Single Mom with Full Time Job 8-5 Looking for Part-time 3 Days a Week to Survive

Updated on October 22, 2008
A.S. asks from Auburn, WA
4 answers

I am barely making it with my two children and need to keep my 8-5 job with benefits. I need a way to make some extra cash without neglecting my children. I could work two evenings a week and a Saturdays or Sunday. I'm not really interested in a restaurant or bar. It would be the easy way but I don't drink anymore and I'm an alcholic and don't want to get pulled into that scene and take any chances. Any ideas on something flexible that would generate any money? I applied to cook and clean for a woman that just had a baby and am suppose to hear from her tonight. Maybe it will work out and if not I need some ideas.....

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answers from Portland on

Hello A. -

If you are willing to work from your home, I would suggest to you supplementing your income this way for a few reasons. One is you are with your children, two is tax benefits, as much income as you wish to earn with residucal income too. This is something you can do directly from your computer and phone. If this sounds like something you want to look into, let me know - W.

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answers from Seattle on

So what type of thing would you like to find? I too work from home and adore what I do, but it may not be something you'd be interested in.

Are you more interested in a "job" or are you open to finding something that's going to be a good fit for you and your children.

Do you have a degree? Are there any subjects you're really good in? If you have a degree you could look at teaching college classes at the community college level online. This way you could work at any school in the country from home with your children with you. You could look into tutoring as well. Make contacts with high school guidance counselors and teachers in the subjects you're really good at and ask them to refer students to you. I've a friend doing this in Texas where the cost of living is much cheaper and she's making $25/hr.

If you're looking for a "job" and can gauarantee some quiet hours you could provide customer service support for catalog businesses from home. They route calls to you and you take the call and process it. You can find out more about this at but make sure you click on the "job" button or your phone will be ringing off the hook.

I have a WAH biz. I work around my ~5y/o virtual twins. I work a few hours each day (some a.m., noon, pm) and I have reliable risk free income coming in every month. I work with moms who work f/t, p/t, and are at home f/t. There's flexibility so everyone can make it what they "need" or "want" it to be, which really helps keep the stress level down as there's no 'keeping up with the Joneses' involved.

I hope that helps!
C.-WAHM to ~5 y/o virtual twins


answers from Seattle on

You could evening babysit or nanny. Some people have second shift jobs and need people in the evening. Look on Craigslist, under childcare.
Good Luck, I know it's hard in these crappy economic times. L.



answers from Louisville on

Arpil, I know this may not be the option for you, but take a look at I have a full time job as a nurse, with three kids and work my Arbonne business on the weekends and evenings. It has given me about 200-250 a month more in income just from working those few days a week. I was making 1500 before we moved here from Texas, and once I build back up to that level, it will double. It's like a pyramid, but so are corporations. Everything that you do and your team partners do pay you each month. It's been a blessing to my mother and cousin who both make 3000, and 10,000 each month. My cousin is the one with 10,000 a month and 6 children. She gets to spend more time with her family than she ever dreamed. Let me know if you have any questions. Arbonne can work for you in so many ways, short term and long term. Best of luck and hang in there.

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