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Updated on October 17, 2008
K.H. asks from Newbury Park, CA
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I have a 6 month old and I am ready to start teaching her sign language. What is a good book or dvd to use to start the teaching process.
Delaney's mama

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answers from Los Angeles on

Check out Signing Time on PBS! What a great show! They have DVDs available. It's a hearing mom with her deaf daughter and hearing nephew and they go on adventures and use signs for what they discover.
There are some GREAT board books from Garlic Press (go to their website)that have basic signs.
I started with "more, all done, hungry, thirsty, please and thank you".
Keep in mind that your child may not repeat the signs perfectly. For example: the sign for "Thirsty" is to draw your index finger from just under your chin down your throat. My daughter instead put all her fingers to her lips and tilted her head back. For that situation, the important thing was communication. I knew what she meant-she was thirsty! Later they refine their signs as their fine motor movements are refined.
Also I hope you seek out ASL as opposed to "Baby Signs" language system. ASL is a true language while Baby Signs is a trademarked language system. Baby Signs DOES assist in communication with your baby, but it can't continue beyond that. You can't communicate with deaf people, you can't count it as a foreign language for school, and it is not neccessarily easier to learn than ASL. ASL is a language that your child can grow with, communicate with others, use for school language requirements and is relatively easy to learn. OK, rant over.

Good luck! I love sign language! If we live near eachother we could meet at a park and practice!


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answers from Los Angeles on

i bought my daughter the my first signs dvd by baby einstine. but what will also work is to buy a begginers sign language book and use simple signs for her like milk, drink, eat, play, sleep, bath, mommy, daddy, sister/brother (if she hast them), blanket, more and things like that then when she gets those down you can teach her others and learn them too :)


answers from Las Vegas on

I used BabySigningTime DVD's... you may think they are not picking up anything for such a young infant,but if you reinforce it, they do get it! I love it and the songs are so catchy.

Best wishes,



answers from Los Angeles on

I have a daycare and I teach all my babies sign. I used the website American sign Language. It has million of words. You just choose the letter and then it will give you along list in alph order. A little screen pops up and an actual video of a women is showing how to do the sign with a brief explanation. It is awesome.

Good luck.

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