Sign to Hang on Door About Germs/new Baby

Updated on September 28, 2011
M.S. asks from Denver, CO
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We are expecting a new baby the end of November and my husband will be returning from a deployment shortly after, so we are anticipating a lot of visitors at our house. I can be pushy when needed, but I would like to hang a cute sign on the front door reminding people to wash their hands before holding the baby and to keep their distance if they feel sick at all.

Does anyone have any idea for cute wording for a sign? I can't seem to come up with anything on my own...

Thank you!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the responses.

3rd baby. It makes much more sense to put the sign inside the house, not sure why my brain didn't go there first. I still plan on hanging a sign inside the door and placing hand sanitizer below it, and then will double check and remind as necessary. I agree it is common sense to wash hands before holding a newborn, but I am also realistic and know it doesn't always happen. My daughter caught a cold her first week of life and I am nervous this time but I don't want to completely shut people out of our house.

I truly appreciate the people who tried to come up with a cute saying for me. I can be very blunt, but sometimes it is a little nicer and more polite to "remind" people before I start yelling...

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answers from Fort Wayne on


that should cover it. lol

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answers from Dayton on

I would not put a sign on my front door advertising I have a new baby inside... :(
I did put a bottle of hand sanitizer on a bookcase right inside my door.


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answers from Detroit on

It doesnt have to be cute. I kept a bottle or 2 of hand sanitizer in everyroom. When someone went for the baby, I would hand them a bottle.

But, I have been called psycho on several occasions. Dont care, MY BABY!

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answers from Pocatello on

I have no idea how to "cutely" say:

" Wash your grubby mitts before ya touch my pristine baby! Sick people... geeze!"

but... get lots of those squirty containers of hand disinfectant (put one in every room) and just nicely ask people " hey could you wash your hands when you come in before handling the baby?"

When I go to visit a newborn, the first thing i do after I walk in the house is wash my hands... Most people get it. If someone is sick, but is an important person who needs to meet the baby, have a handful of disposable face masks around.


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answers from Pittsburgh on

"Please wash your hands before you touch mine." ?

Or "Clean Hands Before Cuddles Please!" ?

"Wanna hold me?
I won't mind.
Wash your hands first.
Be so kind!" ?

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answers from Austin on

I would hope anyone who has ever had a new baby always washes their hands before holding a newborn.

Otherwise, just hand them the Purell or tell them where the nearest sink is.

I would not put a sign as the first thing people see, reminding them you do not think they are clean.. It just seems a bit paranoid and a little rude, even though you do not intend it to be.

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answers from Chicago on

I just handed them a squirt of purel before I handed them the baby.

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answers from Dallas on

First baby?

Thank you to your husband and your family for what your husband does.

Don't worry so much about this, babies are resilient and your baby will be just fine. If it makes you feel better, just have some hand sanitizer handy. Most people know that a new mom, especially first time mom, is a bit on the paranoid side and out of respect, go out of their way to show that they are clean.

I would hate to see you post a sign because people may laugh at you. As safe as I feel in my neighborhood, I would not advertise "new baby" anymore than I would put trash on the curb advertising that I just bought a TV, computer, etc.

Congratulations to you.

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answers from Seattle on

Have it say..You gotta ''Squirt(then add picture of Purell or soap)....Before you get my Squirt''

I have a sign on the door telling people to take shoes off...and sanitize before coming in during the winter....My kids get sick constantly this time of year..So this helps head off the yucks.

Denise....I love that last one!!!!

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answers from Boston on

First baby???

I would find your sign insulting if I were to come visit you. Why can't you just remind your guests to please wash their hands when they are inside. People that are sick are going to be curtious enough to not visit someone that just had a baby.

I also think it's a bad idea to advertise on your front door that you just had a baby!

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answers from Kalamazoo on

You are about to enter a Germ Free Baby Zone.
If you feel sick at ALL, please reschedule your visit.

Thank you,

For the handwashing, I would just remind people right before they hold the baby to "please wash up first".

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answers from Topeka on

Common sense tell's me to wash my hands before holding a baby..A sign on your door will invite unwanted peeps & you don't want that just in case there is a psycho running around wanting a new baby to call their own.I can't even beginf to imagine how many vistiors will be coming over to greet hubby back & new baby YIKES too much for me to handle but your rest & babies needs are more important take care on your upcoming events.
"Clean hands before cuddles"A cute sign is an idea or just tell them as they walk in.

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answers from St. Louis on

There is no cute way to say that. I have never in my life met someone that doesn't know to not spread germs to a baby so not sure there is a need for a sign in the first place. Okay that and who really reads them? That is why we end up in the opposite gender's bathroom from time to time. :p

