Six and a Half Month Old with Cough

Updated on May 18, 2009
S.M. asks from Andrews AFB, MD
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My six and a half month old has a cough and runny nose. My four year old has it as well but is feeling better because we are medicating her. My problem is I don't know what to give the baby. She has no fever and her appetite is still good. I'm thinking it's allergies. So far I have been giving her vapor baths and rubbing Vicks Baby Rub on her chest at naptime and bedtime. I heard that humidifiers are a no no until she'a a year old. Does any one have any advice? She is breast feeding so I have been taking my Claritin to help. Does anyone know if Zyrtek is safe for me to take (Claritin doesn't really help me)?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the advice! I asked my younger sister as well. I went to Wal-Mart and got a cool mist humidifier and put in her room before bed. I had no idea vicks, even the baby rub, is bad and I threw it in the trash. My pediatrician and my own doc told me that claritin is ok to take as long as I only take it as needed. Flonase has been cleared as well. My daughter is feeling better already! Thanks for all the advice!! :o)

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I believe cold mist humidifiers are supposed to be the safest, but be careful to get tht ekind without a filter or change it regularly or it could do more harm than good. I see no reason not to use a humidifier for a six month old - it has always helped both for the moisture and for the white noise.

Definitesly keep breast feeding as that shouldn\ shorten the length of the infection. But I would avoid medications, even Claritin - check with the pediatrician, but almost all cold and allergy drugs get passed in breast milk and she is too young for these. Keep her upright after feeding if possible, becaus ethe milk may increase the mucous, but do not prop her in the crib.

Colds can seem to linger in babies because they aren't able to clear their throats and noses easily (use the bulb siringe from the hospital). However, coughts can be very dangerous in infants, so pay close attention to that aspect of it, especially if it persists or becomes croupy.



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Try putting the vick's rub also on her feet with socks on, I do not know exactly what makes this work but I have found with all 5 of my kids it works better and lasts longer than just putting it on the chest.



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They recently said to NOT use vicks on babies. It can inflame their airways and make breathing harder on them! Humidifiers are fine, though (in the room, not in their face). I'd ask the pediatrician for more recommendations and about your allergy medicine options with breastfeeding.



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Hi S. -- I'm in the same boat with a seven-month-old. Our pediatrician said to use a cool mist humidifier in the baby's room (not right next to the crib) and saline nose drops. No Vicks or anything else; it can be more harmful than helpful. Claritin is fine for a nursing mom, but not Claritin-D. I don't know about Zyrtec, but I'm sure your pediatrician could tell you. I hope you all feel better soon!



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This is what I know"
Humidifiers are actually helpful and my pediatrician recommends using one. We have a warm mist for the winter and a cold mist for the summer. We clean them regularly and replenish water frequently as well.
From what I can read, it is probably allergies or a plain cold. My son gets them with the same symptoms = has good appetite, no fever.
I would not use Vicks at this early age. My doctor said that it can cause more harm than good and definitely nothing of an allergy=fighting medicine for that young of a baby. You just have to ride it out. We also elevate your sons mattress and suction his nose frequently with saline drops and an automatic suctioner which does wonders.

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