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Updated on January 28, 2012
N.G. asks from Arlington, TX
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I have at least seven skin tags on my neck, back, shoulders & chest. I accidentally got one stuck on a lace cami last year and pulled it off (ow!) and it grew back. Anyway- have any of you ever had skin tags removed? Does it hurt? How do they do it? How much is it? Is it worth it to pay to get them removed? I can google these things but you never know... I like to hear first hand.

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So What Happened?

haha Rachel!! No!! I've had them for a long time.

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answers from Richmond on

I only got skin tags when I was preggers, and pulled them off myself. Once I gave birth, they went away completely.

Are you pregnant? ;)

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answers from Dallas on

Ijust had about a half dozen removed the other day.All it cost me was my copay. My dr did inject a tiny bit of lidocane, then snipped and put I think it was silver nitrate on them to sort of burn the skin. I also had a questionable mole removed, and he actually had to stitch that. I was sitting there for maybe 1/2 hour. I would suggest seeing a dermatologist and have them remove them. Most insurance will pay for a dermatologist visit. I might add that my skin tags that I had removed bugged me and were always getting irritated by necklaces or my bra strap.

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answers from St. Louis on

Okay so I guess I am the only one that just cuts them off. Granted I only get this one but it only hurts for a second.

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answers from St. Louis on

I have quite a few....& have read several times - thru the years - that they are hallmarks of colon cancer. Because both my gma & great gpa died from colon cancer, I leave well enough a constant reminder to keep up with my colon health.

Paranoid S.....checking out!

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answers from Medford on

Just had about 30 snipped off at the dermotologist. Doesnt hurt more than pulling out a hair,, some I didnt even feel at all. No need to numb them, the shot hurts worse than the little snip. Ive had some burned off and that stimulated them to multiply and grow back in a vengence. I used to tie thread around some and cut off their blood supply and theyd dry up and fall off in a few days. Its just too hard to reach some and snip them myself, so I just go and have the dermo do them. Generally once snipped off they dont grow back, but I do tend to get new ones here and there. Anything large will be sent off to the lab to check for stuff, but usually skin tags are small and nothing to worry about.


answers from Norfolk on

Use rubbing alcohol to clean the area and nail scissors.
Snip it off and apply band-aid.
I've never had any that grew back.



answers from Rockford on

I hate these things! I inherited this lovely trait from my mom. I had a bunch cut off and froze off years ago, but it sucked because they charge per tag! I have cut them off myself. Some bleed a little, but not much. It stings, but goes away fast. I'd rather do it myself than pay for each one the doc snips or freezes. Just keep it clean with alcohol and sanitized clippers or scissors.



answers from Cleveland on

I want to know too! I have them and did ask the dr one time about removing them, and was told they would all have to be biopsied (sp) and at the time i assumed that meant it would cost me alot.



answers from Santa Fe on

If they're small, I have just pulled them off. Yes it hurts, and it bleeds a little bit, but it's over fairly quickly. I have some large ones on the back of my neck and I have... 1) had a doctor freeze them off when I was about 17 or 18, and when they grew back 2) my dad froze/burned them off with concentrated hydrogen peroxide, and when they grew back, 3) I had someone tie a string around them tightly to make them die and fall off, and they *still* grew back, so 4) when I was about 26 I went to a dermatologist to get them removed, and -- guess what? -- they grew back again. Sigh. Now, I just ignore them. I think mine have to be cut out, because the base from which they're growing is under the skin.



answers from Cincinnati on

My husband had several skin tags removed last year - it's a minor surgery so of course it does hurt for a few days, but it's out-patient.



answers from Phoenix on




answers from Minneapolis on

Yes and it wasn't bad. I tend to get them when I'm pregnant. Most disappeared but a few grew and grew and were really uncomfortable. They can basically just freeze them off, It feels like a tiny little burn? It depends on your pain/discomfort tolerance. It's not bad, though. It was covered by my insurance, so I don't know how much it cost.

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