Six Yr. Old and Lice

Updated on January 28, 2011
J.G. asks from Berwyn, IL
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My six yr old has gotten lice recently and we have tried to get them out the only way we know how, with RID. But I sent her back to school today clean and when she got home I checked her again and their back!! I alread called the school to let them know but does anyone else have any other suggestions to keep them away???thanks!

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So What Happened?

I just want to thank anyone soooo much for all the great advice!!! The olive oil really helped. Her hair was a little greasie afterwards but not one bug to be seen!! I also tried the tea tree shampoo on my own hair first and wow that really wakes up the scalp!! Thanks again to everyone!!!

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I think someone mentioned them, but go to this website that a few of my friends have used. Ok, so maybe people say not to get upset and deal with this in a calm manner, but I am not one to do so. I would need help dealing with this to get rid of this as fast as I can. Good luck.

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My bff had the same problem and she got the regular listerine (gold one) doused her daughter's hair in it and then put on a shower cap and towel and left it in for a few hours - she was rid of lice and they never came back. As a preventative in the future you can also use a tea tree oil shampoo- the lice don't like the menthol apparantly. Good luck!!

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Visit My co-worker had them come to her house. Worked well, but a bit expensive.



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my Daughter has also had them a few times. We don't use any of the medical solutions as they stop working and irritate my daughters head (even more than the lice did). We just use lots of conditioner (totally saturate the hair) and the lice comb, Its a pain in the butt and it takes time but it works. Do it every night for about 10 days from the 1st time you notice her scratching or you spot an egg then once a week do a quick check. Also make sure her hair is totally tied back for school. (I am an expert at french plaits now :-)) My daughter used to hug all the kids at school when she was younger, now she just high 5's them. lol



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You need to go through her hair every single day to remove the nits. It needs to be one of the longer, VERY closely spaced lice combs. With each path through, take an old tooth brush against the teeth and brush the nits out. We had the same problem. We thought we got them all and when I took our daughter to school, the nurse proved me wrong and showed me what I was doing incorrectly. Her pillow cases need washed daily. Anything that touches her hair needs wash in HOT water daily. Stuffed animals she sleeps with need put in the dryer on high heat for a few mins and then sealed in a plastic bag for 2 weeks. Get new brushes/combs. GL.



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I would either use tea-tree shampoo or conditioner as Robyn suggested or I would mix up some tea-tree oil and water in a spray bottle and spray that on her hair before school. The other thing my sister-in-law has told me about is that if you put a small amount of leave in conditioner in their hair it also acts as a deterrent because they can't cling to the hair follicles anymore. I would also go through and wash everything again with REALLY hot water then maybe into the dryer so that its a double dose of hot. Hope that this is the last you see of them:)



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Just went through this and got rid of them in 4 days (with 12 more days of "after care". PLEASE do NOT use pesticides on your children. After researching about how harmful it can be, I would never do that again. The key is in the combing and meticulously going through the child's hair for at least 10 days from when you spot the lice. In addition to the metal comb to remove the eggs, while there were still live bugs, we killed them with the Robi Comb which zaps them dead. That item is amazing! After Robi Combing we washed her hair, left the conditioner in and combed the conditioner, dead bugs and eggs out with the metal lice comb. We did this every day.

Have you been combing daily with the lice comb to remove the eggs? Nothing kills the eggs and they will just keep hatching...they MUST be physically removed! You need to use a metal lice comb...the plastic ones stink. Ask your pharmacist if they have them. Also, when checking hair for eggs daily (in the SUNLIGHT--next to a window that gets good sun) you need to check very small (1/8 inch rows) sections of hair at a time, holding them straight up and looking at them from both sides in the sunlight. When I started doing this on the 3rd day, I had thought we were lice free with NO eggs & found 5 more eggs that first day doing it this way (but no more after that, even though I checked every other day in the sun to make sure). Remove them by cutting the whole strand off and flushing it down the toilet or combing the egg out and washing it down the sink. You should also get a good magnifying glass (in walmart by magnifying eye glasses near pharmacy). Another helpful tool is at least 6 big metal hair clips like hairdressers use for sectioning off the hair as you do each section. Then go through one section at a time in very narrow rows.

Drying the pillows, pillowcases and sheets every morning for those 10-15 days is very important (30 minutes per load on high heat-don't overstuff dryer). Also, I make my daughter keep her coat in her backpack at school, then she leaves the backpack in the car and brings the coat in to go straight into the dryer for 30 minutes. We braid her hair every morning and use Fairy tales lice repellent products (liceguard repellent works well too) on her hair every morning. I also wash her hair a teatree oil and mint shampoo by Organix (at walmart & Suave Coconut conditioner with a couple drops of real teatree oil added to the bottle. I never want those critters back!!

