Sick 4 Month Old

Updated on April 09, 2014
S.S. asks from Jersey City, NJ
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My son will be four months old in about a week. He has a cold, sounds very congested. My sons doc said to just use the bulb syringe to suck mucus from his nose and get a humidifier (which I did). Doc also said I could try pedialyte, but my fiancé/sons father doesn't think we should give that to him. opinions on pedialyte for a four month old? and any mommies know some other home remedies? just really wanting my baby boy better. he is such a good baby, never extra fussy, only cries when hes hungry for the most part and he is still acting his normal self, I just cant stand to hear him so congested

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answers from Miami on

B's right. He needs his breastmilk or formula.

Get some saline solution and spray it into his nostrils, THEN use the bulb syringe. It helps his snot be thin - you don't want it getting real thick.

If he gets all stopped up when he is sleeping, put him in his car seat and put it in the crib. This way he is sitting up rather than laying down flat and it will help him breathe.

Hope that he gets well soon!

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answers from Portland on

I would not give him pedialyte. He only needs what he gets in his formula or milk. I have never had luck with the bulb syringes, instead I use a Nose Frida or Snotsucker ( It is expensive, but it is SO worth it!

I would use the humidifier or a hot shower, but if that doesn't work, for some it makes it worse, then go outside in the cool night air. Some people do well with warm wet, and others do well with cooler air.

I am so sorry that he is sick and not feeling well. You could look into Hylands and see if they have a cold tablet for a baby. I can't remember if they do or not, I know they have one for older kids.

If you have the extra money, you can take him to a baby chiropractor to adjust him and this will help the congestion drain.

Good luck, and he will get better.

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answers from Norfolk on

Pedialyte would be ok to try if he was getting dehydrated.
If he's not eating, then try pedialyte to keep his fluids up.
As long as he is eating breastmilk/formula and wetting diapers, then he's fine fluid wise.

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answers from New York on

Pedialyte is for babies that have vomiting and diarrhea. Is prevents them getting dehydrated. Would not give to a four month old for a cold.

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answers from Richmond on

giving the little one a soak in a lavender filled tub will help ease their congestion, no drugs, no possible side effects. just find a baby friendly lavender shampoo,squirt some in the tub as it fills and ease the tot in the tub, or simply sponge the baby with a lavender soaked washcloth. K. h.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I was told pedialyte only if it was a stomach virus and he couldn't hold down breastmilk/formula. So, for a cold, as long as he's keeping down his milk/formula, I wouldn't add the pedialyte.

Otherwise, saline nose drops, then wait 2 minutes and use the bulb syringe. And humidifier close to him where ever he is. Infant Tylenol if he spikes a fever. There is not much else you can do but wait it out. Hope he feels better soon.


answers from Houston on

We were cautioned against Pedialyte at that age per our doctor. He said unless they were clearly dehydrated, the Pedialyte only served to replace vital formula and/or breastmilk.

As for treating the mucus at that age we did two things per our doctor's recommendations. First we elevated the head of the crib with a stack of books under each leg. The idea being you don't want them laying flat. Your congestion gets worse when you lay down and the same is true for babies. For my youngest his congestion was so bad and so long lasting, he actually slept in his bouncer for several weeks. His car seat would have worked but the bouncer allowed him a bit more room to stretch out. We figured if he wasn't scrunched up, it would help the congestion issue more. The key here is upright positioning for sleeping. The more upright, the easier it is for them to breathe and not have the mucus gum up the works.

Second we slathered Maty's All Natural Baby Chest rub (baby Vicks but with more natural ingredients) a) on their feet in and then put on their socks and b) on their chest and back before putting on their pajamas. Our doctor said there is no study to support the slathering of baby Vicks on feet but it certainly won't hurt them. Besides he said every parent feels better doing something for a sick child. :) On their chest it helps loosen mucus because they are inhaling it continuously.

I also highly recommend using the baby saline before trying to suction his nose. Follow the saline directions. But if I remember correctly you want the baby sitting upright, spray in each nostril, let sit a bit and then suction. Be careful with the suction. If you get too aggressive, it will cause nose bleeds and/or swollen nasal tissue which will certainly not help his congestion. We found the nose suctioning job to be best done with two people. I would hold, position, restrain, and calm while my husband could focus on the gentle suctioning job.

Finally during the day try to keep your baby as upright as possible as often as possible so the congestion doesn't settle in his chest/lungs. We did the suction business every morning and every night and as needed during the day. Removing the mucus seemed to really help.

If you use a humidifier, make sure you keep it clean and use it per the instructions. You can create problems with a dirty machine and not using it the way it was intended. Good luck. I hope your baby gets better quickly.



answers from Los Angeles on

I recommend no pedialyte because then your baby might not want his formula anymore. This is what my doctor told me, unless your baby is not eating at all. You are doing the right thing by using the humidifier but I would suggest some nasal drops by Little Noses. I used that for my baby girl.



answers from Chattanooga on

I agree to avoid pedialyte... I would be worried about him filling up on that, and not the formula/breast milk he needs to grow.

I agree with the steamy shower (run the shower as hot as it gets with the door shut.) or humidifier, or the cool air.

You could also use an UNMEDICATED saline to help clear up the congestion. (To be used with the bulb, though I agree that the Nose Frida is the better option... More sanitary, and much more effective.) just drip a couple drops of the solution into his nose while he is laying back, slightly tip his head back so the saline works it's way into his nasal passages a bit... Then suck it all out.


answers from Chicago on

I have never heard of giving Pedialyte to one so young for congestion. I wouldn't do that.

Like the other have said, elevate his crib mattress, use the bulb syringe with saline, and a humidifier.

Hope he feels much better soon!

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