Simple, Inexpensive Spanish Rice Recipe Needed

Updated on May 07, 2010
A.J. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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I am looking for a simple, tasty, easy and inexpensive to make, recipe for Spanish rice. I need to make enough to feed roughly 100 people. Do any of you have a recipe you'd be willing to share? Thanks!

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answers from St. Cloud on

For my family (6, 2 are children 2 and 6) I brown 1/2 lb. of bacon diced up in a skelet. I then add 1 jar of home canned ( #16 can) tomatoes diced up, a 12-16 oz. can of tomatoe sauce and approximately 4-6 cups of cooked rice. There is always left over, so I guess you would probably have to multiple this by at least 12 to cover 100 people. Also, I add salt and pepper. Good luck, A..
PS: Try Taste of they have a lot of large gathering recipes.

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answers from Chicago on

I use this recipe from I don't know how authentic it is, but my family loves it and it is cheap:

I make the recipe pretty much as stated, but add some extra seasoning to taste and also a can of chopped green chiles. If you don't end up finding a recipe you like--consider calling around to the mexican places by your house. You can probably get a whole tray of spanish rice pretty reasonable---and no work for you!

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answers from Austin on

Spoke with my mom, she says she has made this with 4x the ingredients and it came out great..

This is our family recipe.. I am trying to contact my mom about making it in a larger batch.. Rice is tricky.. I will update..
To make arroz con pollo, you can add 2 cups of cooked chicken to this recipe when you add the liquid..

Mexican Rice Recipe

1 C. Long grain rice
2 TBLs. Oil (I use peanut, but olive oil is also fine)
1/2 Onion
1 Crushed Garlic clove (I place the whole clove in and then remove after cooking)
1/2 tsp Ground Cumin
1 TBLs Cilantro
¼ tsp Black Pepper
1 Can whole tomatoes, crushed with liquid
2 Cups Chicken broth or water

Fry the rice till golden brown (this is important for the flavor). Stir constantly. Be careful once it starts browning, it will burn quick.

Once the rice is golden, add all remaining ingredients
(be careful it will cause a big steam cloud)
once this mixture begins to boil, cover skillet and turn heat to simmer/low. Cook 18 minutes. DO NOT PICK UP THE LID during this cooking time.

This recipe can easily be doubled.
The garlic, cilantro, cumin and black pepper can be added to your taste.

This recipe will serve 8 single servings.
You can easily double this recipe. I have never tried to make this in a larger batch. Rice can be tricky in large batches.

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answers from Appleton on

Spanish as in Spain or Spanish as in Mexican? If from Spain I would try; I love it. Usually they have awesome recipes with very basic staple items and they come out really good. If what you want is Mexican rice (red/orange like the one from the Mexican restaurants) do the following: (this is for about 8 people). Heat 2 tbsp oil in large pot. Add white long grain rice and fry until it cooks a little; don't let it get brown. Add 1/2 large chopped onion. Cook for a about 1 1/2 more minutes or until onion looks translucid. Then add about 2 cloves of minced garlic. Cook for no more than 1 minute. Add half a cup to 3/4 cups of tomato puree. Now tomato puree is best than tomato sauce since it's less acidic - gives it a better flavor. Cook the whole mix for a little more (about 1-2 more minutes). Add 2 cups of chicken broth. Bring to boil and then lower the heat. Cover (don't peek) and simmer for about 20 minutes. When it's almost done, like 5 minutes before it's done you can add some diced carrots and peas and voila! Make sure you don't stir a lot or you will have rice puree. Now this yields for about 6-8 people, you need to re-calculate the ingredients to the proportions for a 100 people . Good luck! BTW, I'm Mexican and this is a family recipe.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I got one! If you go to Cub Foods in the Mexican section there are bottle of 'Bolner's Fiesta Brand Extra Fancy Spanish Rice Seasoning' and on the side of the bottle, there is a super easy and yummy recipe.

1 Tablespoon cooking oil
1 Cup uncooked rice
1 7oz can of Tomato Sauce
1 Tablespoon Bolner's Fiesta Brand Extra Fancy Spanish Rice Seasoning
2 Cups of Water

Heat oil in a pan with a tight fitting lid. Add the rice and fry it until it starts to turn brown. Stir in tomato sauce, Spanish Rice Seasoning and water and bring to a boil. Cover with a tight fitting lid and simmer on low heat 15-20 minutes until the water is absorbed. Serves 6-8

Suggested Serving: Garnish with cilantro or green bell peppers

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answers from Minneapolis on

I cup White rice
small can tomato sauce
1 cube chicken buillion/ large one
onion chopped about 1/2 of one
1-2 tbsp of oil to coat the pot
2 cups water

Fry the rice with oil and onion till golden brown Stir constantly. Be careful once it starts browning, it will burn quick.

Once the rice is golden, add all remaining ingredients
(be careful it will cause a big steam cloud)
once this mixture begins to boil, cover skillet and turn heat to simmer/low. Cook 15 minutes. You can check it and stir once or twice

This recipe can easily be doubled.

Thats it- This recipe everyone loves - a true hispanic rice!!



answers from Minneapolis on

Mine's probably not as tasty, but it's SUPER simple and my family loves it...

Browned Ground beef - (we like more meat, so I use 1.5-3 lbs)
4 cups uncooked Minute Rice
2 cans Rotel Diced Tomatoes and Chiles

Boil the 4 cups water for the rice. Add beef, rice, and Rotel (not drained) and cook as if it were just the rice.

Voila! Spanish rice. :)

(You'll have to adjust for 100...this feeds 2 adults and 2 elementary boys as a main meal.)



answers from New York on

Im not sure of the exact measurements for the rice...I have a big steel pot that I use and kind of just eye it...
1 can of pigeon peas
1 container of sofrito (I use the frozen Goya brand)
sazon ( I usually use about 4 packets)
olives are optional

Depending on how many batches you are going to make I would do 1 can of pigeon peas and 1 container of sofrito per batch should feed about 6-10 people depending on portion size!!

I take the pot....completely cover the bottom with the rice.....pour water over the rice just enough to cover it...add a couple of splash's of oil, all the other ingrediants and put the lid on....bring to a boil...once it has boiled you can turn it down to low until the rice is cooked....I dont stir mine until the very end...
If you need any more specific instructions feel free to ask...sorry I cant be more help with my measurements...I gave up measuring over the years!! LOL
Meg :)


answers from Phoenix on has recipes for big crowds including spanish rice. good luck!



answers from Milwaukee on

I have had Spanish rice recently and when I asked my sis-in-law how she made it she told me it was regular white rice with taco seasoning. It was very good that if she hadn't told me, I would have thought it came from a box mix.



answers from Minneapolis on

I just make white rice and add in a packet of saxon/ sazon (sp?). If you can't find it at Cub or Rainbow, you should be able to find it at a mexican mercado. Then I just add in a can of drained diced tomatoes. I usually make 1 1/2 cups dry rice, so maybe 4 packets per 5 lb bag of rice?



answers from Des Moines on

my mom always just did tomato juice, rice and ground beef, sometimes with a little mild chili powder in it too. always gave us some shredded cheddar cheese on the side if we wanted cheese on it too.