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Updated on August 08, 2010
G.G. asks from Richardson, TX
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anyone have any experiences with microdermabrasion and micro peels...
anyone use this skin care center "bioderm"?????
Were you pleased with the outcome and PRICE????
thanks in advance for your replies.

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answers from Dallas on

I've never heard of Bioderm. I have had microdermabrasion done a couple of times, but never see any real benefit from it. I know you are supposed to get like 8 consecutive treatments, but I never have the time or money to follow through with it.



answers from Dallas on

G., If you are interested in trying it Mary Kay microdermabrasion FREE let me know. L.


answers from Denver on

I have a spa out of my home. I do facials, microderm, peels and waxing. I have the most affordable prices on microderm. You will not find it any more affordable.Please check out my website at

I would love to administer microdermabrasion to you if that is what you are needing.




answers from New York on

Hello G. G. I suggest you take your time when it comes to caring for your skin.Your skin is v


Hello G. G. I suggest you take your time when it comes to caring for your skin.Your skin is very delicate and requires proper attention.I can suggest to you what your skin needs by your skin condition. I am beauty consultant for L'bel paris products which provide convienet methods for your skin. If you would like to learn more, you can contact me at



answers from Dallas on

Go to, Marcy is very good.



answers from Dallas on

I use a product from bodydynamics called Pro Enzyme Peel ( a local woman in Carrolton got tired of paying way too much for skin care products and produced her own skin care line using top quality ingredients. You can compare her ingredients to Perricone and others and she's got them beat. She's in her 50's and looks in her 30's. Her stuff works great and for $24 it lasts a long time too.

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