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Updated on November 16, 2010
M. asks from Plainfield, IL
4 answers

Has anyone used Olay Regenerist products? What skin care products do you use?

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answers from Chicago on

I wash my face with plain water or raw honey and then moisturize with organic extra-virgin coconut oil.

Any man-made chemicals on your skin can cause cell damage not only in your skin, but throughout your body.


answers from Dallas on

I have used the Clinique line since I was around 11 yrs old. I love this line of make-up cleansers, etc. It is dermatologist recommended, guaranteed as well. If you don't like it, take it back. It is sold in most department stores. I usually get mine at Neiman-Marcus, Nordstrom or Saks because they carry the highest level of the product.

I am 49 and I easily pass for early 30's. Yes, a lot of that is good genes and being healthy but I never skimp on my cleansing routine daily.

Right now, I use the Repairwear series. I have used most of the series as I have gotten older. I don't always use the highest level of Clinique..... I have a couple of the high end cremes. I really like the Repairwear series and I am currenty using the new gel and love it.

My almost 16 yr old daughter is as faithful as I am with her skin care. She has been using Clinique since she was about 11 as well. Right now, she uses the Acne Solutions cleanser and the gel moisturizer. She has flawless skin. Of course, having a teen and knowing of potential acne outbreaks, we took a proactive approach to her skin care and she has been going to a well known dermatologist a few years as precaution. She uses the Epi-Duo gel to prevent and control any outbreaks.

Best wishes on finding what is right for you. I know I sound like a broken record, I should be selling Clinique...that is how much I believe in it. Seeing is believing!!


answers from Philadelphia on

I use the clean and clear morning burst cleanser, wakes me up... and then follow up with the clean and clear oil free moisturizer. They are both around 3 bucks a bottle, and work just as well as the stuff that sells for twice as much.



answers from Phoenix on

Dr. Oz just showcased this product on his show and gave it a thumbs up b/c it has retinol in it and science shows that it does help with lines/wrinkles.

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