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Updated on August 12, 2008
R.Y. asks from Miami, FL
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I would love to teach my future baby (due in 6-8 weeks) sign language. Any recommendations as to where/how to begin? Any classes/books?

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The best videos we found when my daughter was a baby was Signing Time (they can be ordered online). They were GREAT! My daughter really learned and used the signs (milk, more, tired, hungry, thirsty, ball, book, all done, mommy, daddy, etc.) and she was really able to communicate with us much more efficiently, before she became verbal. Even after she was talking, she would use the signs sometimes to reinforce what she was saying - like if we weren't getting her milk fast enough when she asked for it, she would keep asking and signing it:-)
And best of all, they were cute entertaining videos with songs that weren't annoying. The whole family learned and enjoyed them. Down side - they are a little pricey, but well worth it. You maybe able to find them used on Ebay or Amazon.



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I just learned a few signs from my sister and went from there, LOL!
both of my boys' first words and first signs were "all done"
(I guess it's what I worked on a lot, LOL!)

congrats on your new baby!
you should check out broward babywearing!
you'll find a lot of like-minded mamas!
I would put money on it that a bunch sign, too!



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I am a certified baby sign language instructor. I usually recommend starting at around 6 months old. Babies learn at their own pace so there is no right or wrong way. I personally used the video series Signing Time with my daughter. I read up on Baby Signs, but IMO, I felt that there are others better. After I was pregnant with my second child, I decided to become certified so I can teach workshops and classes. I have my classes at a location in Plantation. Feel free to email me privately and I would be happy to send you more information. Congrats on the pregnancy. Enjoy the world of sign language. I feel it really has made communicating easier for my kids. My daughter (4) is still an avid signer and she has an incredible vocabulary as well. So many people feel that signing limits vocabulary or that they should stop signing unless babies learn to speak. They are mistaken. Signing increases vocabulary because you are doing much more than signing, you are teaching words as you sign and you are giving your baby, personal one on one attention :) My son (23 months) is very quiet but uses sign to communicate specific things (mostly to tell us if he is hurt or for a drink). Good luck!

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