Skin Tags,warts, Oh Who Even Knows?

Updated on July 06, 2011
N.P. asks from Mobile, AL
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About 6 months ago, my child had a bump that came up on his back. Pedi said it was a skin tag. Then it started to spread, so pedi said it was some kind of wart. He said we would just watch it and probably wouldn't do anything about it. Well, 6 months later they are covering the right side of his back, growing to the side and a few on left side. I try to keep a shirt on him when he is around other people because, well, people can be rude. They will say "eww what is that?' or little kids will pull at them. I don't want my child to have his feelings hurt. I know sometimes it is inevitable but if I can do something to prevent it I will. I am at a loss of what to do. Has anyone's children had these? Did they outgrow them?

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So What Happened?

Thank you all! We have an apt with the dermatologist but it will be first week in August!

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Get a new doctor and get to a dermatologist. Even if its nothing serious that doesn't mean it has to be left untreated. No reason for him to suffer more because the doctor is too lazy to refer!

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I would go see a dermatologist too, even if it's nothing, they will remove it, if your pedi won't remove it, then go to someone who will. Of course you don't want it messing with your child's self esteem.

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I think you should take him to a dermatologist. They are way better at diagnosing these weird skin issues! Are the bumps little and flesh colored? If they don't hurt and sort of almost look like a pimple then it sounds like it could be something called moluscum contagiosum (not sure on the spelling!). It's fairly common in little kids, but I actually got it! You should go to the doctor but if you look it up on the internet it might freak you out. It can get pretty bad but those cases aren't as common. It's a virus actually so you kind of have to wait it out, but before I give you too many details, you should find out what it is, cuz maybe it isn't that at all! ;)

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I had a wart like this on my foot when i was that age (maybe older?) It was a plantar wart (the kind with little seeds.) but there were literally 30+ of them that covered the whole ball of my foog. We had it frozen off like 6 times and the doctors didn't know what the heck to think, I'd pick at it and open it up and take the black seeds out but it still wouldn't go away. My grandma is old school and knew an old wives tale where if you take some thread and tie knots (so if there's 10 warts, tie 10 knots) in it then throw it somewhere where it will decompose (we threw it in the garden) the tale says that when the thread decomposes the warts will go away. Strangely enough one day about a month or two (maybe more) after our little session they just went away. The doctors didn't know what to say and I've never had a problem with them again. True story.

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You most definately need a second opinion. That doesn't sound like skin tags OR warts. Get another opinion from another pediatrician, and maybe from a dermatologist. Poor baby! I hope you figure out what it is and can treat it :)

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sounds like mollescum to me as well. my kids are getting over it my son only had about a total of 6 and my daughter thankfully only had 1 but my nephew had well over 50 and he still has them and its been almost 2 years.

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It does sound like molluscum warts. My friend's son had them and they spread quickly. He went from just a few on his stomach to all over and starting on his face in about a year. They moved away just as the parents were deciding on treatment options, so I'm not sure what they did. His were not going away but getting worse.


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Definitely get a second opinion - from a licensed dermatologist.



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Find a dermatologist for him. Truthfully, your pediatrician doesn't sound all that informed.



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Look for pictures of molluscum online. Our son had that and it sounds like what you're talking about. It spreads and takes a long time to go away. I'd definitely get a second opinion.



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Hi N.,
Ask your doctor about a virus called milluscum. My little boy had that and did grow out of it but it needed to be treated because it is highly contagious and easily spread. She said it is a virus that children regularly carry although adults can catch it from other children. There are topical medications that can be prescribed but eventually it just went away. Some of them did get inflamed and had to be popped by the doctor which she said not to do yourself because that can lead to staff. Hope this helps..Oh and try not to let other kids touch it because it is very contagious.




answers from Philadelphia on

I agree with a second opinion. I am sure that a dermatologist would take them off for him. Poor little guy :(



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I would see another dr for a 2nd opinion. Strongly recommend a dermatologist.


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I would do what Melanie suggested. Take your little one to a dermatologist. That's got to be uncomfortable for your kiddo. Hopefully a dermatologist will know what to do.


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Yep see a dermotologist, but I have a strange case of clusters of small blisters on my foot and after several years of seeing a dermo, and $$$ like crazy for meds, I finally did what my sister kept suggesting and soaked my foot in vinegar. 2 or 3 times in a week I sat with my foot in a pan of vinegar and the blisters went away. They used to come and go in cycles of about 6 days, and they actually went away for 6 months the first time. When I started getting them again, I soaked in vinegar and they were gone for over a year. I just recently had this tingly itchy feeling on my foot again and soaked in vinegar and its gone now just 4 days later. So, as odd as it might seem, Id have him lay in a tub with some vinegar or put a towel on his back soaked and dripping with plain ol white vinegar. I cant think of anything it would hurt,,and it might help. .I soak my feet in about 2 inches of vinegar for 30 minutes or more. Maybe he can sit in a small wading pool and watch a video with a towel on his back, and you can pour cups of it over the towel to keep it really wet for a while. or, have him do it outside.

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