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Updated on June 14, 2010
T.M. asks from Austin, TX
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I am looking for any feed back on personal experience you have had with getting a better complexion. I have lots of hyper-pigmentation on my face, lots of brown spots and some red spots that have stayed after having a pimple. I use to tan and did not protect my skin (should have listened to my mother!) and I know this is what most of the brown spots are from and they get worse when I am pregnant or on any type of birth control. Well I am on my last child and plan to not use anymore birth control pills (going to get Essure done) so I want to fix my skin if possible. I plan on going to talk with a plastic surgeon about my options, like chemical peels or laser treatments, etc.., but would like your feed back as well if you have had anything done and how did it turn out and who you used for the procedure (Austin referrals only). Thanks in advance.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I have an aunt who has the same concerns and was told by her dr it is very common in people who tan and in latina women. This started happening to my bff who was only 28 They both started to use products I recommended from Mary Kay with amazing results. I was really surprised and how much they lightened up, but they were consistent. This may be a good start for you without spending thousands, and if you don't get results your happy with you can get your money back at any time.

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answers from Denver on

Like Page I recommend Retin A with Obagi. Try this first before you do anything more expensive like laser. It will cost about $300 (though I found the whole system online for cheaper). You will need to get a prescription for the Retin A. It is a system that slowly bleaches and peels the skin at the same time. I used it and it totally worked to help fade spots and pigmentation and to smooth skin and shrink pores etc. I do it about once a year. Be prepared to peel--but if you don't love your skin, like me, you'll be glad to shed it off! :)
P.S. If you are planning on breastfeeding, I don't think ANY of the options that involve chemicals are safe for breast feeding so you'll have to wait. Or wait, maybe laser is. Not sure.



answers from Milwaukee on

I've done chemical peels and love them. My mom had a lasser treatment done. She looked horrible for a few weeks then great. I think chemical peels are the best bet because they get rid of all the dead skin cells on the top layer which gives that glow and so on. Exfoliation to that extend every few months I think is the most cost effective and long term best results.



answers from Santa Barbara on

Hi Traci-
I should have listened to your mother also! My mother used to tan with baby oil and iodine and sun screen was virtually non-existent when I grew up. I grew up sun burned for 4-5 months of every year. For about a year I had a chemical peel every month. My skin was bright and shiny and quite lovely, but the "freckles" and sun damage were relatively uneffected. I did a photo light facial where you are flashed with a bright light and the dark spots are hardened and basically peel off your face. I loved the results, but the whole process is pretty expensive. They recommend 6 sessions and when I had it done it was about $2000 for the six sessions. I did a "test" session for $250. I did not go back because the procedure was very painful. They always show the forehead or chin, which were fine, but get to the cheeks and nose and near the eyes--massive pain, despite topical pain killer. What we'll endure for beauty huh? I had freckles and dark spots peeling within days. My skin looked great. I might consider doing it again, because now I'm five years older and need it more than ever. I've also forgotten how much it hurt.
Good luck,



answers from Atlanta on

Hi Traci,

I take a grape skin/grape seed supplement that restores the elasticity in the vascular system. I have seen improvement in my skin elasticity as well. Basically it is helping that aged look and I look much younger. If you're interested in going the natural route (at all or after anything else you try) let me know....I'll be glad to tell you what I'm doing.




answers from Austin on

Obagi and Retin A would work, but Obagi does get some press for the chemical, hydroquinone, that it contains and links to cancer. Photofacials would also work, and probably faster. I would maybe do a couple photofacials and follow it up with Retin A. You can find photofacials on groupon sometimes:
Or living social:
I got a photofacial for half-price on groupon, so if you aren't in a hurry you could try waiting to see if one pops up.

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