Similac Alimentum Spit up Issue

Updated on January 17, 2012
L.S. asks from Sterling Heights, MI
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I have tried 5 formulas now for my 2 1/2 month old son. Started with Enfamil Newborn, which made him gassy and constipated, then went to gentleease, which still made him gassy m constipated, Our Dr then switched us to Prosobee and told us he had milk intolerance and reflux. After about a three days he had a reacton to the soy and was pooping 10 times a day and was spitting up. We went back to the Dr and they put him on Nutramagen(super expensive, we tried this for a week, and it didnt help with pooping or spitting up, so we are now on Alimentum. We started out with the ready to feed, which made him regular, but he spit up all the time. Two days ago we switched to the powder Alimentum and it seems to be working a little better. He is regular, however is still spittng up to 2 hrs after eating. Has anyone else had similar issues? I feel like we are out of options with formula and our dr doesnt seem to be really helpful.

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So What Happened?

We are currently using Dr Brown bottles, and yes warming formula also. He is gaining weght however slowly, only in the 20% currenty(10lb 9oz).

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answers from Dallas on

My daughter was on the same formula from 2 months until over a year. Even with that she was still constipated but it helped. Im thinking maybe you need to give it more time? His little tummy has had a lot to take on in his short life so maybe it needs adjustment time. That stuff us so gross and smells awful. My pedi said I could put a drop if karo in it to help but it was still gross! My daughter ate it though! The cost is ridiculous (4 yrs ago it was 26$ a can) so I told my pedi anytime they got samples in to please let me know so that helped a little. Give it a little longer and if it doesn't get better I would request a gastro referral. Good luck mama!

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answers from Cleveland on

a couple questions, are you warming your milk up, what type of bottle are you using? my daughter was on it and was still spitting up and i switched to the soothie bottles, a little expenisve BUT WELL WORTH it, spitting up almost completely stopped and we also warmed her milk up AND ONLY used regular bottled water.

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Is he spitting up so much that he isn't gaining weight? My daughter, mostly breastfed, spit up all the time. We never were without a spit-up rag in hand for the first 9 months. It didn't seem like she could be keeping anything down but she kept growing and gaining weight. If he's not gaining weight, then the spitting up is a problem of course, otherwise, buy 2 dozen cloth diapers to use as spit-up rags.

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answers from San Antonio on

Your story sounds exactly like mine with our daughter. We discovered she was allergic to my breastmilk, so then we went through the same series of formulas that you did. It will get better. Our daughter stayed small, she still is (only 21 lbs at 2 years, 4 months), and real food became the blessing for her once she could get started on solids. We had to use the powder, and, although expensive, it was worth every penny to see her get some relief.
We did wind up switching bottles after about a month to the Playtex Vent Air - they just seemed to work better for her (my son had used Dr. Brown's).
Good luck and hang in there!!!



answers from Louisville on

with all the stories about babies and spit up issues - I'm really wondering if it's partly due to all this powdered stuff!?? I just didn't have these issues with my three - and I used concentrated premix -- oh, and also warmed all bottles!



answers from Detroit on

I would try similac spit up after this donot switch this is whats going on your dr. is trying all these formula you keep switching him hes not on them long enough to know if he can except themor not your messing with his belly. It take up to a month on it continuesly to see if it works right. Now that thats said. Babies most very slim amount are born that this is not true on. But babies are born with a undeveloped valve. In your stomach at the end of the esophagus tube is a flap that opens and closes when you eat and are done eating well in most babies there valve is not completely grown till there 6 to 8 months old. So when they feed they need to be in a situp position to feed and need to stay that way for a good 20 mins to an hr after eating. I had 5 out of 6 with this valve. I had three with high acid reflux. So try the similac spitup is the best. Try it for a month see how he does. It may take twomonths because his stomachs been messed with with all the formula changes. Be patient!! Good Luck!!



answers from Detroit on

It might not be too late to bring your breastmilk back. You might contact Le Leche League or a lactation consultant to see how you might go about that. It might be well worth a try. Breastmilk is digested much more easily. My #1 daughter wouldn't latch on to breastfeed. I pumped for 8 weeks and gave it to her in a bottle...worked great, no tummy issues at all. The pumping got to be so overwhelming so I stopped :(. When I switched to formula I had all kinds of tummy issues. Just a thought.



answers from Detroit on

some babies just spit up, is he gaining weight? If so if you have tried all the different formulas and he still spit up he just might be a baby that spits up. I lucked out my three didnt spit up but my nephew and my cousins 3 babies spit up all the time. If you continue the Alimentum let me know I live in oxford and have a can from my daughter that is BRAND new you can have its exspensive as you know and I do not want it to get wasted.

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