Single Mom in OKC Has 15 Yr Old Now Pregnant

Updated on September 22, 2006
L.W. asks from Oklahoma City, OK
5 answers

Info on resources - navigating the medicaid/WIC/healthcare maze; schooling options

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That site has a listing of all the programs offered by DHS and locations of DHS offices in oklahoma county. You can even get applications for some services online. They can help with medical for your daughter and even with trying to collect child support from the 18 year old living in Colorado. I don't know where you are located but they do have an office right near 50th and suggestion avoid the 23rd office if you can.

WIC is through the health department, they have a really nice office in edmond and allot of other resources for young parents.

There are several alternative schools in OKC
I don't know which ones are geared toward teens with children but you can get the contact info from there.

Good luck with everything, I know this must be a sad but joyful time right now. My sister got pregnant when she was only thirteen and my mother became a mother again for awhile...we all pitched in as a family to help her out. My sister had a very hard time giving up her friends and social life. Its so hard being a young mother but a good support system can really help.

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Hope Pregnancy Center ###-###-####, Christian Services ###-###-#### These are some places that could help her The Hope pregnancy center is where my friend went and they also do ultrasounds and other things, they have a clothing program.



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I don't have any tips on resources but I also got pregnant 2 weeks after I turned 16 so I have been there. I lived in Enid however so do not know the ropes as far as WIC here. My parents got me on medicaid and it paid for everything. I kept my son-who is now 5 and kicking!! I don't regret my choice in any way and I would explore all the options. It was hard in the beginning and you know your daughter well enough to know if she can handle it. Does she have plans for college or anything like that?? If you have any questions or your daughter would like to talk to me about how it impacted my life...feel free to message me. I would love to offer any advice and support in any way!!



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Infant Crisis Center is a great place to start. Medicaid is a pain, but worth the effort if you can't get her on your employee benefits plan. And in some cases Medicaid covers better than private/employer sponsored insurance plans.

Straight up, you both are facing an uphill challenge for sure. I'm pretty new to this group (joined today) but it looks like you're getting some pretty solid advice.

Here is some advice I haven't seen yet. YOU need to take great care of yourself!!!! This is a seriously stressful thing for you to go through. Not to mention the other stuff we 44/45 year old beautiful women like ourselves have to deal with. You too need to eat, sleep, exercise, meditate (or what ever it is you do to connect to your "center") to help support you and your daughter. Now go take a bubble bath! :)

I hope you'll keep us up-to-date on how you and your daughter are doing.



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The infant crisis center in okc-on N. Rockwell between N.W. 50th and Wilshire. As for schooling, she can (legally) go anywhere, but if you wish for her to have some sense of privacy she can look into Emerson Alternative H.S. in OKC. Are you planning on her keeping the baby or is adoption a possible option? WIC is the easiest to manage of all assistance. There is no financial cap unless she herself makes over $40,000 a year. I don't know where you live, I live on the NW side of town. There is a WIC office on 50th and MacAuthur and I know the Edmond location is off of Danforth and Broadway. You just call the office and make an appointment. They weigh her every trimester and prick her finger to test the level of iron in her blood. The first appointment can take a couple of hours but it is mostly questions about her diet. They then give her vouchers for basic staples like dry beans (protein) cheese and milk (calcium) and vegetable juice (vitamins and minerals). Just the basics mind you.
Medicaid is a nightmare, but you have to remember it is free medical care. You might check with your own insurance company and see if they will cover anything since she is your minor child living with you. It is of course a little more expensive, but if you don't want the hassle it might be worth it. I know she would be able to deliver at a good hospital, don't let them push you into delivering at OU medical center. They will try and talk you into it. Several medicaid mothers I know have delivered at MidWest City Renessaince (sp?) hospital for women. (The Edmond one was so nice!) If you would like to contact me for more info, let me know. My husband and I were laid off from the same company and a week later I found out I was pregnant. I was on medicaid for four months while my husband got another job and waited the 90 days for insurance to kick in. Are you involved in a church? That is another good source of emotional support. The infant crisis center can help you get everything from maternity clothes to baby furniture and diapers, etc. if you decide on keeping the baby. If adoption is an option there are many parents willing to have an open adoption (where she would have the opportunity to choose the parents, have pictures and letters from the child and adoptive parents and possibly visits also. There are soooo many parents looking to adopt infants!) My sister was 15 when she got pregnant and she opted to keep the baby. It was VERY difficult for her and her mother (my stepmom) is really the one who ended up raising the baby. You have to think about that too. Anyway, I'm rambling. Your story just touched my heart and I want to help any way I can. Please contact me for any more info.

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