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Updated on May 11, 2011
C.K. asks from Knoxville, TN
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Hi Moms,
I am SO fed up with sippy cups that leak - either through the spout or where the lid screws on to the cup. I have tried both Gerber (and Nuk which is Gerber brand) and Playtex. Does anyone know of a sippy cup that does not leak? Thanks!

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answers from Chicago on

I have pretty good luck with the Playtex kind with the twist and lock lids. One thing I notice though, is that if my son is particularly rough with the cup sometimes the valve comes a little loose inside and that allows some drips to escape. Hope that helps!

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answers from San Diego on

Try The first year. I have the same problem, I try all these different sippy cups that say they are spill proof, and what do you know, they spill or leak. These are the only cups that I have found not to leak. (although I have found two types of cups made by them, one is a normal round cup, which doesn't spill, and then they have another cup that almost has like a triangular shape to it, those sometimes leak. But I buy them at my local grocery store they sell 5 in a pack for a few dollars and I think I have seen them at Target. But they are just a very plain plastic cup, not a real frilly one but they last forever and not a big deal if they get left behind. 2 kids later, and these are the only sippy cups I will buy.



answers from Cincinnati on

believe or not we had the best luck with parents choice (the walmart brand) starters cup



answers from Tampa on

I stopped using sippy cups and went to straw cups. They don't leak and it's easier to transition the child to regular cups because they don't fall into the habit of having to tip their cup all the way up to get something out of it. Straw cups are also great for travel and the straw can be closed which keeps it clean, unlike many sippy cup spouts.



answers from Springfield on

You could try The First Year or Learning Curve. They both sell some that do not have valves, and I haven't had any problems with them.


answers from San Diego on

My daughter figured out how to stick her finger into every single cup we bought and tore the plastic seals on everything.
We bought Tommee Tippee cups at Babies/Toys R Us and they are amazing!
She hasn't destroyed them and we've had them a while now.
I'm trying to clear out all the other ones and will be throwing them into the recycle bin and have bought a bunch of these.



answers from Nashville on

I have the solution for you!!! I too was FED up with leaking cups... Look up Contigo cups - they are for older children, because you have to press a button for an opening to allow liquid to flow. Once the button is depressed, the slot closes... So if it falls in the car on its side, no spills! They are a little more expensive that most cups, but it was worth the extra expense for me. I also liked that it didn't look so cartoony since it was for my older child... Gosh, I sound like a salesman for these cups. HA!



answers from Joplin on

when you find a cup that works, do not wash it in the dishwasher...we have had a variety of sippy cups that were "leak proof" only to have them no longer be leak proof after a few bouts in the dishwasher, hand wash and let them dry in the dish drainer. I think the high temps in the dishwasher warp them or something. We use the no valve kind now, not sure what brand they are, but they work pretty well as long as they are not shook upside down or not totally leak proof.

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