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Updated on November 04, 2012
R.R. asks from Oberlin, OH
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My son is now 6 weeks old. He has been on Alimentum since he was about 3 weeks old. His doctor never really explained anything about it to me, she just said that's what she'd like him to be on after I brought him in complaining about him projectile vomiting a few times. She never tested anything. She keeps tellling me to keep him on this Alimentum. My son hardly sleeps, maybe an hour or so per night/day, not even car rides put him out. He doesn't fuss or anything, he just simply won't sleep. He also constantly eats. He's eating 6 ounces every hour-hour and a half. What am I to do? Would trying to put a tad bit of rice in his milk be a bad idea? I'm a new mom, a young new mom, and I know absolutely nothing about babies. Please, any advice is greatly appreciated.

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So What Happened?

After reading everyone's responses, I went ahead and called the doctor and demanded an explanation. She said he's on Alimentum for colic, not for a food allergy. She said absolutely not to the rice cereal. She also said she doesn't recommend switching his formula. I guess now I'm confused on why he can't be on a more filling formula. I informed her that we are going to start looking for a new doctor, because she doesn't seem to answer my questions, she almost seems to "beat around the bush".

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answers from Cleveland on

I had to put cereal in my daughters bottles when she was on alimentum and i warmed them up and she went back to eating 3oz every 3 hrs she was the sane way, not fussy or anything just always wanted to eat

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answers from Albuquerque on

Your son has reflux, and he needs more than Alimentum. Please go back to the doctor and ask if your son should be on reflux medicines (Zantac is one, but better medicines are Prilosec or Prevacid). Is he still throwing up?

Don't put rice in his bottle. It sounds like a good idea, but it's not what he needs right now and it could cause digestive problems because his system isn't ready for it. He's not eating a lot because he's hungry. He's eating a lot because he's in pain. Babies with reflux sometimes eat frequently because drinking the milk/formula soothes the burn in their throat. To help your son get better (and to get him to sleep more!), keep him upright for at least 30 minutes after every bottle. And raise the head of his crib. Stick a pillow or some books under one end of his crib mattress. This will help him sleep with his stomach lower than his mouth and the acid from the reflux won't come back up as easily.

Reflux stinks, but with a few lifestyle adjustments (raising the bed, keeping him upright) and maybe some medicine, he should be just fine. If you need more suggestions or someone to complain to about this - don't hesitate to PM me. One of my twin girls had awful reflux as a baby, and she still has it as a five year old. I feel like I've tried every possible reflux remedy and I'm happy to share what worked for us and what didn't.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Babies stomachs are not made to have cereal until they are about 6 months old. Giving him cereal will not only give him gas from the decomposing food that is not being processed and moved out of his stomach it could also, when it does finally go out of the stomach into the intestines, constipate him horribly.

Alimentum is a very very very good formula that is extremely good for babies that are having reflux like symptoms. This formula is gentle on his stomach.

I don't understand what your issue with it is. Is your baby gaining weight? Is he full after the bottle? If he's thriving the issue is not with the formula, it may be something else.

He is eating way too much. That is the most common thing that mom's do that makes the projectile vomiting happen. The tummy can only hold so much fluid then it has to go somewhere.

He needs to suck so give him a binky, of course you'll have to hold it in for him for a long time yet but if he just needs to suck he'll do that and be satisfied once his tummy is full. Give him a couple of ounces then switch out to the binky, when he gets fussy give him a couple more ounces, etc....he should not be eating that much and so often. I really think he is just needing to suck and you're putting a bottle in every time so he sucks then pukes.

No testing needs to be done. He's doing well on the Alimentum. If you are still unhappy with things, I would be tired and ready for him to sleep for sure, then you have to address that issue with the doc. Most babies sleep about 18-20 hours per day the first few months. Then they start to show you what their schedule is. Most will take 2-3 naps per day until they're about 6-7 months old then they'll go down to 2 naps and then by 1 year they can easily be down to 1 nap per day. All kids in child care are down to 1 nap per day by age 1 due to classroom schedules and other issues that prohibit kids laying around asleep while the other kids are having classroom time.

Other than the sleeping issue and you're feeding him so much is there anything else?

Baby food has very very very minimal nutrition in it. It is basically flavored goo that is a tool for teaching a baby to chew and swallow, not give them nutrients. The formula has 100% of the nutrients and vitamins they need, baby food has hardly anything in it. So don't start the cereal and food until they are at least 6 months old and STILL EVEN THEN, give the bottle first then a couple of bites of baby food. Formula is perfect nutrition and baby food has nothing in it.

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answers from Kansas City on

I will second what Everley suggested and add that it's ok to fire your doctor and find another one if the first one isn't answering your questions and helping make your baby better.

