Skinny “Mom” Jeans?

Updated on January 28, 2011
E.B. asks from Wilmington, DE
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I really love the look of the Skinny jeans that are in style right now. I have a few pair of boots that look really great over leggings and I think they’d look great over skinny jeans too.

Terrific. What’s the problem, right?

Well, it seems like most of the skinny jeans in the stores are “low rise” and I mean LOW! I’m a mom, so I need something that comes up a little higher to cover my “baby bump”. I’m not talking Urkle pants here, just something that won’t give me a muffin top! I’m not really a “Plus size” or Woman’s size… I’m a fairly average size 10/12, so it’s not really the size that is the problem, really just the rise/cut of the jeans.

Has anyone found some Skinny jeans that they love that are flattering in the mommy belly area? (and maybe even, just maybe, doesn’t show the world your underwear every time you lean over?) Where did you find them?

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answers from Houston on

I got mine at JCPenny's they aren't too low rise either, but a nice fit. but I also wear a little bit of longer shirts with them too.

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answers from Spokane on

I like the skinny jeans from Aeropostale. I believe they are a mid-rise.

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answers from Columbia on

I don't like skinny jeans on me. I'm 5'1 and 140 pds. I just had my fourth baby and after trying on my 17 year old sister's skinny jeans I hated it. I love the look for people who are a size 3 like her, but on me I noticed that it really accents the hips and stomach, it will make you look bigger than you are, or at least it does for me.
I love small bellbottoms. Not like the ones they wore in the 70s, the newer ones that just flair to the end of the sneaker. I think it takes attention off the hips, also to avoid the muffin top try to get the stretchy type of jean.
One last solution is what I do. I wear a black.. um not sure what it's called, it covers my stomach, goes over my shoulders and almost down to my knees. It's actually really comfortable and although it doesn't bring me down any pants sizes it really stops there from being any bulges anywhere.



answers from Dallas on

Old Navy has a skinny jean, "The Diva" that I just bought. I had tried on lots, and I really liked that the jeans were a little stretchy, but flattering. They have a good waist line, not low, but just below the naval. They also came in a few different washes and in short, reg. or long, which is great for a pair of jeans that your going to tuck into a boot (don't want a lot of extra fabric). Plus, they were inexpensive, less than $30. Sales pitch over :) Hope you like them too!


answers from Chicago on

Well, I have a pair I got from Kohls that I'm happy with. I'm a size 14 and they come up just fine. Now when I bend over, I feel a slight draft but it's okay because with fitted pants, I typically wear a little longer top or sweater. So although I feel a little bit of air, I'm not exposing anything to anyone.



answers from Glens Falls on

Levi's 512 Perfectly Slimming straight leg jeans. They aren't skinny jeans like leggings - just a slim, tapered leg. I got mine at Macy's. You can probably find them on line.



answers from Pittsburgh on

You need to look for a mid-rise jean. Try Macy's.



answers from Charlotte on

Can somebody tell what "cut" jeans one wears with shorter legs (I'm 5'3") and NOT skinny legs. (I weigh 143 pounds.) I'm sure skinny jeans wouldn't fit on my thighs. But I don't know what boot cut means for the thighs, only for the calves.

Thanks for this post, EB! You're worried about your tummy, and I'm worried about my thighs! LOL!



answers from Oklahoma City on

I loved the ones from , Ny and Co..........



answers from Chattanooga on

I got some at Kohls too that I love... My first ever pair of skinny jeans. lol. they come up to about an inch below my belly button.


answers from Pittsburgh on

This might sound odd, but as of late, my FAVORITE jeans, skinny included, are Faded Glory, from, yes, Walmart. That's over Old Navy (which I still like), Gap, etc.

I am not thin (I'm a size 14) and I hesitated trying out skinny jeans, but I really wanted to be able to tuck my pants into my boots, which I just thought looked horrible with regular jeans. So, I figured, for $12 I'd try a pair from Walmart. And let me tell you what, I LOVE THEM. They have just the right amount of stretch, they come in petite, regular, or long - awesome!, and they are not super low rise. I also have a little tummy that I need to keep under wraps with the top of my jeans, or else I end up with the gross muffin top and hangover belly. No one needs that! These jeans are more like a mid rise, just below the belly button. No carpenter's crack! And they come in several colors, a couple denims, black, and gray, I think... For me, they are perfect!

And like I said, for $12, definitely worth a try! At our local Walmarts, they are on the shelving units where they keep the stock folded jeans...

Oh, one thing, I think they are calling them "straight" but they really are more of a "skinny", as they taper completely to your ankle... just look at their selection, and you'll see them.

I love Faded Glory's bootcut jeans too... and they are also $12. :)

I'm so happy I tried the el cheapo Walmart jeans! I don't feel guilty grabbing a new pair now and then...


answers from Washington DC on

I've had great luck with H&M. I don't wear skinny jeans (I just don't like the way they look on me), but I do love their boot cut jeans and they are higher at the waste too, maybe just below my belly button. Very comfy and stretchy too!



answers from Austin on

I am a size 10 and wear the forever skinny jeans by Gap - just looked at the website though and they may have discontinued them. I highly recommend heading to the Gap! They have a ton of skinny styles and, like Mallory P. said, are always running sales.



answers from Dallas on

I am petite and wear something around a size 3 depending on the designer.

I love my Guess daredevils
Ii love Miss Me (mid range same maker as Rock Revival around $100/pr)
and Rock Revival (higher end Miss Me, around $150 and up)

Both Skinny and Straight in Miss Me and Rock Revival are great!



answers from New York on

You may need to move from the juniors shop to a woman's shop. Check every store you can and try them on. You can never really tell where they are going to hit. I've found some great jeans at Marshalls and TJ Maxx and Burlington Coat factory as well as several of the smaller stores around here but it's a process of getting out there and trying things on. Time consuming but worth finding a great pair of keeper jeans.


answers from Los Angeles on

You should try Not Your Daughter's Jeans-they even have a subtle, built in, tummy control. Nordstrom's has them.



answers from Topeka on

Skinny means skinny I would never wear them & i'm a size 10 with a baby bump after 3 kiddos they look cute on those who can pull them off my 4 & 2 year old girls lol,not trying to be mean...We don't like to show our muffin tops so go up to a mid rise shop in the womans dept. or plus size for juniors the low rise are made for juniors



answers from Harrisburg on

I love skinny jeans too!
Kohls has some skinny jeans that are regular rise. (I like the lowrise. Cant stand anything up to my bellybutton)

I get mine from Kohls! (:

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