Skeeter Syndrome?

Updated on July 18, 2010
L.K. asks from Myrtle Beach, SC
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Ok ladies! I need yet another wonderful piece of advice! So my daughter got bit by some mosquitos a few weeks back and at the bite site it was large and swollen with a localized fever. Now it seems as if she has been bitten again and she is having the same reaction....large bump, swollen, red, heat. But one bite looks like a red circle surrounded by a lighter shade of red. What kind of bite could this be? She is having horrible reactions to mosquitos this year and it seems like they are everywhere! This one bite though has kind of thrown me for a loop. Could she have skeeter syndrome? Yes! It is really called "skeeter syndrome" totally funny I know..but true! She is 3 also!

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answers from Raleigh on

I never heard of Skeeter Syndrome but it could be Lyme. I would take her to the doctor and have them do tests. Good luck!

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answers from Charlotte on

Take her to a pediatrician if you have not already done so. I've never heard of 'skeeter syndrome'. Did you get this from a doctor? I'm allergic to mosquitos too but I've never had a reaction like this. It sounds serious to me!
And if it itches, God help her. She might need to be sedated w/ benadryl or a prescription.



answers from Fort Wayne on

i just looked it up ouch....if it looks like the pics then it very well could be. talk to your doc she may need to be on benadryl and unfortunatly deet bug spray. it says fever welts and local heat. tlak to your doc.. poor thing that just sucks. gl



answers from Louisville on

sounds like a spider bite take her to the doctor it also could be mrsa



answers from Washington DC on

I'd get it looked as because it could be a tick bite as well. Take a picture of it so your doc can see it even if it goes away before you get in to see them. My 3 yo has a huge reaction to mosquitos and gets big welts as well. We use Terrain Kids by Herbal Amor and it works great to keep them away from her.



answers from Clarksville on

She needs to be checked for Lyme disease.


answers from Jacksonville on

I have no idea what you are talking about.... surely you are jesting.

You didn't say how old your daughter is, but when my daughter was very young (before age 4 or 5) she would get huge welts from mosquito bites each time also. She reacted far more than my son did to a typical mosquito bite. Same thing with ants. But as she has gotten older (she turned 9 today) her reaction has diminished to a 'normal' reaction. So if you are concerned generally about big welts from mosquitos... it may just be her immature immune system and will even out as she ages. Like my daughter's did. If you are mostly concerned about the funky looking one... ask your doctor to take a look at it.



answers from Fayetteville on

I as well would take a pic and show your Dr. but both of my boys and my brother swelled up when bitten when younger. My boys are almost 11 and 8 and my brother is 30 now lol. My youngest still sometimes still swells up. But I would still get it checked out just to be save. I have no since moved to NC and now have to worry about ticks that carry lime which I am not use to at all, so good luck to you and your poor little girl!



answers from Milwaukee on

My son who is now 19 has Skeeter Syndrome which started 3 years ago. The area around the bite gets so swollen and red hot, he also gets a low grade fever. His reaction was so bad the first year that the infection went to his blood stream and became a staff infection, he was hospitalized for 4 days and pumped with antibiotics for the infection. He tries to be very careful and uses plenty of repelent, however, the sad truth is unless you live in a bubble you can never truly avoid a mosquito bite. We have a standing persription of Sulfameth/Trimethoprim. I have taken him to the CDC, Allergists, Doctors and there is no cure, or prevention. After many trips to the ER and several different antiobiotics the Sulfameth/Trimethoprim seems to be working. My son got a mosquito bite at work last week which start to swelll and get very hot to the touch, he started taking the Sulfameth right away and the next day the swelling went down. I would consult your doctor again and try to get something on hand for your daughter so when this does occur you can start her on the medication right away to help eliviate the pain and swelling and prevent further infection. I wish I could give your daughter and my son a cure, but unfortunately there is not one. Best of luck to your and your daughter.

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