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answers from Portland on

If he's not now vomiting then reflux is not his problem. If he is still vomiting then I, too, suggest that he's eating too much. 6 oz. every hour to hour and a half actually sounds like an impossible amount for a 6 wk old baby to consume. I'd try stopping the feeding after 2-3 oz. and see if he doesn't adjust to the lesser amount. It's not uncommon for a 6 wk old to eat that often.

And are you sure he's not sleeping more since he's quiet. Have you sat and watched him for a 24 hr period?

I would not try giving him rice. His digestive system is not mature enough to handle it.

I understand wanting to stop with the Alimentum. It's expensive. I suggest that you could try him on a different formula to see if that would work but be willing to immediately switch back if he resumes vomiting.

Have you talked with his doctor about your concerns? The doctor and his nurse are there for you and will welcome your calls with questions.

As for testing, what is it you think he should be tested for? From this information, I can think of no reason for testing. He's only 6 weeks old and both of you are still adjusting to this new life. I suggest he's doing fine.



answers from New York on

I am not sure I agree that he doesn't have discomfort, he may just not be a cryer. Our little foster baby did spit up quite a bit and was put on Nutramagin, (similar to Alimentum), but also had to be put on Zantac. Even though the vomiting had stopped they can still have that burning reflux pain. She didn't cry much but you knew she was uncomfortable. The formula and the Zantac helped tremendously. He may need some medication. I also do not agree with not using the rice cereal (ask your doctor) first. Many doctors use a small amount of rice cereal in each bottle to help with the reflux. Call the doctor again and ask for a more detailed explanation. If you are not satisfied then seek out another opinion. Also, are you doing a night time routine? I know he is young, but a daily evening bath can really relax and set the tone for sleep. I know many doctors tell you to not bathe daily, but I always did, and still do with our little foster baby. A bath makes you feel good and clean, and relaxed. Couldn't imagine soiling my diaper each day and not getting a bath lol!! Our little foster baby turned 1 in Sept. we tried milk gradually and it was horrible. She was so miserable, constant crying and skin rashes etc. We had to go back to formula. We are now doing one ounce of lactose free milk and gradually increasing until we can get her off the formula. Other then that she eats all table food (dairy free for now) and is doing great. I am a much older mother, so my kids had cereal at 6 weeks old. I know times have changed, not sure I agree with everything lol. Each baby is different and their needs are different, you can't always go by the book. Being a mom sometimes you have to go with your gut, and figure out your own child, and that can be scary, and make you feel helpless. You are working on no sleep and that makes things a hundred times worse. I own a childcare center and we all go through this when each new baby comes our way. So no matter how much experience you have, or how many children you have it's still trial and error, and what works for your baby. I know it's hard when you are a new mom. You can get the answers you need you just need to find the right doctor. Good luck. If you ever have questions just inbox me I would be happy to help.

Just read your follow up. Glad your getting a second opinion. First I want to say my son was Colic, and he screamed for hours. They didn't have the predigested formulas they do now so I went out of my mind with sleepless nights and a screaming child. I have never heard of a Colic baby that didn't fuss and cry!! I would also suggest a pacifier, it may stretch out his feedings for you. If he refuses at first keep trying it can be a life saver, and make sure to use the same nipple type on the pacifier that is on the bottles, it can make a huge difference!!

Good luck!!



answers from Austin on

Is he actually WANTING to eat, or would a pacifier soothe him? Some babies have a greater oral need....

It seems that 6 ounces every 1-1 1/2 hours is a bunch.....

If he is having reflux issues, try keeping him more upright to sleep? Some babies sleep very well in their car seat, since they are more upright and then not as prone to reflux.

You need to go back to the doctor and start asking questions... don't just take what they say and go with it. I'm not saying that you disagree with the doctor, you just want explanation of WHY..... Why does he need to be on the Alimentum? Why is he eating so much, and so often?



answers from Louisville on

Alimentium is typically given to kiddos suspected of having soy and milk protein sensitivities. It is a hypoallergenic formula for babies with allergies and very sensitive digestion.

My advice to you would be to place a call to your child's pediatrican and speak with the nurse. Ask the nurse to explain to you WHY your child has been prescribed Alimentum formula. Then explain to her what's going on with your child, and ask for advice.

If you aren't satisfied with her answers, begin looking for a new pediatrician.

Also, your child *can't* sleep if he's eating constantly. How do you know he's hungry every hour to hour and a half if he doesn't "fuss or anything"? All babies fuss and cry a little; it's up to you to find a way to soothe him besides feeding him. Try holding him without feeding him, offer him a pacifer for non-nutritive sucking, use a vibrating baby seat, get a "sleep sheep", swaddle the baby, rocking him, engaging him with black and white shapes, etc. Establish a good pattern of eating, playing, and then sleeping.

He'll figure it out. You'll do fine. Just be sure you feel comfortable and confident with your pediatrician.


answers from Boise on

Honestly, I would be getting a second opinion and not asking for advice here.

I'm not saying that the momma's are wrong, but it sounds like your doctor isn't doing a very though job.

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