Ski Trip to Colorado???? a Good Place for Getaway.

Updated on January 29, 2009
V.B. asks from Plano, TX
4 answers

Hello, my friend and her husband want to get away for spring break and want to take a skiing trip to CO. Does anyone know a great place for them to go????

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I've skied Breckinridge/Vail/Keystone many times and love it. Keystone has some really challenging bowls off the back of the mountain for black/double black skiiers. And, they have some fun greens/blues at the front too.

Another hole in the wall is Crested Butte - it's harder to get to and smaller, but lots of fun!



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I love CO! For a beautiful ski Snowmass or Monarch. To see some wild skiers you can hop around the Vail, Breakenridge, Copper Mountain area...they can be crowed but they have these fun Villages to walk around in at night. When we were at Avon (near Vail) last we took snowboarding lessons at a smaller resort (ski cooper) and it was by far the best snow of the area. It was also a fraction of the size, price and people. Pros...there wasn't a long wait for lifts, the snow was perfect, it was cheaper, smaller (easier to navigate) Cons...higher altitude, smaller (less trails) (bad if you are prone to altitude sickness).

Have fun!



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Crested Butte is fun; good skiing, fun little town. My husband was there last Christmas and they found a coupon buying a case of beer for buy one lift ticket get one free. That saves a TON of money in the long run, but if they don't want the beer that would be a waste! :)
I have also skied the Keystone area - lots of fun, lots of different places to go ski in the same area, good condo choices.
Another place is Durango Ski or Purgatory Ski Resort. I haven't been there in years but it was great when I was there.
Pretty much any place they choose is going to be great.
They may consider going somewhere in New Mexico if money is tight. Toas & Red River are fun places to ski and slightly cheaper than Colorado.