Skin Care for Back and shoulders....ew

Updated on April 24, 2012
M.B. asks from San Francisco, CA
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So at the ripe old age of 28 (shudder) it seems my body and skin are going through a second puberty phase and while the skin on my face has cleared up and I have settled in to a good skin care routine there I am not breaking out on my back. I have bacne. I have bacne and I HATE IT.

When I lived in South Florida and was running around in bikini's and tank tops all the time with a nice tan my skin was very clear with a small blemish every now and then. It's gotten horrible now. I mean really embarassing. It's on the back of my shoulds and down my ribs. Some come to a head on their own, some are very painful, cystic under the skin zits.

I change my sheets often and shower immediately after a work out. In the shower I use an acne body wash after I have rinsed my hair confitioner to avoid a product sitting on my skin all day and I am careful not to use styling products over bare skin.

I am definitely going back to a dermatologist but was wondering if you guys had any insight. Do those hair, nails and skin vitamins help? Have you used a body wash that was amazing, maybe a toner? Give me your insight and tell me I'm not the only one.

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So What Happened?

Thank you ladies, I appreciate the feedback.

Unfortunately no one had a magic cure and it looks like I am going to have to try medicine again for it, that is what gave me the best results in conjunction with a good skin care regimine.

I have tried ALL the over the counter body washes formulated for acne, sprays and toners and without being on a medicine I have not had any sort of positive results.

I'm also going to look into microdermabraison and back facials-I have avoided it so far because I'm too embarassed to show my back but obviously if they offer the service I am not the only one who needs it. Gosh, I wish tanning wasn't so bad for you because it has worked better than anything but I am fair skinned and cancer runs in the family so I am dilligent about protecting myself.

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My mom started getting 'Bacne' too ;) and she took vitamin B5. It easily cleared it up! Read about that :)

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Using witchhazel on a cotton ball will help soothe the skin and redness too.



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Beauticontrol and NuSkin both have great skincare lines for acne prone skin. Beauticontrol also has a home-based microderm set that might be helpful. I would also look into getting back facials at a local salon or even a school to keep the cost down. Good luck!


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Vegan skin care products have been my savior in this regard. Try Lucky13 at



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in addition to good advice below:
- wash back before and after conditioner
- use toner on back like on face



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Neutrogena makes a body spray for this-forget the name but it is in their acne line. It is amazing and has totally cleared up my back and chest. Easy to use too-I just keep it in my closet where I get dressed and spritz it on in the am and pm. Also use a salicylif acid body wash in the shower. I assure you that you will be all clear in about 2 wks.



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Dermatologist usually recommend a mild soap live Dove unscented - it won't dry out your skin signaling your oil glands to produce more oil.

Use Dove with a CLEAN loufa or rough sponge to clean deep.



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I use a neutrogena acne body wash.



answers from Charlotte on

Does your dermatologist have an esthnetician in the office? I highly recommend that you have microderm abrasion done in conjunction with the medication the doctor has you use. The skin has a sticky substance on it that holds in the oils and acne. Microderm abrasion clears off that sticky substance and cleans out the blackheads. Your esthetician can use a curette and remove larger blackheads and whiteheads. The painful cystic ones need the doctor's medicine to help, but the meds will work BETTER from having the microderm abrasion done.

You may want to consider accutane if antibiotics don't clear up the deep and painful ones. You aren't a teen so you don't have to worry about the psychological problems that a small percentage of teens have with Accutane.

It's important to handle this as soon as possible so that you don't end up with permanent scars.

Good luck!



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To ANYONE WHO SUFFERS with Embarassing Skin issues like acne!

PLEASE send me your contact details and I will send you the information on what we have used here for my sons, and for my best friend (who was experiencing this in her late 30's!).

We have been able to save Carla (my friend / her name changed to protect her identity) a fortune by introducing her to a fantastic company that allows you to buy direct from the manufacturer, online, or via the Free Phone number! It is the oldest Leading 100% Natural Pharmaceutical company (27 years this year) and is registered with the FDA, and who's products are all plant and marine based, with the finest quality ingredients!

