Sit and Stand Double Elite Vs. Baby Trend's Sit and Stand Double Plus?

Updated on February 04, 2010
K.L. asks from San Jose, CA
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Does anyone know the difference between the Sit and Stand Double Elite and the Sit and STand Double Plus? It is just that the Elite has a bit more space or bigger sunshade (that's what I've heard)? Does anyone have any one of these two models that they like? My daughter will be two years old when the new baby arrives. She is in the 95th percentile for height and weight (big girl). Thank you.

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answers from San Francisco on


I'm not sure about the sit and stands, but I have another stroller by Baby Trend and it is terrible!! It is a walking stroller and the front wheel shakes the whole stoller as soon as I get moving at any speed, both of the back tires went flat in 6 months and the handles to colapse the stoller sticks all the time. So my only advice is find one that you can play with to see how it works before you buy.Good luck!!

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From what I can see, the double is about 3 inches longer and 2.5 lbs heavier than the plus. If your daughter is in the 95th percentile then you won't want to put her in the back seat while it's in there. I have the Graco Duoglider and it was great for a while, the infant carrier is closest to you and my son, 2 at the time was in the front seat. Having the weight in the front is hard for manuvering sometimes. My son is also in the 95th percentile and the one we have and the ones you are looking at only go to 40 lbs. My son is to tall and ways over 40 lbs at 3 yrs so I am now looking for something that will handle more weight for the older child. I'm looking at the Joovy's and they will accomodate up to 45 lbs but I haven't found one with the removable seat. I'm sure your daughter will use a regular seat in the beginning. Good luck on your search. I recommendation I have is to test them out at the store. Walmart is cheaper but test it at BabiesRUs, they will have an associate go with you but you can take the stroller/car seat, etc to your car and make sure it's going to fit.

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I have been wavering on these two, too! The only thing I have found a difference with is that the Baby Trend can hold the baby seat (we have a Graco Snugride) in EITHER the front or the back. I have also found a signifigance price difference. I found the Sit n Stand for $189.95 (One Step Ahead catalog with free shipping) and the Baby Trend for $152.99 ( with free shipping). I actually found someone on Craigslist with the Baby Trend for a little less, new in the box. I'm picking it up tomorrow.

I was hoping to hear something on your post before I made my mind up, but I have to jump on the price break. :)

Good luck!

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answers from Hartford on

I would love to know as well. I need a new one! Good luck with the new baby!


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