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Updated on April 25, 2008
S.K. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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Hello! My son is 7 months old and has used a sippy cup a little, but has a hard time sucking from it. The cups we have are Avent, but we are switching over to BPA-free bottles and cups so we need something new. Any recommendations on brands that are BPA-free and work well for little ones?

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I was just surfing and came across this website that lists all BPA free companies and their products that may or may not be BPA free. It well awesome. It let me now that my sippy cups I bought that were made by Playtex are BPA free. They also DO NOT LEAK and my son loves them. The sippy spout is soft and it has handles. I think they are the beginners sippy cups. He is one year old.
The website is called Z Recommends.

I hope this helpful



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We just made the switch to BPA free products and have found that Born Free is most preferred by toddler and newborn. We love them too!



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Born Free makes great BPA free sippy cups and you can buy them at Babiesrus now. My daughter loves them.



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I purchased the Foogo cups by Thermos and I think they're great. I have the straw ones. They're stainless steel, insulated, and the plastic is polypropylene and silicone. My son is 2, but he's always been able to use a straw. Oh, and they don't leak too.



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The vast majority of Nuby sippy cups are BPA-free. You can research online to verify which ones are. The ones with 2 handles are BPA-free. We had trouble getting my daughter to drink from a sippy cup until we tried Nuby - they're the best for beginners!



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I've compiled a list of safe, plastic-alternative, sippy cups on my parenting blog. I'd recommend the Klean Kanteen if your son is used to the Avent spout already. It's the sippy cup my duaghter uses and she LOVES it and it's easy to grasp and doesn't leak.

Please feel free to see the list here:



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the foogo straw cup is nice but too big for a 7 month old in my opinion. they make a regular type sippy cup that's stainless steel. i got a nuby straw cup which seemed to be the best straw cup for my 8 month old. neither type has caught on with him yet, though.

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