Sign of a Food Allergy?

Updated on January 06, 2011
A.M. asks from Lake Wales, FL
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Hi Everyone,
A few weeks ago, we found figured out that our 6 month old son had an allergic reaction to oatmeal. He broke out in hives all over his body and screamed for hours afterwards. So our doctor suggested forgetting cereals and moving on to vegetables. He did well with sweet potatoes and squash; but then we tried carrots and I'm not sure what to think. Right after eating he broke out in this splotchy rash on his face. It was not hives (trust me, I know what they look like!). The rash reminded me of how people get splotchy when they get embarrased or cry a lot. So this could be another sign of a food allergy? He's had carrots four times now and he got that splotchiness all four times. We go back to the dr. next week, but I wanted some opinions or experiences. I am also thinking of making his baby food now instead of using the commercial ones. Any tips on that?
Thanks in advance!

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So What Happened?

Thanks mommas for your replies! It's definitely not an orangish/yellowish tint, the splotchiness is down right red. I made him some mashed avocados last night and he seemed to enjoy it. I think I will definitely be making his food from now on. Thanks again!

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answers from Dallas on

Carrots are a low allergy food. The first time my daughter had carrots (7 months) she threw up all night. I stopped giving them to her until she was almost 11 months old and she had no problems. My doctor told me to stay away from the carrots for 1 month after the reaction. Because it was so miserable cleaning up the vomit on her, her crib, the floor, I waited almost 4 months. I would just wait and try again. She may outgrow the allergy, but if she's eating other veggies, why force carrots. For what it's worth now, carrots are one of my daughters favorites.

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answers from Albany on

Hi A., carrots turned my kid's faces (and sometimes diaper area) orange too, tehehe. I didn't use jarred baby food. In fact, I didn't really feed them much 'baby food' at all. Didn't feed them anything until they started mooching, showing a great interested in what WE were eating. Then I fed them a baby friendly version of whatever we were eating. But even that was more for fun than anything else. They don't actually NEED anything besides BM or formula until they're 9 months or even a year as long as their growing and healthy.

In fact I've read giving them solids at too young an age can actually worsen food allergies.

As far as making baby food, most things you can soften up by cooking and mash with a fork.

I did not use cereal of any kind, but I DID put over cooked noodles on their high chair tray which they would grab and try to get in their mouths. To me, when they can do THAT, they're ready for solids, not when they need to be fed with a spoon.

Good Luck!


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answers from Salt Lake City on

It sounds to me like a mild reaction to carrots, if it is baby food it might be the color

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answers from Denver on

No doubt about it--that's a food allergy. Both my boys are very allergic (I jokingly say allergic to life), and that reaction to carrots is for sure an allergy. My youngest had issues with too much vitamin A, thus carrots were a problem for him. We took him to an acupuncturist and did allergy elimination treatments, which worked great.
I've treated both my boys with alternative, holistic treatments. If it comes to that, I'd be happy to share more about that. I wasn't interested in putting my kids on pharmaceuticals, and I've found ways around all of them that work just as effectively.
Good for you for being on top of this!

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answers from Miami on

If the reaction happened 4 times with the same food it sounds like he's allergic or sensitive to that food - though there could be an additive in the commercial baby food that's a culprit so making your own or finding an organic, additive-free preservative-free product could be helpful.



answers from Miami on

Good idea about making your own food. Everything my 3 children ate was from my own food prep. The ONLY thing I did opt to buy was pureed fruits to mix into their cereal as I found it challenging to prepare/puree/strain fruits. Somehow it didn't always work out so well so I bought fruits...but everything else was home prepared.

He could have food allergies. Do you or your husband (or other family members) suffer from any type of allergies (doesn't have to be food allergies, just any type)? If so, then you can count on one or some or all of your children to have some sort of allergy problem. It is genetic as I have allergies, have been tested, and have been told by my allergist that allergies are indeed genetic. My first born and my third child so far have allergies but my second daughter so far has nothing. But allergies can come later in life as mine did when I became pregnant with my second child.

I would stay away from the foods that cause a reaction. Stay away for at least 6 months...or longer. Ask your doctor. My doctor said 6 months and then try again. Sometimes they "outgrow" the allergy...sometimes not. You won't know until you try but once you find a food that causes a reaction, stay away from it for at least 6 months.



answers from Raleigh on

My son had food allergies, and I made all his food. Seemed to help a lot since you know what is going in it.



answers from Naples on

I used to make all of my daughter's baby food. I had a mini food processor, and whatever we were having for dinner - is what my daughter had for dinner. As she grew teeth - I just processed things less and less - going from pureed to finly chopped. If you steam or boil any veggies - you can used a little of the water to moisten what you are pureeing. Good luck!


answers from Modesto on

Mine would always get kind of a orange/yellowish tint on their body from the keratin in the carrots. It didnt seem to cause them any discomfort tho... so I didnt withdraw them from their diet.
Processing all your fruits and veggies is a great idea rather than jar food. Make sure you wash everything thoroughly before squishing :) You will feel so much better giving him "fresh" rather than jarred.


answers from Kalamazoo on

I would make your own baby food. Just steam up a carrot and mash it. If it's too thick, add some water.



answers from Los Angeles on

Are these carrots in a jar or from home? If in a jar, definetly make some up yourself and see what happens. Just steam them for a little bit and then mash them up - super easy to make baby food at home. I would try that first, if he doesn't break out than you know there is something in the jar food causing the allergy, if he does than continue to keep a food journal.



answers from Minneapolis on

foodlab at yahoo groups are a great and knowledgeable bunch.



answers from Tampa on

Make his food.
Four times-yikes- stop!
See Traditions is the book which will help you, helped us.
best, k



answers from Miami on

Stop feeding him carrots and go to the NAET website and find a provider near you who can eliminate these and other allergies from your child. He can be allergic/sensitive to the vitamin C or perhaps a mineral that is in these foods. If allergic to oats he is probably also to wheat, rice, corn and barley. He can haev behavioral reactions 3 days later so you nevr know what it might be until he gets NAET tested. He is too young for traditional blood tests and they are not that reliable because the immune system is constantly changing and it doesnt pick up what a child had 72 hours ago. Most of these kids are also allergic to milk and soy. Be very careful. Too many exposures can cause breathing troubles, ear infections and asthma.

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