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answers from Savannah on

Without wanting to sound argumentative, I completely disagree with some of the responses that this is not needed because babies are more capable of fighting off germs than we assume. My son had to be readmitted to the hospital at 5 days old. He had RSV, a respiratory virus that could easily turn into pneumonia. He got it because some adult (friend, family, hospital staff, me or my husband?) had it and did not realize it, as it is a virus that adults many times do not have symptoms of. He was considered so contagious that he was isolated and the hospital staff had to put on special dress and masks just to come in to bring lunch. I would recommend sanitizer and a sign inside right by the door inside.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I can't believe some of these responses. A sign would be insulting?? How in the world is that insulting?
Not visiting a new baby when your sick is common sense? Yeah, right! It doesn't help that you're usually carrying germs before they make your body sick. And few people seem to remember that just because they left the one who is sick in their family at home when they came to visit that they've all been exposed to germs and are now giving them to a baby.
Not many people have seen what it's like to have a very sick newborn; to have a tiny baby who is sick and hurting and there's barely anything you can do about it, but lose a ton of sleep and hope they make it through soon. If they had, they'd be much more cautious and not looking to be offended when you want them to wash their hands or stay away when they decided to grace you with their presence. Sheesh, people.
I think it's fine to have a conspicuous small sign by the doorbell (sorry I have no idea what to say; I came here for ideas;)). And it's so easy to hand visitors some sanitizer before you hand over the baby.
Stick to your guns and don't worry about others being offended. You're a great mom, already thinking about protecting your coming baby's health:)

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answers from Charleston on

I would only let people hold the baby after I had asked and watched them go wash their hands so I could verify it. Too many people say, "oh my hands are clean". And if they're sick? They wouldn't be welcome. Sorry! (I dealt with my son being in the hospital for 7 days at 6 days old because he caught a virus most likely from a sick family member. Not fun.) Just be upfront with everyone with your expectations and if they are offended by your rules, they can stay home!

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answers from Pocatello on

I find the "first baby?" responses so rude! Don't you hate it when people assume that if it's your first baby (I know it's your third) that you must be a clueless idiot?! I was a big sister to 5, a former nanny, preschool aid, daycare worker, and a former volunteer at a South Korean orphanage, I had years of experience with children but when my first baby was born everyone and their dog offered their unsolicited advice and opinions about how I should care for my baby! And I got some flak for being "too careful" with handing off my baby (who had spent 8 days in the NICU with a life-threatening infection) to anyone whom I had not seen wash their hands or use sanitizer..

I found that if I had my babies in a sling or other front carrier (or in my arms) people were less likely to just pick them up or touch them out of the blue, they HAD to ask first, or many times I offered. Which gave me a chance to say "Of course you can hold him (or her), would you please wash your hands first?"

Best of luck! Congrats on the new baby and on your husband's return! I know it can't come soon enough!

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answers from Chicago on

When my twins were born (Oct babies), I carried hand sanitizer with me everywhere and handed them the bottle before I handed them a baby. It's not pushy at all and people figured it out very quickly. Besides, most people probably wouldn't read the sign, so you need to be direct.

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answers from Dallas on

If you feel sick STAY OUT!!!!!!!! And please clean and sanitize before hollding the baby. That's what I would put. I carried around a bottle of sanitizer everywhere I went with my oldest. and EVERONE knew that they had to use it before holding him. Most people will totally understand.

Congrats on the baby and to your hubbys return and thank you for your families sacrifice and your service for our country!!!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I would just remind people when they come visit that they have to wash hands before holding the baby. You will be able to tell them nicely. I would also just tell people not to come by if they are sick. Everyone should have the respect to not come by a newborn while sick. I believe from November to April is the RSV season so you want to try to keep the illnesses at bay. If your husband or yourself gets sick you can't help it but everyone else can stay away if they are sick. Good luck on your newborn.

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answers from Houston on

Have a bottle of hand sanitizer in the entry way and ask everyone to please sanitize before holding baby. I've known moms to carry a little bottle and will hand it to the person, watch them use it, then hand the baby over.

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answers from Denver on

My brother in law had a little tag sign on their infant car seat that said "please wash your hands before touching mine" - he was born premature, so the hospital NICU gave it to them. I thought it was cute. It's totally your call, don't worry if anyone is offended.

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answers from Washington DC on

To minimize solicitors make sure you put a sign up. i created a very basic one... 2x4" white paper with black marker that said, 'No soliciting. Baby is sleeping and will wake with doorbell or knocking.' It worked so well that we kept it up! People do really read the notes. No need to be overly kind or sweet. Adults especially should respect that you want your home clean for your little one.

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answers from Fort Collins on

And Ya ,THE SIGN NEED TO BE INSIDE ,Like right behind the door .I had a basket behind the front door for people to put their shoes in and so i put the sign right above that basket.
TDoctor Ordered:
"please wash hand before holding cute precious treasure ,Name.The more he is and stay healthy ,the more we can all actually enjoy him and hold him for as long as we want.Thank you all for your cooperation on keeping our newest little one healthy and safe :-)." My situation was a little bit different .This was my third child .And i put this sign when he was waiting at 7 months to have heart surgery and the doctor actually recommended a sterile environment as much as possible and after his surgery for as long as he was on oxygen.
People were usually understanding ,however i had to remind a few people a few time like Grandma and family.Somehow friends seems to be more respectful of the sign.
Hope this help.

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answers from Houston on

Congratulations on ALL that good news! I can't think of anything cute (too blunt, I guess). On my refrigerator is posted a sign asking people to wash their hands. It is plainly stated. I guess people kinda know me by now. When my little one was still "new", I would keep up with who had him and say whenever someone was ready to hand him off, "Did you wash your hands?" or "Wash your hands first." I have been known to make announcements in my house to guests, "The food is ready. Please wash your hands and dig in." Hand sanitizer was not enough for me. If you're touching stuff in my house and runnig water is available, I need you to scrub with soap and water.

If your powder room (or kitchen or wherever you want them to wash) is close enough to the front door, you can post arrows that they can't miss that will lead them to the land of soap and water.

Next question: The Hand Washing Issue!