Sleep Apnea Is Children Under Two Years Old

Updated on October 28, 2007
M.S. asks from Gardner, MA
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Hi recently I began thinking my 20 month old daughter has sleep apnea. I haven't noticed it before but haven't held her for a long time after she has fallen asleep. But the other night I had her sleeping in my arms, when she was breathing loudly then it seemed as if she stopped breathing for a few seconds, only to come back breathing even loader and gasping for air. I was wondering if any of you have any insight on this and if you know of any children that may have it. Thank You.

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So What Happened?

Thank you for those who answered. I brought Savannah to her pediatrician and she told me Savannah is fine, she might have just had mucus in her throat. It was still scary and then she said it couldn't be sleep apnea because with sleep apnea they usually stop breathing for a least 20 seconds and turn blue, which my daughter wasn't doing. If anyone will still like to comment feel free, I could always use more advice.

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Hi M.,

Your pediatrician is probably right about the mucus thing but I would caution you to keep on observing the situation and a monitor is crucial. If this persists, please take her to a specialist who can preform the appropriate testing and tell you for sure what's goin on.
My son had persistent colds, "croup", breathing issues and at two years old a lot of difficulty sleeping. Out doctor insisted it was nothing and when he thought it was croup, prescribed prednisone. After much frustration, we took him to Boston to a proper ENT, he's diagnosed with collapsed tracheal walls which account for his airways being partially blocked off. We put a lot of trust in our local doctors but mothers instincts must prevail. He's now on the appropriate drug/nebulizer and now we know what's truly going on.

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I don't know any "children" with sleep apnea. But, from what I understand its "sids", if I am correct, then count your lucky stars M.!!!!!!

The doctors are able to do some tests and get her a machine to sleep with....and she will be fine. But, I am assuming that you have made the doctors appointment to find out if she does, in fact have it!!! Cause time is of the essence now!!!

Best of luck M.!!!



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Alert, Alert, Alert, you should have this baby on a monitor. I tell you this because I am a mother who has sleep apnea. My first child died at 2 months old in 1973, they called it SIDS. They have found some sort of link between sleep apnea and SIDS babies. Please, please, don't wait, get your child on a monitor. It will alert you if the baby stops breathing so you can do something. I don't mean to scare you but then again yes I do, if it will save a life. This is serious and I have the grave site to prove it. I live on a C-pap machine now and only wish someone had told me about this way back then. I too was a single mom and very young. Please don't put this off.
In Christs Service,
Deb Linton



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Hello M.,

My youngest son had sleep apnea when he was your daughter's age. I did not know what it was until he was about 3 years old. A few questions that might help you to understand if she has it or not... Does she roll over on her stomach or side to sleep every night, even if you lay her on her back? Does she make this sound every night, several times a night or snores every night? Has she recently had a cold or sniffly nose? Is she eating properly and growing normally? Does she run and play with other kids with out getting tired or running out of steam quickly? I am just asking based on my own experience. My son exhibited all of these things because he wasn't breathing properly, especially at night. My son would roll onto his stomach every night to sleep since the first day he was born. It used to drive me insane because I thought he would die of SIDS like that, but come to find out, that was the only way he could breathe! It turned out that my son's adenoids were blocking his air passage way to his nose. When I put him to bed on his back, it compounded the problem- almost completely shutting his airways. (He used to sound like a buzz saw when he slept.) After he had them removed there was no more problems with him not breathing when he slept. I think that if she is consistently making these noises every night, I would have her checked by her doctor. It might just be a simple post nasal drip that caused it, it could have been a fluke, or it could be something serious like an obstruction that causes apnea. I would keep a diary of every time that you notice it happening. If you see a pattern, then it is time to bring her in for a check up. If she is truly having sleep apnea, you will definitely see a pattern. Good luck to you! C.



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My daughter was diagnosed with sleep apnea just months before her 3rd birthday. The week after her 3rd birthday she has surgery to remove her tonsils and adnoids. She is now 6 years old has not had any problems since. As a bonus, since her surgery she has not had any more ear infections either and she used to get those non-stop. If you have any questions or concerns you would like to talk about with me, you can e-mail me at [email protected]

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