Signs of Ovulation

Updated on September 23, 2010
B.K. asks from Albany, CA
9 answers

I am trying to get in tune with my body as we are trying for a baby at the moment.
What are the signs of Ovulation?.
Thanks in advance for advise Mammas
B. K

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I got pregnant right away by using an ovulation test kit it tells you when it's the right time, we did it and I got pregnant instantly. As far as "signs" of when I ovulate, there's no way for me to tell bec. I can't feel it but the ovulation predictor test was right on. My child is 2 1/2 now.

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answers from San Francisco on

I also recommend Taking Charge of your Fertility.
I get a little cramping they day I ovulate (I think that's what it is). I've also recently notice I get tender breasts. I use ovulation predictor kits and have to help me get pregnant all 3 times. I use the clearblue easy tests (with the smile faces, the others take too much brain power for me) and i use their "digital" thing on their website to help me figure out what day to start testing. If you choose to use these, make sure you read the directions and hold your pee for 4 hours. The ones I use say you can use first morning pee, but I've heard it's not as reliable. Feel free to message me if you have any questions. I've been TTC for almost 3 years now with 2 miscarriages.
Best of luck!

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answers from Chicago on

There are many ways to track ovulation. The best way I found was to monitor changes in cervical mucus. When you are about to ovulate it will be thick, stretchy, and slippery, like an egg white. You can also chart your basal temp, which should rise when you ovulate (and stay there if you're pregnant!). The problem with temp charting is that you don't know you're ovulating until you've already done it. With cervical mucus, it gives you a head's up for a day or so before you actually ovulate, so you have more chances to try to conceive. You could also just buy an ovulation predictor test and use that. Or try all three. Just don't stress out about it too much, it will take longer if you try too hard! I know it's easier said than done. Good luck!

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answers from Amarillo on

You can have cramping on your side by the ovary and your discharge will e thin and clear verses thick. Or your back might hurt when the egg is released. As for the exact date of ovalation it could be 2 days before or 2 days after the suggested time between periods. You could also feel more sexy and want more sex. These are just some of the things I remembered when it was time.

Good luck on your next. The other S.

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answers from Sacramento on

One of the signs is your cervical mucus. When it becomes clear and stretchy like egg whites, that is the best time to try for a baby.

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answers from Houston on

You should buy an Ovulation Predictor Test. I hear those are great, that's what I am going to do about 4 to 5 months before we start trying for baby #2. Can't wait and have fun "practicing" :)

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answers from Dallas on

Read the book "Taking Charge of your Fertility" by Toni (can't remember her last name). You may even find it online.

The best method described in her book is to chart your BBT, basil body temp. each morning before you get out of bed.

The book also gives other great ideas. It's worth every penny and MORE!

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answers from New York on

I did the same thing, I just took a few months before TTC #1 and used my cervical fluid to gauge when I was ovulating. I got pregnant on the first try (thought it was a fluke) but did the same with #2 and got pregnant on the first try again......the biggest advice I can give is don't go crazy trying everything and stress yourself out. The other thing I can tell you is that when you know you are ovulating and um..."do the dance" stay in bed as long as you possibly can afterward.....this is what worked for me both times.

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answers from Sacramento on

For me, it was a crampy, pinchy feeling on one side or the other. Did you get an ovulation predictor kit?

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