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Updated on June 14, 2012
K.M. asks from Parker, CO
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Yup...title says it all. I am looking for some free on-line sight word games. Little man is trying to read and we need some help with sight words, and he is not a flash card type kid. He does love educational on-line games though like Starfall etc. Thanks

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answers from Detroit on has sight word bingo.. you can select the level (preK, K, 1st.. they say the word you click the correct word.. and a cool monster covers the spot on the bingo card.. cute game.

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answers from Cincinnati on

My son started learning to read and write about a year ago. We also really like Starfall. Last month we started the last level : "I'm Reading." I used to teach English as a foreign language to kindergarden and elementary school age children. I live in Japan. We used lots of games in the classroom.

Your son might not respond well to flash cards used traditionally, but have you tried using flash cards to play games. Does your son have a Chutes and Ladders game, Hi-Ho-Cherry-O game, or Candy Land? How about Jenga (3-colored version works best) or card games like Uno? With a little creativity these games can be turned into games to review sight words. Any game that rolls a dice, has multiple colors, or uses numbered cards can be used.

For example using Chutes and Ladders: You need to have a card for each sight word that you want to practice. Roll the dice and pick a card for each number that you rolled. Let's say you roll a three. You would then count out three of the sight word cards. You can then use those three cards any way you like. At first I read them to my son and just had him look at them. You could have him read them. Again this is sort of traditionally using flashcards, but tricking the child into thinking it is fun because of the game. I have my son make a sentence using the sight word. I have had him write it in the air or on the table with his finger. Now that he can read them better, I have him try to make a sentence or a short story using as many of the words as possible. For example, let's say he draws the following three cards: away, I, and jump. He can make the sentence "I jump away." With Hi-Ho Cherry-o, we use the numbers to pull cards. If we roll the dog or bird than the other person must read a card. If we get the spill the bucket, the other person must take a card for how many we spilled. You can even let your child make up the rules how to play. We have a hot number. the hot number means that you get to move your marker forward, but the other person must do the reading. The hot number works great for letting them listen and helping them remember new words. My son thinks the hot number is so funny too. Take his favorite game and use it to your advantage to teach him his sight words.

As another mama has already mentioned sight words are also known as Dolch sight words. Dolch presented these words in groups. (Pre-primer, Primer, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and Nouns) For games with my son I divided them up into groups of about 30-40 words. Then I color coded the cards. Each set gets a different color. In the six months since we started, we have covered the Pre-primer, Primer, 1st grade and a few of the Nouns. I have four colors of cards so far. By the end, I will probably have about 10 sets of cards made. There are a total of 315 sight words on the list.

To introduce new sight words you can try games like Memory, Bean bag toss, Fishing pole. I made a fishing pole game using a long stick, some string and a magnet. We colored a sea creatures coloring sheet off of Crayola's website. I laminated them and attached a paperclip to each sea creature. I clipped a sight word card to the back and let him go fishing.

I also made some board games from the site It is a site for teachers in Japan, but there are a lot of great ideas here. He has the Dolch sight words lists as well. We liked the game bounce around. It takes a long time to get every square, so we usually set a timer for about 10-15 minutes. also has some fun game ideas. Good luck and happy reading. It is the best feeling in the world to see your kid accomplish something hard. Today my son read Dr. Seuss' "Put me in the zoo." for the first time to me. It was so amazing to see his smile when he finished. A year ago when I started teaching my son the alphabet, I had doubts if I would be able to teach my son to read. Today, we were on top of the world! Good luck on your journey. Don't rush him and remember to keep it fun. They can learn so quickly when it is fun for them.

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answers from New York on

my son like some sight word chants on youtube

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answers from Cleveland on

great sites suggested already

try dolch words are another name for sight words and i think she has a bingo game you can print to play. not sure about online video type games.

to expand on the whiteboard tip, the hard plastic paper plates--duho that's a rough way of explaining, but plastic party plates usually in solid colors. --LIKE a red solo cup!! anyhow those plates can be used as a wipeoff board, so i've heard,,,,, from a pinch

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answers from Honolulu on

This isn't an online thing, but this is what I do with my son who is 5 and finished Kindergarten:

I got a white board. Those dry erase boards from the drugstore. Just like 16" long or something.
I write his sight words on it. Then I leave it there, were he plays everyday. And just by looking at it while playing, he learned his sight words.
And he also uses the board for writing words on it, and so then it ALSO helps him with spelling and writing/penmanship.
My son LOVES his white board.
AND he also will bring it in the car, and write on it. He LOVES his dry erase board.
It is very useful.
And he has various color dry erase pens and the eraser for it. I put it all in a little basket for him. JUST for him.
And he loves it.

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