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Updated on April 02, 2012
S.K. asks from Minneapolis, MN
4 answers

Hello! Has anyone used a Skuut bike? It's a bike that has no pedals and is supposed to help kids learn to balance, brake...If you liked it, where did you buy it? Thanks!

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answers from Kalamazoo on

We recently bought a knock off (one of the pedals on the two wheeled bike we already had was stuck and we couldn't take it off - that would have worked just as well) and after two weeks of "scooting" around the block, our son rides his two wheeler confidently. Try Craigslist?



answers from Albuquerque on

We have balance bikes for our girls and LOVE LOVE LOVE them. About 80% of their friends have them too... it's so cute to see two and three year old kids riding all over the place at the park without pedals.

If you do decide to get balance bikes, Skuut isn't the only manufacturer. I bought ours on Amazon and they're metal not wood so that if we left them outside it wouldn't be the end of the world if it rained.



answers from Washington DC on

My son had a little wooden balance bike when he turned 3. (It wasn't a Skuut brand, but similar... I think I got it at a local kids store, but they sell them everywhere now).

He went EVERYWHERE on that thing. It was super light, so I could easily throw it in the car.

We loved it, but he only used it for about two months before he got on a 12" bike and rode like a champ! We passed ours down to the neighbor and they love it too.

Make sure you put a helmet on your little one... it's tempting to treat it like a ride-on toy, but it's a bike, and they can get going pretty fast!




answers from Minneapolis on

I've never used one but I know they have it at REI.

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