Sippy Cup Issues.

Updated on March 02, 2009
H.M. asks from Columbia, MO
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Hey Mamas!
My 1-year-old understands how to use a sippy cup and can drink just fine from one. Here's the problem: I'm weaning her off the breast now and transitioning her to organic whole milk. She loves the whole milk but I can't get her to drink any more than about a half an ounce out of the sippy at a time. At first, I thought that she just didn't like the milk, but when I tried it in a bottle, she took 15 ounces (two bottles)! So, how do I get her to drink the volume of milk she needs to meet her daily requirements from a sippy? Before I started giving her a bottle again, she'd probably drink 3 or 4 ounces all day long. That's it! The pediatrician says she needs about 21 ounces of milk/dairy each day. I've been using the Nuby cups (with the silicone spouts...she chews on them and the milk goes all over her shirt), the Nuby transition cups (with the different spouts to help her transition...she won't even drink out of the bottle nipple on this cup) and then the Playtex sippies (which she seems to like but doesn't drink much out of).

Any advice on how to get her to drink more? Do you have cups that have worked for you? If you have any insight on how to transition her more easily, that would be helpful too. Oh, by the way, she's not having trouble weaning. I'm following her lead and we're down to one nursing session a day. She's all but lost interest in the breast now.
Thank you!


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answers from Dallas on

Well, this is a tough one, but it will resolve itself before you know it. Drinking milk is not just about calcium etc..but for liquid too..will she drink other things out of a sippy?? Maybe do a combination of milk (even flavoring it some helps make it more desirable..then you can out less and less of the flavor until she will drink only milk.) and then other beverages along with adding more yogurt or cheese for the nutrients. I also like the gerber soft spout the best, and have conflicting reports about using straw cups!! My ped. suggested that using a straw too much could narrow the palat (sp??) because sucking creates a vaccuum in your mouth, so the narrower the thing you are sucking on, the smaller your mouth might end up. I dont know..every professional says something different!! Just find what works for now, and then maybe as time goes by, use different things for different occasions. It really wont take her long to figure this out though, I can promise you that!! ~A.~

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answers from Abilene on

We went through this too! What we ended up doing is using one kind of cup for milk and another kind for water and juice. We used nuby cups w/the silicone spout for milk and the gerber sip and smile cups (the ones with the soft spout and two handles) for water/juice. Although we never had the bottle problem (in that way) because my guy totally refused the bottle altogether, we definately had trouble when it came to drinking milk (of any sort) out of a sippy. He would drink water or juice fine out of a sippy all day, but try to give him milk and you should have seen his face :) It was like he was saying "yuck, milk is not supposed to come out of there!" However, I will reiterate what the other moms say...just stick with it and be consistant. It will be fine before you know it.



answers from Dallas on

My daughter has had milk in a Playtex Insulator Sport Straw Cup since switching from bottled breast milk. To help with the transition, I drank from another straw cup when I offered my daughter hers. She likes to do what mommy's doing. It was a little messy at first because it took her a little time to get used to the faster flow, so we used a bib until she really got the hang of it. Also, although it too is messy at first, you could try a small cup without a lid.



answers from Dallas on

I nursed all 3 of my kids and they were not big fans of regular milk. Most of the time, they wouldn't drink any for days. I just substituted lots of yogurt and cheese. Also, mine were not interested in most sippie cups. They liked the kind with straws instead. Side note: I have one child with a speech impairment. His speech therapists told me that sippie cups make their mouth do things that makes it harder for them to form certain sounds, and that sucking through a straw helps the mouth form the correct sound. In their opinion, no binkies or spout-type sippies. Good luck on your search.


answers from Dallas on

When my son turned 1 and I weaned him off breastmilk, he would not drink milk from a sippy. He drank juice and water just fine, but not the milk. I tried every kind of cup, I tried refusing him a bottle, even milk from a regular cup with no lid, everything I could think of. It took him several months, but he finally started drinking milk from a sippy. I know everyone says you shouldn't give them a bottle, but I was more concerned about him getting the milk than not getting it at all. I just stayed persistant, and once he started drinking more than a couple of sips, I replaced his morning bottle with a cup, then his lunch, etc. My son will not drink whole milk, so I supplement nutrients by adding extra cheese, yogurt, and other dairy each day. That was part of his problem I think. Just don't give up! And you may have to try many different tricks before finding one that works. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

We went through the same issue with our son. Th eNuby cup did not work for us either...we had the same exact issues. We went through several sippy cups and spent too much money until we found one he liked and could easily was the Gerber soft tip. But for our daughter I am going to try the straw ones like the previous poster suggested. Our son drooled an excessive amount and I was told a straw cup may help develop those muscles needed to stop this (he was almost three and still drooling enough to soak his shirt). Got rid of every sippy cup in the house and replaced them with straw cups. The problem was solved completely in about a month.

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