Sleep Apnea and Cpap Machine

Updated on August 28, 2014
J.H. asks from Westfield, NJ
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Anyone here have experience using a cpap machine to deal with sleep apnea?

My husband is currently being evaluated by the doctor to see if he needs one. Last night he was supposed to sleep with the monitor that tells whether or not a cpap can help him (device strapped around his chest, finger clamp, thing in the nose - like something you'd be hooked up to in a hospital) and partway through the night he woke up complaining about it and took it off. I'm hoping he slept with it long enough to get the info the doctor needed. Drives me CRAZY - he bitches and moans about not being able to sleep through the night, is turning into a zombie during the day, but won't deal with one night of being uncomfortable to fix the damn problem (sorry, needed a little venting for a second).

Anyway, does anyone have personal experience with the cpap helping them?

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So What Happened?

Suz T - I wondered EXACTLY the same thing about why his doctor didn't send him to a specialist. I asked him this morning and he brushed it off. He also said he took the machine off last night because he needed to get some sleep before work today. Hopefully he will call the doctor (at my suggestion) and see if he can keep the monitor until the weekend to try again.

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answers from Phoenix on

I had the one done at home. It was basically a mask that was computerized and talked to me. lol It was not easy to get through the night. The voice woke me up saying my nose hose thingy was off and I needed to replace it and that my mask had moved out of place. It came back that I was low enough to not get it so I didn't. My husband needs one. I know several people who use them. None of them *like* the mask but they say when they do use it, they sleep way better. Good luck.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My husband has been diagnosed with sleep apnea and has used his CPAP for nearly a year now.
He moans about it occasionally but he knows it helps and he feels better if he wears it. He uses it about 95% of the time. He even travels with his machine, especially for longer trips.
Sleep apnea is about way more than snoring--untreated, it can lead to heart damage, high blood pressure, kidney impairment--so much more!

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answers from Beaumont on

My husband uses one. Doesn't like it but he sleeps better and so do I. Hope he pursues this because it can be really dangerous the longer it goes on.

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answers from Washington DC on

I was tested for it prior to my weight loss was negative for me. However, I had to go get a sleep study done at a center, not my home. The nurses there came in once because I had pulled a cord out. Other than that, there were no issues. If I had to do it at home, no way would I have left it all on.

I do know how important it is to use it if you need it though, it can be life saving. He should contact his PCP and get a professional sleep study done. They have newer CPAP's (I believe) that are not as invasive as the older ones.

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answers from Lancaster on

He needs to be evaluated at a sleep lab. DH has been using a CPAP for maybe 10 years. He has severe apnea and can't sleep without it. PLEASE tell your husband that his is no joke. It's not just about being tired during the day, although that can be dangerous. Not breathing properly during sleep (DH actually stops breathing completely for 20-40 seconds at a time) - raises your blood pressure and causes other problems that can, over time, increase your risk for a heart attack.

BTW, my husband has NO other risk factors. Hes' not overweight and doesn't smoke or drink. Please tell your husbnd that this is a serious condition.

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answers from Columbia on

CPAPs do work. I just wanted to add a comment about sleep apnea. The number one most common cause is weight gain/obesity. So, if your husband is a bigger guy, and he doesn't like the CPAP and would like to be able to sleep soundly, it might be time for a lifestyle change in order to lose that extra weight. Not to mention all of the other health problems being overweight will cause...

Best of luck!

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answers from Austin on

I have sleep apnea....... didn't realize it, but I have been a life-long snorer.

About 10 years ago, I noticed my hubby was occasionally sleeping on the couch, extra bed, or where-ever.... I was chasing him out of bed! Then he said that my snoring sounded like I was stopping breathing, so I made an appointment with my PCP, who then referred me on to an ENT. A week later, I had a sleep study, and yes, I have sleep apnea.

6 weeks after the sleep study (at a clinic, not at home), I had a CPAP..... I had no problem getting used to it, and I LOVE it!

I sleep much better, now..... I do have some sleep issues, but that is related more to arm pain (shoulders, and carpal tunnel).... yes, I need to get those issues taken care of, but just haven't......

At any rate, I do wake up feeling so rested now... it is WONDERFUL!!!!

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answers from San Francisco on

My husband started using it a few months ago. It took a while for him to get used to. I'm pretty sure he took it off the first night, as well. He's still not sure how much it's helping, but it definitely cuts down on the snoring.

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answers from Washington DC on

i don't, but both my in-laws use 'em. they don't like them. they complain about the masks. but i can sure see a difference in them since they're sleeping better at night.
i'm wondering why the doctor doesn't send him to a sleep lab? it SUCKS- i had to do it once to test for apnea, due to exhaustion issues, and i hated it. but i suspect the information is far more accurate and useful than just sending him home and expecting him to do it right.

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answers from Boston on

I've had my CPAP for about a year now. I didn't realize that I slept so badly until I started using it and now I sleep through the night. I had my study done at a center and I agree with Mom2KCK that if I were at home I would not have left all the wires etc... on. The mask does take a bit of getting used to, for me it was about 2 weeks, but I can't sleep without it now, and I take it with me if I'll be away from home even for just one night.



answers from New York on

My husband has had one for years and it's the best thing he ever did! He slept over night at a sleep study lab and then someone came to the house to show him how to use the cpap machine after they determined he needed it. It was awkward at first but he wasn't tired during the day after that, didn't need naps. I called him the energizer bunny!
Make sure they send him to the sleep lab because that will determine the right pressure for the machine and everything. Good luck!



answers from Oklahoma City on

There are many different devices for the person's comfort.



answers from Cleveland on

my mom has had one for over 10 years due to her obesity. she loves it and hasn't complained of problems.

At this point my dh is also obese, he started falling asleep while driving, and I would wake up to him not breathing, he went in right away.

test was done at the lab, I don't even think he stayed the whole night, tested very high for apnea, got a machine, wears it relgiosly, I don't notice the Darth Vader much any more but it took some getting used to for me, He had to have the mask replaced at least once it was leaking so bad, it isn't as bad now but when the mask wasn't fitting right he was swollowign so much air that he had constant gas, and huge stomach bloating.

I think he is more rested, which I thought would lead to more energy and more weight loss, but it is worse now, he looks 11 months pregnant, and it scares me,
I'm trying to encourage with out nagging and support him for the wonderful man he is but ... like I said it's scary

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