Sick of Being Pregnant!

Updated on April 01, 2007
C.H. asks from South Bend, IN
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OK, so I guess this is just a venting session. I'm six months pregnant with my third child. My oldest is 5, and my second is 1 1/2. I feel fat, tired, my back hurts, I'm sick of seeing all the commersials and ads on tv with pretty little skinny girls and their summer clothes. I can't even fit into anything without looking like Humpty Dumpty! OK and so I'm feeling depressed too. I've been cussing at my kids! I can't stop. I feel horrible. It's just they are always doing something and I never have any time to myself. When I finally do get alone time I just fall asleep from exaustion. MY brilliant boyfriend told my the other day SOME women workout and even go to work all the way up until they have the baby. Tonight he is out having time with his friends at the bar. I'm sorry I guess I'm just hormonal and need a few encouraging words from anyone else who has gone though something similiar. Thanks...

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the advice girls :) I do try to get out once a week and will continue to do so. I would really like to get a mom's group started that doesn't cost anything. If anyone knows of any or would be interested in starting one let me know... thanks again!

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I felt the same way when I was pregnant. My daughter was born in October so I felt the same way all summer. And I already knew that not all guys are quite understanding when it comes to how a woman feels when she's pregnant but he could at least try! I remember feeling so jealous of my boyfriend while I was pregnant. I hated that he could go out with his friends while I had to stay at home. I guess my only plus was that I did work up until Arianna was born. I did have a couple of nervous breakdowns while I was pregnant so I do understand. If you need someone to talk to ever feel free to message me!

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wow i hear you on that. im also pregnant with my third and im 5 months into it. Im sick of seeing all the cute clothes i cant wear this year. I never worked out when i was pregnant, just too tired. Your boyfriend, just ignore those things how would he know what you're going through? Hang in there and know you arent alone i feel the same way. Email me if ya wanna chat! :)



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Being pregnant is so hard on a person! But try to remember that you have to try to relax and not stress too much as it can effect the baby. Maybe see you OB and tell them that you are feeling this way. She can put you on something to help you get through and actually enjoy the pregnancy. Tell your boyfreind you need at least one day out for "adult time". Either spend time with him or head out with a friend and get a pedicure or even just a walk. Try to lean on your friends and family. I was on bedrest from 18 weeks on in my pregnancy so I know how hard (and depressing)it can be at time. I am also a nursing student. (Done in 5 weeks.) So, unfortunately it will continue to be stressful during school but it is all worth it in the end! HANG IN THERE!! I wish you the best of luck..........Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy though it is almost over. :)



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I am in the same boat you are! I am 4 almost 5 months and have 2 children. My husband is in the Army and is currently serving in Afgainastain so I have no help at home. I understand all about what you are going through. I found a great group of Moms that get the kids together once or more a week and have adult time! We also schedule a Moms night out once a month and I have found people that I can talk to and relate to. I would suggest trying to find a moms group in your area. I am from Elizabethtown KY so if you are close you can contact me and I can give you the information so you can start to attend. It has helped me and I am sure it will help you. I know you are tired but you need to do something for yourself once a week or everyother week. It will keep you from going crazy and your kids and boyfriend will notice a change for the better. is my email if you want moms club info. Good luck and I hope this helps!




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Just so happens that I'm 6 mths along as well, off work, and have a 3, 4, and 7 year old to take care of. I totally understand. I agree with the advice you already got about talking to your doctor. You sound overwhelmed, which I am as well, and being overwhelmed can throw you into prepartum depression, my doc is just starting me on meds for it because i have too much on my plate. I as well, don't get any "adult time". My husband told me that when you have kids you don't get that. I totally disagree, he still gets his adult time and he gets 2 days a week off work, when do we get a day off from housework, cooking, and kids? It's tough i know...but just know that you are not alone, I seem to be going through the EXACT same thing, good luck and if you just want to chat let me know
C.-that's my name too



answers from Muncie on

sound like you need a better support system if you can not get it from him then turn to the women f your church and the women in your family ask him if when the baby is born is he still going to leave you at home with the kids while he is at the bars? pray for him pray that he will see you and your children as more important than anything else i understand my husband was the same way withthe whole wroking out etc i thought the problem was me but it was him all along! keep you chin up! tell him you need more help with the kids and around the house and start thinking of taking turns with getting up with the baby



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I can relate somewhat. I'm 5 months pregnant. I have a 1.5 year old and a 4.5 year old at home - stay at home mom. I really want this pregnancy to be over because it's the most frustrating pregnancy. I got bigger alot earlier and already feel/look like I'm 8 months pregnant! I'm normally very active with the kids but it's so hard just to get on the floor and play with them, let alone run around outside with them.

Luckily, I have an understanding husband. Or rather, he doesn't get much choice. I just tell him that I'm going out 2 evenings a week. I don't ask him. I tell him I need a break and he would too if he was around the kids 24/7. I put it on the calendar, tell him what night it is so he knows to be home and then I leave. It's very healthy for kids to get a break from mom and have time alone with daddy. As far as I'm concerned, the kids are his responsibility just as much as mine. He gets a couple night out each week and so do I.

I play ice hockey and still go to practice one night a week. I'm too big for my hockey gear, but I put the skates on and help teach some of the newer players basic skills and run the practice when the coach can't make it. The other night out is also 'me' time. I'm in a couple local mothers groups so there's at least one mom's only evening event a week I can go to. I >need< these nights out. If I don't, I start to go nuts, get very short tempered with the kids and could see myself getting depressed very easily. I also take the kids to several playgroups and field trip events each week through the mothers' clubs because even though I'm with the kids, I still get to talk with other adults about grown-up stuff.



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I'm 6 months pregnant too! I'm a sahm of an 18 month old who is good but a total handful. The most time I get to sit down while he's awake is 4 minutes. I feel fat. I feel tired. I feel stupid. I'm irritated and upset easily. I'm swollen and hot. At this point 3 months seems like a really long time. Plus I'm scared about handling 2 kids.

I'm managing to cope somehow. Here are some things that help my mental state.

1. I just planned a little get-away with my husband so I have something to look forward to.

2. Nap when he naps

3. I'm enrolling my son in a mothers-day-out program for the fall so I'm looking forward to some alone time with the new baby 3 mornings a week.

4. Let the house get a little messy, it's only temporary.

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