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Updated on January 27, 2009
R.A. asks from Indianapolis, IN
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I'm looking for suggestions for a good sit and stand stroller. I'm expecting my second baby in July and my son will be around 28 months at that time. I've heard good and bad things about that kind of stroller so thought it would be good to get some more opinions.

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answers from Cleveland on

We just welcomed out second child last friday!!! I ended up going with a double stroller that I bought off of craigslist. My sister-n-law and had gone to the zoo in the late fall and I pushed my then only child in the sit and stand stroller with one of her kids and he did not like it at all. He did not want to stand the whole time and when he sat he just got to look at me and that is no fun when your out and about. I would think about your child's personality mostly, like my son loves to see people and look around and if he is standing then he wants to walk. I would go with the double stroller that is my suggestion. Good luck and congrats.

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answers from Columbus on

Hi R.~ Congrats on the upcoming birth of your second child. My two children are 2 yrs and 4 months apart so when we were expecting our second I chose to go with the sit-n-stand stroller as well. I went with the Baby Trend Deluxe Sit-n-Stand Stroller. It came with an extension bar that locked into the sides of the stroller to accomodate pretty much any infant carrier thats on the market. It of course also had the snack tray for when they are older & a parent tray on the handle bar. The infant seat securely latched right on and I didn't have to worry even when he was little. Its the same length as a double stroller, but gives your older child the option of riding while sitting or standing and is easy for them to quickly get off if they choose to walk for a little while. Its been a life saver when we have been at the malls, zoo and many other places. My daughter is very independent and loved the freedom of having choices. I know that Joovy makes a nice sit n stand as well. Its a little more expensive and a little more compact. (The handle bar on it is more straight up than on the Baby Trend...putting the older child more directly under you than w/ the BT in my opinion. The Joovy did not have a parent tray, both have a netted basket underneath for a diaper bag.) As others have said the downside to the sit n stand is that the older child will be facing you when sitting. This hasn't been an issue for my daughter b/c when she wants to see she either stands up or walks.
Take your time and try them out. I know that Babies R Us carried both types when we were shopping around. I'm not sure that they still do, but I also know that Target has started carrying the Baby Trend. After researching shop online to see if you can get a better deal!!! I got mine online from for about $40 less than it would have cost me at babies r us at the time. (that included shipping costs) I just happened to do a search & found the Baby Trend on Ebay new for $89, its [email protected] sit n stand was and is the only stroller that I have used since my youngest was born. He's now almost 20 months. When my daughter, who will be 4 this week choses to use it she still has that option....and when we're shopping and she doesn't want to, its extra baggage space. :)
Also a note about double strollers. In my opinion if your going to go w/ a double stroller I wouldn't get a side by side. Before my youngest was born I was a nanny for another child the same age as my oldest and had a side by side double jogging stroller. I liked it, but it wasn't practical for shopping in some of the stores. Alot of stores such as Childrens Place, Gymboree, etc don't have wide enough isles to get the double side by sides through them. I sold mine when I bought my sit n stand.
Sorry for rambling on & on, but I wanted to try and give you as much info as I could from my personal experiences using both the sit n stand and the double that others have suggested. Hope that this helps in your search!

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answers from Cleveland on

I bought a mcclaren twin traveler double stroller. It is not a sit and stand but a side by side. I love it! It is compact for the car and wonderful for stores. My two monsters are growing out of the double stroller so i wouldn't reccommend to buy something very expensive they are not going to be in it that long. I also found on vacation and different events we were better off taking 2 different strollers. If you'd like I can send you some pics of mine. Good luck!



answers from Dayton on

My children are the complete opposite of Ali's. :) They've fought over who gets the back "seat" forever in the sit and stand stroller we got from Target (I think they only have one kind). We got ours when our youngest was 34 months though and really steady on her feet. Most of the time they sit on the back seat, they don't stand. It's been great when we go to the museums or the zoo because they like to get out to look at things often and then sit again. This stroller allows them to do that without the hassle of stopping, unbuckling, lifting them out, lifting them back in, etc. It's also a lot handier than the wagon we use sometimes since it folds so well. Ours has been to Disney World too and it's been great there as well. Good luck in your decision and with your new baby too!

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