Similac RS RTF Vs. Powder

Updated on April 29, 2009
R.T. asks from Orlando, FL
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My 5 month old son has been on Similac Sensitive RS which up until a couple of weeks ago only came in the Ready to Feed form. They just released their powder version and we are having alot of trouble with it. It clogs up the nipple and I am assuming this is from the thickness from the rice starch. He is using Advent bottles and I made a larger hole in one of the nipples but the flow is too fast for him and he is rejecting that as well. I would just stick to the ready to feed version except we are going to be traveling on a plane in two weeks and I don't want to have to bring so many of the ready to feed bottles with us because they are so heavy and we then have to worry about refrigerating the open formula container and warming his bottles.

Is anyone else having this issue? Should I just use the regular similac sensitive powder, without the rice starch, for the weekend we are out of town? That doesn't seem to clog the nipple...

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answers from Orlando on

Hi R. - I had the same problem with the regular Similac Sensitive. When I would try and mix it in the bottle it would clog the nipple so a friend recommended that I mix it in a larger shaker bottle then transfer it to the bottle. I used a 16 oz. Tupperware to do the mixing then just poured it in the bottle and didn’t have any issues. It was a different consistency then the RTF and my daughter rejected it at first, but I started to wean her off the ready to feed by subtracting 1 oz of her RTF bottle and adding 1 oz of the powder mix. It worked and by day 6 she was totally on the powder. Hope this helps.

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answers from Boca Raton on

Hi - be cautious when using a faster flow nipple...we gave our DD an ear infection that way becuase the milk was rolling too fast for her. I agree - powder is the way to go for travel. we had to flick the nipple with the powder all the time too and had better results with more vigerious shaking. Have a great trip :-)


answers from Fort Walton Beach on

I don't know about the Similac Sensitive RS... but this might be an option for you. Have you thought of having a case or a couple of cans delivered to where ever you are traveling?

Might be an option.

Good luck



answers from Orlando on

I had this problem with the Enfamil sensitive formula - it just didn't mix right for me even when I used hot water. Enfamil does make a small (2oz) plastic bottle with a screw top for the ready to feed formula if you're worried about opening a big can - maybe Similac does the same? Warning: the small bottles are EXPENSIVE!



answers from Miami on

I used to use a spoon to stir in the formula instead of just shaking the bottle. If after doing that you still have clumps press the clumps against the bottle with the spoon to dissolve it.



answers from Miami on

It's been years since I've travelled on a plane so I know that there are many rules and regulations in place regarding what you can and cannot bring on the plane. Are you allowed to bring a very small cooler on the plane for his formula? You know what coolers I am talking about?? I've seen them at my local CVS and they have a "handle" attached to the lid that is attached to the cooler. Perhaps that is how you can transport the formula and as far as heating up the bottles, I'm assuming you'd have to inquire, but how hard would it be for a flight attendent to heat up a cup of water for you to set his bottle in until it's warm enough to drink. Another option, perhaps would be to line his diaper bag with those cooler packs to keep his formula cold.



answers from Orlando on

Hi R.:

My daughter used the same formula same bottles and had the same issue. What I did was I got the next flow of nipples. I started to work my way up now we have reached the number 4 flow. The other thing I did was make the formula 5 - 15 minutes before it was feeding time this gave the powder time to disolve in the water. I would try this for a while before giving up on the powder which is more economical. Hope this helps.


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