When it came to her acne, (which was also on her back, shoulders, face and even her scalp!) her body was reacting to the chemicals that were being used in her home, and this included what she was using to wash her clothes and bedding in! AND as well as that, by changing to a completely Phosphate Free, chemical free range of products, it saved her a bundle on the things she was ALREADY BUYING from the ''regular stores!'' Only these products are so concentrated, it ended up costing her like $10 for a bottle of laundry detergent, but it would last 3 times longer than her normal brand!

From the first night that she slept on the chemical free sheets, and used the 100% Natural/ Patented Soap, and the Adult Acne skin care treatment (which also treats any scarring, old and new) she saw, and felt, an immediate difference! She is one of those gals who, because of her skin, wouldn't go ANYWHERE without her makeup, and then because she was using makeup that contained ingredients you don'e even want to know about, she was just making it all worse! I was suffering from a similar form of adult acne, but found out about this company early on, and I have to say, I, too, saw a huge difference in my skin, and it felt like my skin could actually breathe!

Some of the ingredients that are typically used in traditional, and high end cosmetics..things that are advertised as ''good for your skin'' have ingredients like FORMALDEHYDE in it as a preservative, and dioxane 1,4 and even LEAD in them! But the ones that we use have the Japanese Honeysuckle in them as a preservative, and the water based, very light and quickly absorbed moisturiser contains an enzyme from the Tramella Mushroom, which holds 400 times it's weight in water, so the moisturiser is completely natural, and is combined with the most stable form of Vitamin C and Green Tea, to heal the skin, and so that the moisture helps to release the healing properties for a longer period of time, so you can see and feel the difference! It's the very best of Science and Technology, and NO Toxins or Animal Bi-Products are ever used! Even the Olympic Athletes are using these products, because they are always in the public eye, and are always working out, sweating and in extreme elements, and you never see one of them looking bad! ;o)

And lastly, it is so much better than having to go and see a dermatologist, when these very skin care products were formulated by some of the worlds leading Specialists in Dermatology, and we have the Science to back it up! Like I said, everything is Patented (which means it MUST do what the Company says it will!!!) and they have also been CLINICALLY TRIED and PROVEN! And want to know something else?...These are priced better than Clinique (which is what I USED to buy, and they are OH SO MUCH SAFER!

Please send me your contact details, and I will be happy to ring you! I DO NOT SELL THESE PRODUCTS, but I have been a customer for the last 10+ years and I DO TELL EVERYONE about them....everyone who expresses a need, like yourself. And then YOU CAN BUY DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURER!!

This Company is worldwide, and the best I've ever come across! I am a Mother, Wife and Natural Health Professional, so I do hope you will contact me. I'm sorry for rattling on, but I've been in your shoes, and so has my friend, and we only wish we'd known about this even sooner! But now we have the means of reaching others like us, and helping to make a difference! Oh, and all of the products are 100% Money back guaranteed, so there's absolutely NO RISK, and the postman delivers it to your door, straight from the Manufacturer! Easy, Simple and It Works!

All the best,
K. Ward


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I used to have this problem too when I was in college, so I understand your pain. Literally. And embarrassment. Mine cleared up with age, but I still get break outs now and again. The thing I've noticed is the biggest help is just simply good nutrition. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and so often, when we eat a lot of processed foods, sugar, grease, etc, break outs happen. (Especially for those of us who are prone to them.) I got a juicer for Christmas this year and OMG has it changed my skin. I juice every day (organic veggies and fruits...lots of carrots and sweet potatoes which help skin to look awesome!) I was very surprised. And I just feel so much better too. It's an expensive habit though...

Also, it could be a hormonal thing. If you're on the pill, maybe change and try something another brand or type. I was on a pill for a while that made my hormones go bonkers and I was right back to pizza face again. I thought it was just me, but I mentioned it to my GYN and she said that there are so many pills out there, if one's not working, just change it and find something that does.

My sister also went on Proactive for a while and swears it cleared her skin right up.

Good luck!

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