Skincare for Almost 40-Year-old

Updated on September 07, 2012
N.M. asks from Euless, TX
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I'm almost 39, and I honestly never worried about wrinkles until recently, but now suddenly I'm feeling like I need ...something. I only see a few tiny wrinkles, but overall I just don't feel like my skin looks very young anymore, though it's hard to put my finger exactly on what's changed. So what do people usually do for a skin pick-me-up? Microdermabrasion? Chemical peel? Monthly facials? Just a better line of skincare products? I have no idea! I *do* know that I'm not interested in Botox or anything else that has to be injected, and there's no way I can afford anything that costs hundreds of dollars (though I'm open to something that costs $50-100/month, if necessary).

I've been using Clinique almost exclusively since I was in college, but in the past year or so I've transitioned to some Neutregena products (face cleanser and moisturizer) because my mom's dermatologist recommended them to her as a cheaper, effective alternative to the many expensive skincare lines my mom has tried through the years. I'm very fair-skinned, and I already go to a dermatologist once a year to make sure nothing suspicious has popped up. When I go this year (not till December, since insurance only pays for a once-yearly checkup), I'd like to talk to her about options for wrinkle reduction/toning/elasticity, etc., but I'd like to hear from others with experience before she hears the desperation in my voice and pushes the most expensive option. :-)

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answers from Dallas on

I love facials and can tell an immediate freshness when I get them.

I recommend getting with an esthetician and working with them for a daily regimen.

Von Anthony Salon in Frisco is a good place to start. Their skin care specialist uses Sonya Dakar products.

Once I stop breastfeeding, it's my dream to get a chemical peel. I'm hoping it will help with some fine lines.

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answers from Chicago on

I am 43 with good skin, definitely good genes. I look 10+ years younger. I have used a variety of products. I got acne for the first time at about 35, never had it as a teen. While I don't have wrinkles, I sometimes notice that my skill looks dull. So, I use Murad's Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask with fruit enzymes and it really helps. I am planning to try Murad's cleansing and moisturizing products. They have several kits that come in smaller sizes of the products as well.

I've read that glycolic/alpha hydroxy acid products are good for pre and early 40's skin. As a moisturizer, I like to use Moroccan oil. I like any cleanser that suds up and don't really have a preference. I hear the Olay line is pretty good, but have never used it. You should try a few products and see how you like them. They work differently on different skin types. I gt everything at Sephora. You can order on line too.


answers from Dallas on

I'm an avid Clinique user and have only used Clinique since I was about 11.

I do believe in good genes ( thank God I have them), a routine facial cleansing twice a day, lots of water, good products and sunscreen

I am 50 and I am often mistaken as a student at my daughters high school as well as pass for much younger. I've actually been asked for my school ID, lol

Get with a good routine and stick with it. Clinique is a recommended product by good dermatologists and it has a $$ back guarantee.

Good luck



answers from Baton Rouge on

I'm 48 and got carded buying cigarettes last week. I just wash my face in the shower using the same soap I use on the rest of my body.



answers from Lubbock on

Someone that does facials is the best bet I think, they have a reason for you to have good skin and often have access to professional products and stand behind them. I have a facial every three months or so. She built up the microdermabrasion. She had to toughen my skin up before that kind of procedure.

I've had luck with Murad and Dior. I used Dr. Schwab's bamboo cream peal. Dior is pricey, but it lasts and works. I even had a peeling spot on my chest that had been there for about a year. I asked a nurse if I needed to get the spot removed. She suggested that I use whatever I put on my face. I put serum on it for two weeks and it disappeared. I got tired of "saving money" only to ruin my skin for months. My skin is very sensitive, so Clinic, Mary Kay, Beautycontroll, Merle Norman, and a host of others have all caused reactions.

Good luck!


answers from Dallas on

Hey N., my Dad's fiance, Melissa, owns the Merle Norman studio in Bedford. She's got tons of experience with skincare (worked with dermatologists before she got into what she's doing now). She's helped lots of people. She knows what ingredients are good to use, which ones you should stay away from, etc. She's in her 50s and has flawless skin. You should go see her!



answers from Pittsburgh on

The woman who runs my favorite skin website highly recommends Olay Pro-X. She frequently tests some of the most expensive and advanced skin care lines out there but still recommends this as a great line and esp for the price.
Here is a link to her site-you can learn so much about skincare by going through her blog.

I have added the nightime moisturizer and eye cream to my routine and really like it BTW. Better than my previous cream that cost $110!



answers from Dallas on

I used Mary Kay and Artistry Time Line products and loved them. I went looking for a less expensive option and love Oil of Olay Regenerist products and I recently found a line called Simple. I use a hodgepodge of products. I was not kind to my skin as a youth and all of these have been great at reducing wrinkles and other problems like breakouts.



answers from Dallas on

Let me give you a facial with the new Mary Kay Timewise
Repair!! You will absolutely LOVE it!!! I have some before
and After photos that will amaze you.
The facial is complementary and I would love
Your opinion!


answers from Dallas on

Enfuselle by Shaklee. It has about 10 patents. Much better than anything from the doctors. I used it on one side of my face for 3 days. I had taken a "before" picture and could count the number of wrinkles that were gone in that short period of time. And the blotchiness was also gone.
Let me know if this interests you and I can send you more info or samples.

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