have this problem if they have one of these beds? I know my number is right, we had the test done at the Rosedale store, where they do the thing that looks like a colored map on their computer.

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answers from Reno on

I also hate my bed biggest waste of $3000 I have ever made. I did not purchase the bottom of the line or the top of the line. They did not have the “mapping” when I purchased mine so when they came out with it I went back to the store my bed was set as they recommended. I have done numbers up from that and down from that still hate the bed. I should have sucked up the return charge (for anyone looking at this bed please know yes you get 30 free nights but you have to pay to return it you cannot return it to the store). Also my experience at the store I purchased mine at (Meadowood Mall Reno NV) they are great when I was purchasing and for the first 30 days but after that they don’t care and the man was borderline rude. I went to them because I so wanted to love this bed and I was told I am outside my 30 days so there is nothing they can do for me, mind you I was not trying to return it I was open to and suggestions they might have. If you are comfortable with the idea I would get one on the secondary market that way if you don’t like it you won’t be out so much money.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Your story sounds just like mine. I have moved into a spare bedroom because of the pain sleep number causes me.



answers from Minneapolis on

I have never had one but was gonna get one. I told my dad and he said not to. He did his trial on them and he said it hurt his back so much. So I had bought a fiber bed matress pad and put it on my bed and it helped with the back problems I had with out it. I love it. Too soft for my husband tho so I just got a twin and put it on my side of the bed.



answers from Minneapolis on

You may have had the test done, but if you have a back ache, your number is off! Try a higher number. I was told (at rosedale) that if you have backache, it's too soft and if you have hip/shoulder pain, it's too hard.
They said to try new numbers for 2 weeks before trying a new one.
Fool around with the numbers, you might get lucky cuz I don't think they'll take it back after all this time.
Good Luck.
K. D



answers from Norfolk on

We have one and I wish someone had kicked my behind. It is the worst mattress we have ever had. My husband has not slept a entire night in our bed since we have had it. He will sleep for 2-3 hrs and wales up, gets on the couch and sleeps the rest of the night. I have always gone to bed and hour or two after him (he went before me because he always had to get up earlier), now I do not go at all until he wakes up and comes to the den for the rest of the night.
I do not want to interfere with what little sleep he is getting now. We tried every number on the remote and for us, there is no right number. It has been the biggest waste of money.
Now the zipper on the pillow top pulls apart and they say it is not covered under the warranty, so now what are we suppose to do with it. I know what I would like to do. Sealy here we come.



answers from Minneapolis on

Hi C.,

I don't hate my Sleep Number- in fact I love it, but I might have some useful advice. I did the whole in-store let us find your number for you too, but I have changed that number several times since- especially being pregnant a couple times. So, maybe (if you already have not) try switching the number around and see if softer or more firm is better for you. Hopefully you will find a perfect setting and finally get a great nights sleep!



answers from Spartanburg on

I hate my bed too,My husband is ok with it. But I wake up every morning ( That is when I can Sleep at All) With the feeling , like someone hit me in the back with a baseball bat!! URG! And we have had ours for about as long as you have had yours .. I Don`t know what to do.!
D. R.



answers from Los Angeles on

I am of the same mind. I bought mine in August, 2010. I have been on the phone with Customer Service weekly. I started "having" back and leg problems after I started sleeping in the bed. I woke up after a couple of weeks of plain discomfort with back & hip pain and my legs started giving out. Multiple trips to the chiropractor only helped temporarily. The pain has gotten worse and has traveled down to my left ankle and my right heel. I have had a nerve test at the doctor and now scheduled for a MRI to see if there is disc damage. I cannot sleep in that bed. I have been sleeping on the floor for weeks. Customer Service has sent me "chamber lifts," new pads, had me change the order of the insides of the bed. Nothing has helped. It looks like I have made a VERY expensive mistake and now cannot sleep in the same bed with my husband. There are days when I just cry because I am sleep deprived and in pain.



answers from Chicago on

We have had our sleep number bed for about 7 years and we HATE it. We moved shortly after we got it and they said that they would come out and move it for us and never did. We gave it to our daughter, which also HATES it, and bought ourselves a waterbed.



answers from New York on

I bought a sleep number bed two chamber i loved it but after a few months i kept on waking up in the middle of the two chambers with a backache,,the company gave me useless information on what to do,,,,so i enquired about buying one chamber mattress from them ,,,,full retail price my mattress is over a year old and there product is failing,,,and there not doing any discounting to there customers,,,,i dont think thats a good way to do business,,,and im very dissatified with there product!!!!!



answers from Minneapolis on

We had the same problem with ours. This was a couple ofyears ago, and we never had the test done, but I tried virtually every number on the thing. I woke up stiff and cranky every morning. We sold it on Craigslist and bought a "regular" bed and are now sleeping much more soundly.



answers from Minneapolis on

I don't have one, but my in-laws HATE theirs. They bought it last year and kept it in hopes that it was just them having issues adjusting to it. It's not. They rarely sleep in their bed now- one on the couch, one in the guest bed.
I believe they are going to sell it on that's a thought if it's in good condition!