Skin Cracking Between Toes

Updated on June 04, 2008
A.L. asks from Stevens Point, WI
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I don't know why, but lately the skin between my toes is peeling and cracking. Putting lotion on it stings (even when I use no-perfume/no-irritant kinds)

Any idea of what it is and how I can stop it?

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answers from Sioux Falls on

I had the same problem for years. I tried everything, I even went to a dermatologist who told me I had a type of excma (sp), and had me try Eucerin (sp again). I tried that for years with no results. Finally, I was in need of lotion and could only find a mini size of Gold Bond (I was staying w/friends while baby was in the hospital). I used this for about a week, and my feet are completely healed! I had never tried this before as it didn't look like anything special. I used the healing cream, and still am, my feet look great for summer, and they were cracked bad enough that they would bleed between my toes, it hurt to wear most shoes. Hope this helps I know how awful this can be!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I believe you are dealing with a fungus, like athletes foot. I get these too once in a while. They hurt, sometimes, bleed and often, make my feet smell really bad. I belive it comes from wearing shoes that are non-leather material or man-made leather shoes. Vs. leather or other type of material in which air can enter and escape. You need your feet to breathe better.

Try an athletes foot cream, like Lotramin (it's expensive, but will clear it up within a few days.(



answers from Milwaukee on

Do you wear sandals?

I there something that is irritating your feet?

You might be lacking a vitamin.

Most moisturizers on the market have alcohol in them. So that's not going to help.

melaleuca has several products that I would recommend.

WE have a wonderful bath oil that I use for our daughter who has excema. She uses it in her bath water and on her dry spots. It works like a charm for her. We also have a Renew lotion that has been proven in clinical studies to beat Eucerin for helping with dry skin. We have a MelaGel that is the best healer of all. If you have a cut or scrape and you put this gel on. The skin heals up usually the next morning depending on the cut. My family uses that all the time too.

Melaleuca has some pretty amazing products. My family having been shopping with them for awhile now.

let me know if you want to know more.




answers from Davenport on

It sounds like athletes foot.



answers from Minneapolis on

My answer or suggestion to you is going to sound really strange however IT WORKS! Use a yeast infection cream to put on the cracks of your feet. It not only heals it but if they were near anything that cause have caused an eritation then the cream will cure the infection.

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