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Updated on July 16, 2010
T.B. asks from Staten Island, NY
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I have an 11 yr old daughter with clear skin (so far, thank goodness LOL!)
However with puberty right around the corner, I'm wondering what skin care products/brands she should start to use to help keep her fair-toned skin clear and radiant. Thanks ladies!

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answers from New York on

I always liked Noxema. It was only after I started playing around with other things that I started breaking out.

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answers from New York on

I read the answer below. I think Clinique is a good gentle one. Also the Cetaphil is also very gentle. Another one I can recommend Dr. Murad. They have a pomegranet line which is great for young skin. It is a little more pricey though, so depending on how much you want to spend, there are a few different options.

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answers from Miami on

Hi T.,
what a good momma you are.
Nothing harsh on your tween/teen's gentle skin.
I have used CETAPHIL since I was 10. It is gentle with no fragrance and is good for almost any skin type at any age.

I only harmed my skin when I started using lots of stuff with fragrances, harsh scrubs, items with peppermint, alchohol etc.

So please keep it simple. Sometimes Less is More and less is enough.


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answers from Johnstown on

I recommend Mary Kay's Velocity line. It is designed for acne-prone/oily skin, has a very pleasant and light fragrance with an actual perfume to match and is very affordable. I'll be more than happy to send you some samples if you'd like...just send me a PM.

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answers from Atlanta on

My now 14 year old started with a line called Zap-it at 11. Her skin is perfect. However, one of the reasons is her diet as well. Nutrition, even during puberty, especially during puberty, is very important. She was my salad kid, the one that dodged McDonalds, etc. My older daughter's skin used the products as well and even though they did work she had to be more diligent because she was not willing to give up some of the things that went with being a teenager.
My youngest was also more obedient about taking her multivitamin regularly. We use one that is guaranteed to absorb.

Hope this helps...


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answers from Sarasota on

My 12 year-old red-haired fair skinned daughter uses Skin-Telligence. It is so gentle and really keeps her complexion looking clear and fresh. I found it at Oh the best part is that you get cash back on it too. Hope this helps.


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answers from Dothan on

Fair toned is rough, you have to be gentle on it. St Ives green tea scrub/toner is s good start. Its new and as a very fair skinned/sensitive skinned person I recommend it. Its gentle but perect for scrubbing. If she gets black heads or any sign of acne, pick up sulfur mask OTC. Aveeno makes a great moisturizer/sunscreen. Its pricy, 16 dollars cheapest at walmart but it goes on never greasy and lasts a long time. Going on 5 months with my bottle. Its only half gone.
Good gentle cleanser/toner with a sunscreen moistuizer will help her glow and kee her skin looking pretty.

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answers from New York on

Wow! My mom had me use Noxema too and my skin never got really bad like other teens. I thought it would be too strong for my 11 yr. old, so I have him use Herbal Essence face wash. When he gets a pimp, he puts toothpaste on it right a way before he goes to bed. I tell him to make sure he keeps his face clean and washes it morning and night to get the oil off. My friends like to put cucumbers in a blend to make a face mask to cool off the face and reduce pimps too.

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answers from Dallas on

When my daughter was 11 I took her to my dermotologist as a proactive approach.

I've used Clinique since I was 11 and I am 48 and pass for early 30's. My Dr. said Clinique is a good product and recommends it for teens as well.

She uses the mild soap, gel moisturizer and sunscreen. I use the Repairwear series of moisturizers. If you try CLinique and don't like it, you get your money back. Go to a counter with good Clinique reps ( I prefer Neimans or Nordstrom's) and get recommendations from them.

We both only use Clinique make-ups.

The product line is great. When daughter started having an occasional breakout, she started using the acne solutions by Clinique. She has flawless skin at 15.

Other products recommended by Dr are Purpose Soap and Cetaphil wash.

EDIT: Our diets are very good and that is critical but because we are loyal to a brand, we take care of our bodies and take pride in ourselves, does not mean we have low self esteem, blah blah. Clinique as well as some other products mentioned here including Mary Kay are good products.

Good luck!

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answers from New York on

make up is a good way of developing brand loyalty for tweens and teenagers at a young age that can guarantee a revenue stream for marketed products for a lifetime. It also helps cultivate and feeds on the low-self esteem that is an essential motivating factor driving kids to conform and buy and use regularly image altering products.

Unfortunately many of these products are developed in ways that are toxic to the environment, including through the destruction of the last richly biodiverse areas of the world in order to grow palm oil plantations (palm oil used in 'skin care' products and processed food).

An alternative to 'skin care' products (including make up) is a healthy diet and a recognition that the hormonal impact of puberty on skin is natural. The former - not eating too many greasy foods and eating fresh greens and fruit - reduces the number of zits kids can get; the latter (recognition/discussion) makes the occasional zit more tolerable.

To me there seems to be a tragic parallel between the distance and carelessness kids (and later adults) feel from their own unique and beautiful selves and our distance and carelessness we have from the precious and fast-disappearing natural world.

my 2 cents.

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