Skin Propblem on My 21 Month Old- Don't Know What It Is???

Updated on June 29, 2010
S.H. asks from Peoria, AZ
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My daughter has had this weird...shall we say skin issue, in the groin (where her leg meets the torso) for at least a month. It has not spread, changed, dried up....nothing and I am starting to get worried. I am only worried about the raised sack like things. The rest of the red dots are her diaper rash (gets them often). It does not bother her or itch as far as I know.

Of course we got new insurance and it will not cover pre-existing conditions (which includes ANYTHING we have seen the dr for the last year) and since we have talked with the dr about her multiple diaper rashes and skin issues...I am sure it would not be covered. And I cannot afford to pay out of pocket.

The skin issue is not usually red like this...but she has a diaper rash right now. Does anyone have any insight? Should I go and pay $100 to see the dr??

Of course I have scoured the internet...and the closest thing it looks like is poison ivy reaction??? Impossible!

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So What Happened?

I just went into the dr after changing diapers and trying hydrocorizone with no change at all. My ped said it was Molluscum contagiosum warts and below is what Dr. Sears said about it. My ped wants to watch and wait and if it is not bothering her than there is no treatment needed.

These are another type of wart caused by a different virus from the classic wart. They have a different appearance and usually occur on the chest, abdomen, upper thighs, and occasionally the face. They are skin-colored bumps, can vary in size from the tip of a ballpoint pen to about half the size of the eraser end of a pencil, are smooth surfaced, often have a dimple in the center, and usually occur in clusters. They can itch. They are more contagious than classic warts, and are transmitted by repeated close physical contact with the warts. These often do not require any treatment, and will go away on their own usually within 1 year. They are more difficult to treat because there can be several dozen at any time. If treatment is desired due to significant irritation, itching, or undesirable cosmetic nuisance, then the same treatment options are used as for classic warts. One additional treatment available for molluscum is a dermatologist can scoop out the core of these warts.

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answers from Phoenix on

Hi I read through all the answers and did not see this one, so here goes. My daughter had a bad rash too that didn't respond to anything, so I took her to the ped and he diagnosed it as a fungal rash. Apparently these do not respond to typical ointments etc. I got a perscription for an anti fungal cream and it did the trick. Also, whenever possible, let her go with out any diaper or plastic pants. I know that can be tricky, but we let her run around in the yard and play in the kiddie pool. The sun shine helps too. If you were using cloth diapers, which I was, you would need to boil them to get rid of the fungus--doesn't come out in a normal washing, even with bleach. Good luck!!

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answers from Norfolk on

Toddlers have chubby little thighs and if the area is moist they can easily get yeast infections on their skin. Are there red bumps? If it is yeast, Lotrimin cream, regular strength, will probably help. It kills fungus. Just make sure to keep the area very clean and very very dry. Suggestions to try a change in diaper and/or wipe brands are probably good. You never know when babies will turn up with allergies.

I always used 100% cornstarch baby powder on my girls to keep them nice and dry and swear by Desitin ointment. It contains zinc oxide, which always worked well for us and kept the girls from getting diaper rash.

Best of luck with this.



answers from Tucson on

Hi I would start by switching her to either cloth diapers or those pure and natural huggies ones or the earth's best brand or the 7th generation... you can ALWAYS find coupons online!! then another thing I would really suggest is Arbonne. I SWEAR by it ever since my daughter was born she had severe eczema and the doctor wanted to put her on steroid cream, she was 3 weeks old and I refused and Arbonne's products were the ONLY thing that helped, my son has similar diaper rash issues and I switch him to the pure and natural diapers ( at walmart and babies r us in larger sizes N-5) and I use either the night cream or rejuvenating cream and the diaper rash ointment, it works like a charm. it's heart breaking because it hurts him so much when he has the rashes. ok so Arbonne's products are pure safe and beneficial the do not use mineral oil or any petroleum products, fragrances or dyes etc. nothing that will hurt your little one or anyone for that matter. And the cloth diapers and or pure and natural huggies diapers do not contain harmful and harsh chemicals which cause allergic reactions. USE ONLY SENSITIVE wipes or get the babyganics wipes from babies r us they are expensive so I usually make my own at home using viva paper towels or unbleached paper towels and Arbonne products and a drop or two of tea tree oil VERY SIMPLE TO MAKE and I use the babyganics wipes from babies r us in the diaper bag.

check out my website I started to sell and tell everyone about Arbonne when it changed my little girl's life

you can look at the products by clicking on the shop online button. the products are shown at full price and if you are interested I can sow you how to get killer discounts. and it would be less expensive than doctor bills and prescriptions that could take weeks and months to work...

google some info on chemicals in diapers and skin care products you'll see that it could be the culprit... I hope you get the help you need I feel for you, it was the worst feeling in the world to not be able to get help or help my little baby... but like I said there are lots of better options out there all you have to do is look.

