Sick Child, No Health Insurance & Already Missed 3 Days of School!

Updated on March 13, 2009
N.H. asks from Rowlett, TX
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Hi Moms,

I'm in a BIG dilemma here and don't know what to do!
Monday my DD came home from school complaining of a painful headache and by the morning was running a temperature of 101.
I've let her stay home Tues, Weds & Thurs now from school because the fever won't go away. I keep thinking each day she's progressing but then when morning comes she's still running a fever! I was hoping this was a 24 hr bug but it sounds like it's more.
She currently does not have any insurance because I didn't get the app turned in on time and she's already missed 3 days of school. I don't know what to do about sending her I send her and let the school send her home if she's too sick or let her stay home?
I HATE her having to miss 4 days of school in a row and not having a doctors note to show for it. We're also having car problems and my husband has to use his brothers car to get back and forth to work which makes it even harder to get to a doctor........

I just don't know what to do of right now she's running a temperature of 99.3 but it goes high and low throughout the day.....
If she misses school tomorrow, that would make it a total of 8 days missed throughout the school year and I'm worried if she misses more I might end up in court....I don't know the number of days she can miss before actually having to go to court for truency! We live in Rowlett, GISD school district.

Please send your motherly advice my way! I really need it right now!

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I don't have health insurance either and I go to Family Medical Center at Baylor - they offer a really good discount to folks w/o insurance. The one I go to is on North Garland Road @ 190 - their number is ###-###-####. My doctor is David Bragg (whom I LOVE!), but my family also sees Rhonda Manessier, his PA. She's fantastic and she's truly wonderful with kiddos. Best wishes! I hope you get some help soon - nothing is scarier than a sick little one! God bless! I'll say a prayer! S.

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If it were my child, I would take her to the ER and/or call the hospital social worker and see if they can help you get the forms filed. Medicaid backpays for a few weeks and they HAVE to treat her at the ER........does she still have the headaches? I will be thinking of you....

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I'm a little late on posting this since today is friday, but just wanted to say my daughter went through the same up and down fever thing over the weekend. We took her to the pedi on Monday and she tested negative for everything, it ended up being just something viral that had to wear off and after Monday, she was fine...but you just never know, so its best to get things checked out if you can.

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