The olive oil or mayo treatments are extremely messy, leaking out of the cap, for a child, IMO and frankly unnecessary if you do all the rest above.

I put together a list for our school's nurse to hand out with more do's and don'ts for lice (she was completely clueless and no help). If you message me, I will send it to you...this is a LOT of work, but I say better a LOT of work for 14 days than having lice over and over for 6 mos and spreading them to others!



answers from Rockford on

Tea Tree Oil. I've heard it has to do with the smell that lice tries to avoid. (if you haven't smelled it before, it can be kind of strong) If you are comfortable with putting Tea Tree Oil itself on your daughter's head, I know Paul Mitchell makes a Tea Tree shampoo that works well. I used to sell shampoo in a salon and when ever school started we ALWAYS had parents coming in looking for it, and who would swear by it.



answers from Chicago on

I totally feel for you, it is a frustrating and difficult process. My step-daughter lives with us, but she kept getting exposed to lice over and over again at her mom's house for a few months. You have to make sure you get all of the nits (eggs) out of her hair. They attach to the shaft of the hair follicle close to the scalp. A school nurse told me the best way is to basically pull them off using your nails. Don't use the RID a second time, it will fry her scalp. The nurse told me to use olive oil. Smother her head in olive oil and then put her hair up in a shower cap and let it sit for like an hour. It suffocates the lice and it won't be harmful to your daughter. After that, you need to go through her hair one section at a time and remove all of the nits.

Make sure you wash her pillowcase and bedding every day for the first several days and hats, coats, cloth seats in a car and combs all need to be treated. Put stuffed animals in a tightly closed garbage bag. Lice don't have a very long life span when they are away from a host.

It's super frustrating, but leave no stone unturned and it will give you piece of mind.


answers from Eugene on

You have to get a fine tooth comb and comb out the eggs. Killing the live bugs isn't enough. You have to do this every two days. Braid your daughters hair otherwise the lice other children have in their heads will climb single strands of hair to re-infect her with lice.
Wash all the stuffed toys, bedding pillows, clothes in pine sol. This kills the hidden bugs and eggs.



answers from Dallas on

hey, i'm just going to copy & paste (with a little editing) my answer from a post a few weeks ago.

oh my! i feel for you really. i went through this about 6 months ago, & it drove me crazy! but after all my research, this is what really worked for me: out of all the over the counter stuff, i liked LiceFreee! the best (which is at walmart/walgreens.and they have a website so, i did a treatment of that. Four days later, i did the olive oil treatment with a shower cap over the head. they say you can do this overnight, but i just did it for 6-8 hrs. during the day. than 4 days later, i did the licefree! again. it was a consistent (yet annoying/tiring) cycle for 3 weeks. Look this youtube video up ( & you will understand why i did this. there is a PART 2 on the side of the page at link. also, i did comb (as in go through a VERY small section of her hair with my fingers-shown in video) through her hair everyday for about a month. and although i worried for the next few months that it wasn't gone, it was. actually not a few months, but actually just last month, we went to a professional lice removal service, & had my hair & my daughter's checked, & we were clear. :) look up & see if there are any lice removal services in your area. we went to the texas lice squad, and it will be different in every area. but if there is one in your area, use them. they are costly, but in the end you spend the same amount of money, if not less, and they do a lot of the hard work.
good luck!



answers from Eugene on

I was reading an old school letter about lice today. It says RID doesn't work use NIX. We have them going around right now too. Here is a copy of the schools newspaper. It has a section on if you scroll down to page 4 on how to help get rid of them.



answers from Chicago on

There is a place in Northbrook and one in Chicago that deal with lice! CALL them! Look them up on the internet...but I would get a PROFESSIONAL!



answers from Chicago on

It looks like you've gotten a lot of great advice! I just wanted to add that "Jason's" makes a tea tree oil shampoo as well. I always find it at Whole Foods. Also as a preventative measure, my friend sprays rose water on her kids hair.

Good luck!



answers from Oklahoma City on

Please go to and follow their instructions on how to get the bugs and nits out. No chemicals, just a bit of elbow grease...I thought that was the bacon grease in the fridge when I was a kid and almost made a HUGE mess with it until my mom figured out what the confusion was and told me that elbow grease meant hard work...LOL.

Anyway, I found this site to be realistic, truthful, and easy to navigate. I always had pages from the site to handout to my kids parents in the parent center by the check in and out table.

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