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Updated on June 05, 2014
M.G. asks from Olathe, KS
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I'm going to the Dr. tomorrow to discuss several things including Sleep Apnea. I may have to do a sleep study. Has anyone done that? Did you have to stay the whole night or just a few hours? I don't like the idea of having to use a CPAP but I'd probably feel better and my hubby would probably be less cranky if he got better sleep!!


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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the input. Mandy, the at home version would be GREAT, I hope that is an option!

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answers from Danville on

My fiance had a few sleep studies AT MY insistance!! He was a terrible 'snorer'...but what woke me were the L O N G pauses in the snoring!! He was severely apnic (is that a word??)

He went in around 10 pm for the studies...I picked him up when he called, and they had gotten enough data.

The C pap was not a big deal. Certainly quieter than his snoring!! And *I* could sleep without worrying on those pregnant lack of breathing/snoring pauses!

GO!! get the data...and the help you need!


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answers from Beaumont on

My husband did this. He was scheduled the whole night but within a few hours they sent him home saying no more information was needed. They were sure he had it. Now we both can sleep. It's really not bad, not your first choice for sure, but apnea can be dangerous if it's not handled.

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answers from Austin on

I did a sleep study about 10 years ago, and yes, it showed sleep apnea...

I stayed the entire night.... they have to have a while without the CPAP machine on to show the episodes, and then they do a trial with the CPAP to see what pressure is needed for your machine. In some cases, you have to go back a second night if they can't get adequate data.

I've always been a snorer, but it got a lot worse... hubby started sleeping in other rooms because of my snoring!

Anyway, I got the CPAP machine about 2 months later, and I had no trouble getting used to it... I absolutely LOVE my CPAP!

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answers from Davenport on

I had a sleep study done in preparation for a surgery. I was so much in denial about my sleep habits. I dreaded going in for the test. It was not a good night but they were able to get the data they needed and I did indeed have sleep apnea. I got my CPAP and dreaded the first night at home. I knew that my husband would make jokes, which he did not. Surprise! I slept so well that first night, I knew that it made a huge difference. I do not wake up groggy anymore and have taken my CPAP on vacation to the Dominican Republic. I am a believer! Sleep apnea isn't just about snoring, it is bad for your health. It is difficult for me to watch co-workers who I know are at risk for this yawn and complain how tired they are all day when I know that they could feel so much better.

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answers from Dallas on

My dentist is insisting on me doing a sleep study.

I did a preliminary one at home with attachment only to my finger.

I've not yet completed the in home study he wants that is about $500 ( better than overnight in strange room where you can't sleep) .

I know I don't sleep well, I nap all night. I'd pay heavily to be able to sleep just 4 hours straight with no interruptions!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

My husband has had two.
Severe sleep apnea is about so much more than snoring!
It can result in high blood pressure, heart damage, kidney damage....SO unhealthy!good for you for getting checked.
I believe they need 6 hours for the test.

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answers from Richland on

My ex did a sleep study. As I remember he had to modify his sleep the night before and then went in for a few hours until they had gathered the data they needed to diagnose.

I have been told they have modified the CPAP machines so they aren't as cumbersome.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Having a C-PAP isn't like it used to be. It's much easier now, the part that fits on your face is so much more comfortable.

I did a sleep study and I am a night person. I told them over and over when they told me to come to the hospital at 9pm that I didn't normally go to sleep until well after midnight.

It took a while for the tech to attach the sensors to my head. The glue made me itch. The tech put meds on the area and I stopped itching right away. Then he put an oxygen sensor on my nostril. It kept me from going to sleep for hours. I finally wiggled a little on the pillow and moved it so he would think I just did it without planning it.

He was annoyed that I didn't drop off right to sleep as soon as the lights were out. I laid there for at least an hour. I meditated, I counted sheep, I wrote stories in my mind, I tried so hard to fall asleep. He expected me to be asleep by 10pm and once I'd slept through a sleep cycle he woke me up and removed the sensors.

I felt like I hadn't even really had an assessment.

My husband with through O U Health Science Center in OKC, the ORL department and he spent the whole night. He went in around 8pm and called me around 7 that he was awake and I could come get him. He got a thorough eval. He wears a C-PAP now. He went through several nasal appliances. The one he has now is comfortable.

Think of it like wearing oxygen during the night. That you need this to get that air you desperately need.

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answers from Boston on

My husband did an overnight sleep study a few years ago. Based on the data, he had to do a second overnight study using a CPAP. Since the first night he's had his own unit, his life has totally changed. The snoring had been a minor annoyance; I agree that the loooong pauses between breaths were a much bigger deal. The worst part, though, was his total lack of energy during the afternoon and his, well, crankiness. He was exhausted!

Since getting a CPAP, he's totally changed. His energy level is much better, his overall breathing is better and he's back to his old, easy-going self.

Don't wait. Go for the study. Yes, it's inconvenient. Do it anyway. You will be so much happier (& healthier!).


answers from Tampa on

my DH just had one done, i think more places are doing them at home now. or at least thats what he was told. he had to go to the place and they told him how to hook up everything he came home, before he went to bed hooked it up and went to sleep. next morning he dropped it off on his way to work.

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