Sickness from Overeating

Updated on January 18, 2010
L.F. asks from West Monroe, LA
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My mother in law let my daughter, 4, eat a whole roll of raw cookie dough. Naturally she got sick. It has been three hours now and she is still vomiting. How long does it usually take for the stomach to settle down? I have given her children's pepto and about an hour after consumption, she vomited that up also. Also could this be a stomach virus and just be a coincidence that it happened the same time the overeating did?

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So What Happened?

It ended up being a stomach virus that our whole family got. I am going to talk with my MIL to let her know how frustrated I was and she shouldn't be eating that much. Thank you for all of the comments!

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There is a possibility of getting salmonella from raw cookie dough. I would definately call the doctor.

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My suggestion would be to call your doctor, take her to urgent care or to ER.



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I would go ahead and call the doctor and let them know what happened and see if they have any other advice. The raw eggs in the cookie dough could be a real danger and best to know up front from the doctor what condtions to be watching for.



answers from Lawton on

Could be salmonella. That was a lot of raw dough.



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When I was your daughter's age I overate all sorts of stuff, like entire sticks of margarine, bags of prunes and mouthsful of honey. That is, until my wise grandmother quoted me Proverbs 25:27a, "It is not good to eat much honey..." I rolled my eyes at her until the fateful day that I overdid the honey again and vomitted all over her kitchen floor. I now use the same verse to help my own children see the folly of not overeating.

I think the raw egg angle has been covered and now the thing to do is diplomatically talk to her grandmother. My own mother's love language is giving, unfortunately the giving of food. If you don't eat all the sweets she gives you she gets upset and pouty. I just try to be around when she's passing out the candy or whatever and take the heat when the kids have had enough. If nothing else, inform her that your daughter is now sick because of being allowed to eat out of control. Anyone with a measure of sense will understand.




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Call your doctor. She could have food poisoning from the raw eggs in the cookie dough.



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Since cookie dough does have raw eggs in it, I would keep a close eye on her. Make sure she's staying hydrated and if she can't keep anything down this morning, I would say call her doctor. That much dough wouldn't be good for us grown ups, much less a little 4 year old body.

And once she's over this and everything is fine, I think it'd be a good idea to sit down with your MIL and have a "see, this didn't go well" moment with her and encourage her that she can still be a good grandmother without giving your daughter EVERYTHING she wants. ;)



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Wow that is a lot of cookie dough , I imagine you are not happy with the MIL!!!....anyway it could be a coincidence that she has a stomach bug as 3 hrs of vomiting from eating too much sickly/sweet stuff seems a lot , but cookie dough does have uncooked eggs in it so maybe it could be a reaction to that?



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I may be incorrect, but some of those cookie doughs do have egg in them. I would call my pediatrician just to make sure it isn't something worse like salmonella. Not trying to freak you out, just playing it safe. And tell your MIL that she is an idiot for me.

Okay, what Beth G said below is more diplomatic. But Still.

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