Sit and Stand Double Stroller

Updated on July 10, 2008
A.H. asks from Allen, TX
4 answers

Does anyone use the sit n stand double stroller? I cannot make up my mind if I should get the double stroller or the sit n stand stroller. On the sit n stand did your toddler stay in place or was it a constant battle to get them to stay in that space while moving? Is it safe?
If you use the traditional double, is it bulky and hard to manage?

Thanks Ladies!

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answers from Dallas on

I think if really depends on your particular children. My boys are hyper and my oldest was 21 months old when his middle brother was born and we got the sit and stand and like you asked, we were constatnly chasing him around and he would not stay in it and he would get his feet stuck under it and fall when I was pushing it... we took it back and bought the COMBI side by side double stroller (LOVE IT! COULD NOT LIVE W/O IT) the Combi double stroller (side by side) fits through mall shop doors and really works great. I got mine on EBAY after looking at several in stores to see the one I wanted. I bought a brand new one much less than I would have paid for it in the store.

My oldest is now 5.5 and my middle son is 3.5 and our new son is 21 months so we use it now iwth our 2 youngest and it has really lasted since we have had it now for 3.5 years. it folds up in half then in half again and has a carry strap so it will fit in a small trunk.

A. J



answers from Dallas on

I had the Sit & Stand. My daughter was 2 years and 9 months when my son was born. We used it on outings for the first few months. She did stay in place. She liked to ride in the sitting and standing position. We didn't use the stroller as much as I had expected, she decided she'd rather walk. I had the Joovy. It has NO cup holders and a very small storage basket (if you can call it that) under the Sit & Stand Platform. The basket would not hold our small diaper bag and my daughter had to move out of the way to access it. We really used it only for snacks and miscellaneous. We bought 3 of those cup holders you can attach to strollers (from Babies R Us) and attached them for her and us.

Don't know if this helps or not. I had the same dilema when I was expecting #2, I really wish I hadn't bought the stroller since we didn't use it much.



answers from Dallas on

I have the sit n stand (Baby Trend LX from Target...good price). It has a cup holder unlike the joovy and it has a large storage basket which you can get into from the side. I have it for my 3 yr old boy and 10 week old girl. The sit n stand fits my graco car seat perfectly and my son loves to sit or stand. It's got straps to keep him in. He's never really tried to get out though. I like it because it's not too bulky and my son can get in and out easily if I need him too. I don't have to be lifting him at all. Hope this helps!



answers from Dallas on

I had the Sit and Stand from Baby Trend (Target) and we love it. Our girls were about 26 months a part and it worked out perfectly. My oldest was able to get in and out without lifting and it also fit her perfectly compared to the double stroller which seemed to be small. Yes, it does have a cup holder too.

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