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Updated on December 15, 2016
N.R. asks from Chicago, IL
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With all the real questions here, I feel silly asking this rather unimportant one, but here goes: My teenage daughter is begging for a 6' tall giant teddy bear for Christmas. It's all she wants. I can't talk her into a smaller size. Her room is on the small side and her bed is twin bed. I'm afraid this thing is going to be ridiculously large and make her room looked small and cramped. These oversized stuffed animals seem to be all the rage. Anyone out there have one this big in a smallish room? Is it a mistake to get it? Is it cute and ok? Would love some feedback from anyone who owns one before I pull the trigger. Just hate to spend all that money on something that's going to go in the basement 2 weeks later because it's too big!

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So What Happened?

Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer. It's so nice to get good advice from you all! I bit the bullet and went for it. She wants it so much and well, it's Christmas. Worst case scenario, we'll live and learn. Happy holidays to you all!

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answers from Phoenix on

Tell her you'll consider it if she downsizes and gets rid of extra junk in her room...assuming she has some. Then it won't be so bad. Technically *I* want one too so what can I say? lol

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answers from New York on

Go for it. How bad can it be? It's fun that your daughter wants something other than cash!! If the bear drags your daughter into a Goldilocks versus the Bear battle for space in her room - post again when that happens and we will advise you at that time.

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answers from Washington DC on

i had a 4 foot tall giant easter bunny from before when i had kids. he was awesome. my kids loved him. i totally get the yen for a ridiculously oversized stuffed buddy.
who cares if the room 'looks' small? it sounds like it IS small.
you know your daughter better than anyone here. is she prone to whims that evaporate in the face of practicality? if so, say no.
if your only concern is that it's, well, big, then get it for her.
someone else having an oversized bear won't translate directly to your situation.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I would have to say no to this gift. It is your house too and it sounds like there is simply not room for such a big dust collector. I have allergies and I know there is no way I would want that in my house.

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answers from Wausau on

One of my kids has a 6-foot long stuffed trout that was a gift from a family friend. He has kept it on his bed for years. If he wanted a giant teddy bear, I'd be reasonably certain that he'd love it until it fell apart. You know your kid best - will she love it, or leave it?

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answers from Portland on

I have nixed some of my kid's requests for items I thought were ridiculous, and other times I've given the ok.

We bought a ridiculous sled for my son for Christmas a few years back. We just knew he wouldn't get any use out of it. We have practical sleds - this one was just the latest and greatest and cost an arm and a leg. It broke his first time using it, and he took the money from the refund and bought himself a much more practical present. It was a learning experience.

I like the idea of marking out how large this bear will be in the room - and have your daughter live with it for a few days. Better for her to be the one to decide it's not worth it.

Me personally - I'd say no. It's the type of gift my MIL would buy. One of my kids has an enormous doll that takes up half her bed. From experience, it's a total pain to have to move the thing around to make the bed, etc.

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answers from Portland on

If you are fine with the cost, I'd be tempted to just give her the cash. Tell her she can buy the bear or get a few things she wants. You might be surprised.

Another idea is to have her look up the dimensions of the bear and then plot out with painters tape how much space it would take up in her room. Then, put a bunch of boxes where the bear would be. Can she live with it for a week? That might help you both decide if it's reasonable. If it's just because you think it will make her room look small-- well, it IS her room, right? ;)

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answers from Houston on

My inclination would be to get it for her if you can find a great price for one. FWIW, I was at JC Penny yesterday and they had a huge bin of the gigantic white teddy bears with the 2016 ribbon on them, marked down to about $20. I don't see that option online, but it might be worth a few phone calls to your local stores.

I don't work for Pennys.....I'm not advertising. Just helping out a mom.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Sorry. I have a teen daughter as well, and there is no way I would gift her something like that. And I'd be annoyed if anyone else did. Do you have any idea (or do you remember!) how many bags and boxes of stuffed animals are already stored away from her not so long ago childhood??!! NO WAY. NO THANK YOU.
I don't know what one like that would even cost, but I can't imagine it's under $100. And there are TONS of things I could find for my daughter for that same money. Absurd to spend it on a dust collector. That will end up thrown out eventually. Because it will.

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answers from Cleveland on

If that's all she wanted I would say's nice she wasn't just asking for 2 weeks donate it to charity

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answers from Norfolk on

I'm sorry but it's not practical, it's a waste of space and money.
She's going to be graduating eventually and going off to college.
Save your money for dorm expenses.
If this is some sort of life goal for her - she can get an education, a job, an apartment and when she's saved up the money she can buy a giant bear.



answers from Santa Barbara on

I wonder if this can be rented/borrowed from a friend? Maybe you know someone who got this for their spouse or child and may want to free up some space. You give it to your daughter with a note that says "I'm here to visit for the next 2months."



answers from Oklahoma City on

I'd say give her a gift card and let her spend it on what she wants. If it does go in the basement in a week at least you know that it went on something she really wanted. Even if that want only lasted a few days. It would be her choice and not yours.

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