If you decide to go with Arbonne or another safer brand of skincare products contact me and I can get you a recipe to make wipes at home it's worth it. in fact if you need anything or would like help I would be more than happy to lend a helping hand. just message me. :)
have a wonderful day and I wish you the best.



answers from Albuquerque on

my daughter had some pretty bad rashes when she was little mainly when she drank undiluted juice. The rashes that were very severe and would not go away with just diaper rash cream we were instructed by her doctor to use 1% hydrocortison cream. It even worked really well on her very dry rear after she started potty training. I don't think that an insurance company would see this as a pre-exsisting condition. Most little kids go to the doctors multiple times for multiple issues. That would be like saying that if your child had an ear infection then you changed insurance and she got another ear infection the next month that the previous was a pre-exsisting condition. Usually pre-exsisting conditions are items that they are being treated for i.e. diabetis, cancer, and many more major desease's. I would say go to the doctor and see what they say. I hope you find out what it is. Good Luck!!



answers from Phoenix on

You need to see the dr. They may not charge you- you are making assumptions about the insurance that may not be based on fact. With most kids, "pre-existing conditions" are common so the insurance company may actually be talking about cancer, MS, diabetes... stuff like that. See the dr. today. Good luck.



answers from Phoenix on need to see a doc. It does not look good at all. My concern is it is warts or some other virus. It is very important to get it looked at.



answers from Phoenix on

From what you wrote, I got that you have not seen the doctor for this problem because it is new. Which means that is can't be a pre-existing problem. The important thing to remember is to stress, "This has never happened before", "This just started ...."
If it does not clear with a few simple ideas from the other moms on this site, I would go see your doctor.



answers from Phoenix on

Try changing they brand of diapers you are using. I know that one of my friends kids had issues with the new Pampers (they are more absorbent now) and her daughter had a rash like yours. Basically the diaper sucked the water out of her skin.

However, if it were my kid, I would take her to the doctor just to be safe. But if you are worried about the money and the rash has not change in a month, then I would change diapers for a few days and if it still does not get better then go to the doctor.

Hope that helps.



answers from Cincinnati on

my husband and I both have real sensitive skin. which means our baby breaks out all the time. Our doctor recomended that we mix a little hydrocortison in with his desitin on rashes that wont go away



answers from Dallas on

it looks like they are running in lines, yes? if so, did they check for scabies? I know that sounds disgusting and only something someone gets in an old house or low socio-eco area. I had it as a child, though, and was told it is more common than that. It would be an easy solution, a topical treatment for a few days.

Having survived cancer, don't give up til you find a solution. You would truly regret if it were anything serious just because it would cost you a lot of money. There are funding sources out there, too, if you ask for a consult at a children's hospital. They have specific counselors that are trained to help you get treatments/testing done especially if something is not covered by insurance. BUT you gotta ask - be humble and go for it - you never know what you can qualify for.


ps - what kind of body wash are you using? OTCs are not mild enough and have carcinogens (cancer causing agents) in them. Arbonne is the safest. msg me if you would like me to forward the articles from I found. thx



answers from Tucson on

Is the concerning rash on both legs? Look up DH - Dermatitis Herpetiformis. These are usually on the elbows, knees, buttocks and scalp. Is that possible? Do you know of anyone with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease in your family?



answers from Phoenix on

I of course agree with going to the doctor but first, try to change diaper and wipes brands. watch what she wears around her legs (ie, if she wears outfits with elasticized legs, or something that rubs & chafes there....)
I got heat rash every summer growing up, just have to keep it dry and clean, although this does not look like a heat rash. Perhaps the same thing will help both - powder/corn starch.

I have a rash starting up on my wrist and it first started very itchy with slight, barely seen, raised, bumps. It'd itch and slowly became more visible and the whole area (quarter sized) became red with visible bumps. After thinking for a while what possibly could be causing it, I realized it may have been a beaded watch that someone made for me. I only wear it once in a while, maybe twice a week for a couple hours only. But I am sure it is that because in the past I have been allergic to the metal in watches or even jewelry clasps on the back of my neck, in the summer time when it is hot and sweaty. It has not gone away yet and it has been maybe 2 weeks since I last wore it. ***I just share this to let you know that it takes TIME for it to go away so just because you switched diapers and/or wipes for a week and it hasn't gone away, doesn't mean it's not working.
Try neosporin? I love using that stuff! if it is an allergy, I think hydrocortisone cream will be good too. Try all that, for several days in a row (unless of course it seems to immediately get worse, then stop!) and see. I hope you figure it out!



answers from Dallas on

That looks very similar to the 'rash' that my daughter got when she used pull ups for a short time. Same place too. You may want to try changing her diaper brand, even if she has been using x brand for a long time with no problems until recently, manufacturers are always changing the chemical make up of diapers. Good luck!

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