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Updated on July 25, 2018
B.F. asks from Bear, DE
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Does anyone know of any websites that are primarily for married couples? Sometimes I kind of want to ask around about something that involves couples. I have hunted around, but all I've found were ones that try to suck you into counseling--for a fee. Or else they were so confusing that to post anything makes you wonder if you sound more like an alien. I want one similar to this one. I've looked under "support groups for married couples"--stuff like that. Sometimes a church one will come up, but eventually it's usually about making an appointment with someone there. While I wouldn't mind feedback coming from a church-goer, I don't want to meet anybody in person, video/cyber, etc. Not even over the phone. Just by post. Know what I mean?

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answers from Portland on

I don't know of one. I went to counseling early on in our marriage to get help with a specific issue (not really marriage related - more to do with something my husband was dealing with) and it was super helpful. We only went to a couple of sessions, but it gave us the platform I guess you could say to get stuff out there. I had never really done counseling before that (didn't get the point) but it's just a 'safe' place to be heard. You have to talk and can't talk about work, other people, kids, etc. It's where you air your grievances and don't worry they will cut you off or be hurt. It's about expressing how you feel and the counselor validates you and your partner hears you. The counselor's job (I think) is to just help the other person see where you are coming from. They don't try to convince them you're right - just to get you each to see how you both are feeling. Then you kind of are both on same page.

We kind of use that same model (of communication) still. So I am thankful we went through that 'blip' early on that made us go in the first place. It was good for that alone.

We get some pretty good questions on here about married life. Some moms on here have been married a long while and have pretty awesome marriages - ups and downs and a few moms have been through divorce and have learned a lot by going through that. Wise stuff.

You can ask away - I bet people on here could answer some questions for you :) remember, even if people's tone is a bit different than friends, moms mean well.

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answers from New York on

I know that you've asked some marital questions on this site, and I think - as Margie says - that you could certainly continue to do that. Helping your relationship can help your parenting, it all sort of "goes together".

But, posters here might not be up for detailed sex discussions (like your question about "release" a few months ago, might not have gotten the responses you were hoping for). For specific sex/intimacy questions, I would imagine that there must be lots of sex advice websites on the internet!!

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answers from Norfolk on

Try Googling "free online marriage support groups".

One problem with doing things completely online and meeting no one is that people are not always who they say they are online.
No site wants to get trolled.
No site wants to provide help for made up situations, ridiculous nonsense, Jerry Springer guest wanna-bes.
Meeting people screens out that sort of thing.

It generally is true - you get what you pay for.
Real therapists need to make a living so they charge a fee for their services.
They went to school, earned the degree and they have bills to pay just like everyone else.
So if you are having some serious problems - isn't your marriage worth spending some money to get some qualified help in fixing it?
In a pinch - talk to a womens shelter - they can point you to some affordable counseling.
Good luck.

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answers from Boston on

I have found that a lot of online message board type groups that used to be really busy years ago have gone quiet with the advent of social media like Facebook. iVillage used to have groups for just about any and everything. I think that Yahoo still has some decent sized groups that get traffic. Talk About Marriage is another chat forum for marriage questions but it seems that everyone there has a cheating spouse so you might have to wade through a lot of other people's misery there.

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