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Updated on August 06, 2008
J.T. asks from Flower Mound, TX
8 answers

Hi Everyone,
I have a 12 month old. I wanted to find out what brand/type of sippy cup worked best in your family.
We have a number of different brands, but each kind seems to have a quirk- drips, leaks, nipple/hole is too easy too pull out.
Let me know what worked for you!

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answers from Dallas on

We love Nuby (and they are BPA free)! We actually use the no-spill straw cup rather than the sippy. My daughter prefers it and it was easier for her to learn to drink from the straw than the sippy. If you want a sippy though, Playtex makes the best no-spill design.

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answers from Dallas on

Well I always had the problem with either them leaking or having my son blow into them and make the little seal pieces pop out and then having a big mess! Trust me, I went through alot of different ones till I found one that worked. When they are younger and need a handle I suggest Advent brand:
For the older ones, I suggest The first years:
I LOVE these cups!!! They have no parts, Just a cup and a lid. No leaking and easy cleaning too.


answers from Dallas on

The best cups I've found and love are the Nascar cups with the car as the lid. I've used every kind of cup there is, and it never leaks! I got them at Baby's R Us. I know they have other characters,, not just Nascar.



answers from Wichita Falls on

I like the soft top Nuby cups. They can still leak, but as long as you don't intentionally poke holes in the top, they last a good while.




answers from Dallas on

My son does well with the Playtex cups. He's rough on them and they don't leak. They're BPA free too.



answers from Dallas on

Oh how I HATE leaking sippy cups-drives me nuts! :) And we have tried them all. The best I have found for no leaks and stoppers that don't fall out when the cup is dropped is the Playtex. They are easy to clean, I take them apart and everything goes in the dishwasher and comes out like new. The Gerber cups have the hard stopper, "leak-proof" thing and if one of the kids dropped it on our tile or hard woods it would pop out of the hole and then the next thing I knew I had drink trails all over the house or car or couch etc. because I didn't know it was leaking. The Avent sippy's would leak if you don't get the lid and the rubber part on just so overall a real pain plus you had 3 seperate lid parts to clean with these. Anyway, sorry for the book but I truly think that Playtex is the best imo. HTH.


answers from Dallas on

I too use the gerber fun grips. They are awesome! I just put them in the dishwasher to clean. They come in packs of 2 for $7, and they always have coupons for $1 off.



answers from Dallas on

gerber: fun grips to start (smaller) color changer for older toddler. The stopper is a pain to clean wash esp w/ milk but they never leak and kiddos can't open them.
put them in dishwasher bottle/nipple basket to clean fully

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