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Updated on May 01, 2008
K.S. asks from Spring, TX
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So my son is almost a little over 7 months and he still can not sit up unsupported. He can lean on his hands and sit up for a limited amount of time but that's really all. He was a month early so I have been taking that into consideration. He's is already so close to crawling but he still doesn't sit up. Nor does he have any interest. Granted I held him sooo much so probably shame on me. I have been working with him a lot and he has made some progress but I guess My question is How old was all of your babies when they started sitting up. Were any of them later and did any of them crawl before they sat up?

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answers from Houston on

Please dont try and figure this out. You cant. I figured out a long time ago, not and try to say what I think it "should" be. It will drive you crazy. All little people do things at different times. My kiddo walked early (according to "they", you know, "they say") However, she isnt talking according to what "they" say. These kids do things in their own time. Now, if your youngster were a year and not sitting up, go to the Pedi. My sister talked at one year of age...she taught my brother, who is a year older, to speak. You just cant predict the future. (unless you have a crystal ball, in that case, can we be friends!?!!)
You also absolutely cannot hold a baby too much. That has NOTHING to do with it. He will sit up when he's good and ready!!!
Good Luck and dont worry!!
Margaret :)

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answers from Austin on

Congratulations on your baby boy! There is never any shame in holding your baby! I held both of mine all the time and they're both fine. My daughter sat up on her own a little early (4mos), but my son was a little later. He could sit up okay at the 6/7mos mark, but not as solidly as dd could. I'd be really surprised if your son actually starts crawling before gaining good balance sitting. Different babies develop at different rates. I have a niece that sat at 4mos, crawled at 6mos, and walked at 9mos. Those are all pretty early ages, but she's fine. My kids seem to be in the middle, there have to be kids on the other side of things. It doesn't mean anything is wrong, or that you held him too much - he's just developing at his own pace!

Congrats again! And whatever advice you get, remember to listen to your heart! No one knows your children better than you do!

K., mama to
Catherine, 4yrs
Samuel, 15mos



answers from San Antonio on

I agree with the other post that you might try a Bumbo chair - my son has sat in his since the day we brought him home and I really think it has helped strengthen his core muscles and aid in his balance development.



answers from Killeen on

I am with the others, I wouldn't worry. I foster a baby girl and she came to me at 7 months and all she could do was roll over. She couldn't sit up or crawl or anything, had no strength in her spine and body too. She had been left laying in her carseat or bed most of the time. In March, an ECI specialist starting coming twice a montth and working with her, but really just my attention and giving her lots of play time and floor time, she has come a long way developmentally. She will be one in two days and is almost walking now and talking and doing exactly what she should be at her age group. She has blossomed.
I would say just keep working with him and doing lots of floor and play time with him. You could also try one of those bumbo chairs that would get him used to sitting on his own. I would surround my girl with pillows and then sit her up and when she was steady let her go. The more I did it, the longer she was able to sit up with out falling over. Hope this helps.



answers from San Antonio on

I totally agree with margaret h., you can never hold a baby too much. God gave us these babies to love and hold. I don't know where this philosophy came from about spoiling infants if you hold them too much. As far as the sitting up, I have four children and they were all different in motor skill development.They were all very loved and very much held. As a country we want our children to grow up so quickly, when did that start happening? God made all of us unique, we are all different. We put too much pressure on our children to learn so much so soon because we feel like we need to be at a certain standard. Just let our kids be kids and love them for their uniqueness and not for their achievments. I would rather my children be respectful,kind,gentle and loving than not be those things and have every degree in the book. Just love your baby and cherish him, they grow up so fast. My oldest is 17 and my youngest is 4 months, I know how precious this time is right now. God bless you!

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