Sippy Cup and Diaper Questions

Updated on April 21, 2008
M. asks from Dallas, TX
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I guess I am confused about switching to a sippy cup. I am working with my 9 month old to use a sippy cup, but I have only been giving her water or a little juice. Am I suppossed to be replacing her bottles of formula with formula in a sippy cup?

Also recently my baby has been drinking a lot more in the evening, and she has been waking up in the morning with a super wet diaper which has been leaking on to her pjs. I thought about putting her in the next size diaper at night, but wonder if that will leak too if it is too big? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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So What Happened?

Thank you for the great advice! I did not realize that the next size up diaper had such an overlap with the weight with the size she is in. So I bought the next size up in the night time diaper and it has worked great. No leaky diapers since!!

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Ryan was formula/bottle fed from the beginning. I didn't transition to a sippy until he was about a year old, when I did, I gave him his bottle with whole milk for about a week, then just used the sippy with milk from then on. He had no problems transitioning. I have a friend whose son wouldn't take a bottle, went straight from breastfeeding to a sippy! He was taking formula in the sippy with no problems either. You might have to try a couple of different types of sippys until she finds one she likes.

I have been through every solution for leaky night diapers. I was changing a wet bed in the middle of the night A LOT. I have tried night diapers (waste of money) diper inserts (I was having to use 2 at a time) and finally discovered what works for us. I use one size bigger diaper with a bladder control pad in it. I feel strange buying a huge package of bladder control - maximum protection - supersize pads (LOL) but hey it works. The bigger diaper is just at night to compensate for the extra bulk from the pad.

I don't know what brand of diapers you use, but I've found that Pampers are more stretchy than Huggies which is helpful to cover everything and get them fastened tightly. We used Huggies in the beginning but have switched to Pampers because they seem to work better.

Good luck!! I know what it's like to be up in the middle of the night changing wet sheets and doing lots of laundry. Yuck!

~ t

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My "sippy cup" education is to slowly introduce it with an ounce or two of water or diluted juice, never give them one for their actuall feeding. I would however talk to your pedi about it ... I think there was a thread on this earlier in the week too you may want to look up what the other mothers had to say.



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My son was a little slow with learning to use his sippy. He didn't really take to it till about 13 months. From about 7 months we started letting him have it with some juice or milk during snavk times. He didn't really start even taking anything from it till about 10 months and even then it was very little. At 12 months we offered all liquids at all meals in his sippy and would only go to the bottle if he really needed to drink and wouldn't use his sippy. I think after a month of that he finally just decided to go ahead and drink from the sippy! As for diapers, we use Huggies Overnights that are 1 size up from his day diapers. So we use size 4 by day and Overnights size 5 at night. We have been doing this from about 5 months of age. Our son is definitely a "PM Pee-er!"



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I guess I am different. I did switch her to the next size up diapers for night. We started this when she was in 2's and would put 3's on at night. Now we are in 4's during the day and the fit great. However, 5's seem a little big, but the do hold it in during the night-time super wetness. I am amazed at how much those diapers can hold. You can always try it (you will need to probably buy the next size up diapers eventually anyway). The worst that happens is that she leaks again.

I did the same with the sippy cup at meal time with water or juice. At around 11 months she started not responding well to the bottle with formula. I started mixing it with milk & formula in the sippy cup. She got to where she only wanted to bottle just before bed. It is amazing how they just kind of decide for themselves that they are "too old" for a bottle. These are smart little creatures we have running around our houses. :)

Good luck and enjoy every minute, they grow so fast!

S. P.



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I can speak to the diaper questions.
There are little diaper inserts that you can put into your babies diaper to help with the nighttime wettness. They are called diaper doublers.. they look like a maxi pad...but they are wonderful. I do not put my kids to bed without them.

I can only find them at tom thumb stores in the diaper section..but I think you can get them at babies are us.

They are awesome!

Hope this helps



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Putting her in the next size up will probably leak more. They make night time diapers, but I don't know how much more effective they would be. My kids went through this & I bought plastic pants that go over cloth diapers & that worked real well.



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We did the sippy with whole milk... as we introduced it. So that the milk and sippy cup were both introduced slowly. I nursed, so we didn't do the bottle thing, but by the time I weaned him at one year, he was drinking milk from a sippy cup easily, so I felt good about waening him.



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I do things my own way, but I feel every parent should do what they think is best.

I give my 13 month old (& have been since she was about 9 or 10 months) a bottle of milk 1st thing in the am & right before bed. During the day she only uses sippy cups (water or juice)w/her meal & snacks.

I too have the super wet diapers in the am, but I find that if I can feed her a larger dinner then she will only take a couple of ounces of her milk in the p.m. & she doesn't have near as wet of a diaper next am.



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yes, switch 100% to sippy. And mine does that too....he will drink 2-3 sippys of milk at dinner and wake up with a leak or FULL diaper. I try and make sure to change him before I put him to bed...or you could stick one of your night time pads in the middle of the diaper. That works, they also sell inserts at the store in baby section. Cheaper to use your pads!! Good Luck!! We take alot of baths!!!

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