Sippy Cups That Don't Leak?? - Colleyville,TX

Updated on December 09, 2010
J.A. asks from Colleyville, TX
10 answers

Please tell me what your childs favorite sippy cup is, if you have a great one that does not leak. My daughter loves the nuby sippy cup but it leaks milk all over the place. Is there another brand that has this same type of spout but does not leak? Please send links.
Thank you!

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answers from Dallas on

We love the Gerber Graduate Cups. My boys are hard on cups and these have being get for nearly 3 years now.

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answers from Philadelphia on

We use the Gerber ones. Just make sure close the top until the tab "clicks" and the little tab is on the line they have on the bottom part of the cup. I didn't even realize they had that mechanism until I bought another style cup and actually read the instructions!

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answers from Springfield on

We have had great success with both Gerber and Playtex. They both have lots of fun designs.

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answers from Dallas on

I agree with the ladies that suggested gerber and playtex. Everything else we've ever gotten leaks, but I love both of the other brands.

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answers from Cincinnati on

does your daughter only like the ones with the silicon tops? those leak the most. but if she does the one that we found worked the best (and we tried dozens!) was the walmart brand parent choice ones



answers from Minneapolis on

I tried every brand of sippy cups (or so it seems!) and I definitely suggest Playtex. It is the only brand I buy now and haven't had any problems with leaking...and my kids love to chuck their cups all over the place. :)



answers from Dallas on

I haven't had one that has the same type of spout that didn't leak. I realized my daughter loved the Nuby so much because she was teething and she would chew on it, causing the holes to open up and the leaks to occur. I switched to the Playtex sippys and she hasn't had any problems making the switch. I also got some of the Playtex ones that don't have a spout and she is doing well with those. I hoping that by getting rid of the spout, it will help with the transition to a regular cup.


answers from Provo on

First and foremost there is no such thing as a sippy cup that doesn't leak just a little. How do they leak for you? Is there still liquid in the threads of the cup and lid? Does she not drink all that is in the spout so it then leaks out? I actually like the Playtex cups. My son used to ONLY drink from the nuby but I didn't like them, so I switched to the Playtex and he now loves those ones. They leak much less (only like a couple drops here and there) than the Nuby.



answers from Chicago on

I have had great luck with Playtex sippy cups! All styles seem to work well.

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