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Updated on November 22, 2011
J.B. asks from North Wales, PA
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Hi Moms!

I'm expecting my second son in March. The boys will be 2 years and 8 months apart. I am looking into double strollers for long trips, although I'm not sure how much longer my son will be strolling! I've been looking into the sit to stand double strollers and was wondering if anyone can recommend one or give any pros/cons. I'd like to have one where baby can be in infant seat in rear and toddler in front facing until he's ready for the sit to stand part...

Thanks so much!!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the input! We ended up going with the Baby Trend Sit to Stand stroller. Although our second isn't here yet, I've tested it out with our 2 year old and his stuffed animals (his idea!) So far it seems good, a little bulky, but they all are. I couldn't find one with toddler in front, but the rear seat is raised a little bit so he still gets a good view.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I bought a used Baby Trend Sit-N-Stand when I had my third. At that time I had a 3 1/2 year old and almost 2 year old.

It was seriously the BEST $50 I've spent on babygrear.

I still use it for my 3 and (nearly 5) year olds.

The one I bought was similar to this:

You could click the carseat into the front when baby was small enough to be in the carseat all the time.

I would click the baby in front, "sit" my two year old on the seat and "stand" my 3 year old on the platform and push them all in and out of preschool, the library, etc.

I still use it at the zoo, and on walks to and from my sons school.

At two, my kids were able to be on the seat and stand without it being a problem.




answers from Colorado Springs on

We love, love, love our sit & stand. As far as double strollers go, it's the most compact and lightweight I've ever used. My 2.5 year old stands in the back and loves it there. It wouldn't be the most comfortable for really long rides (i.e. amusement parks or several hours at a time), but my kids, my husband and I all love it.
Some models can hook right on to an infant seat, so that's a good option, more practical than having two double strollers. We got ours used in great condition. Try craigslist before you go brand new. Do you have any friends that have double strollers that they don't need right now? We borrowed a couple of strollers from different friends just to try them out. The sit & stand was by far our favorite. Good luck with the stroller an the new baby!



answers from Dallas on

My girls are 2 years and 9 months apart. We ended up going with the Sit N Stand although I wanted the baby in the back too, and that didn't turn out to be a problem at all. It's worked well for us, but now that the kids are nearly 2 and 4 and a half my oldest is getting too heavy for it making it hard to push (and she really likes to ride in it). We will be traveling in May and I am kind of wishing we had gone with a double jogging stroller which holds up to 50lbs per child, as opposed to the 40lb per child limit on the Sit N Stand. The InStep Grand Safari double is going for about $160 on, too much for me now, but I wish I had chosen it originally. I wonder how getting through doors with a side by side like that would be though...

All in all, the Sit N Stand has been fantastic. I think with it you really need a diaper bag that has stroller straps because the basket is really difficult to access. My children both still love it.


answers from Pittsburgh on

I can only say that I know at least 4 moms who hated their sit and stand. They were very heavy, took up most of trunk, the older one rarely wanted to stand (esp during growth spurts), the forward facing seat was not nearly deep enough and the younger one was always uncomfortable. The ones I know with the side-by-side love them. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

When my daughter was born my son turned three a month later. I had a sit and stand and absolutely LOVED it. It's a little big and bulky, so it didn't get used everywhere. But for long walks, festivals, malls, etc. I could not imagine how I would have done it otherwise. And my son was pretty done strolling, but he loved being able to stand and ride. There was a learning curve, my son had to learn not to just hop off. My biggest complaint was that it was heavy when pulling in and out of the car and not the easiest to fold. We kept ours for almost three years. I didn't want to get rid of it because it was so handy at a large festival we attend each kept my kiddos in one spot. Then this summer my son let me know that he was way too big for a stroller and I needed to let it go. :)



answers from Allentown on

I have two kids also 2 and half years apart. I initially bought a sit and stand and hated it. I ended up getting a baby jogger city mini double. I love it and still love it almost 4 years later. My kids are almost 4 and 6 and a half. I still use the city mini double for shopping, trips, and anywhere I think they might want to sit for a while. They both still fit great despite my son being in the 97%tile for height and weight. I would highly recommend a city mini double.



answers from Philadelphia on

Mine are 2 yrs, 10 months apart. I wanted either a jogging or a sit n stand. I ended up getting a Buggy Board. It's a wheeled platform that you attach to your stroller. It's nice that I can have my full size stroller to use but have the option of having my older child ride when I need it. But there are times I wish I had a sit n stand and then there are times I'm glad I didn't. I keep my stroller in the car all the time and I didn't want to have to not have the double when I need it or the regular stroller when I need a double. This is a 'one size fits all' option. I don't know how attached you are to your regular stroller but I just thought I would give you another option to think about. Check out the website: it will give you fit info for almost every stroller out there. And the directions to attach this thing were awful so luckily I had the website to refer to.

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